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Jerash 1986 quite simply propelled Magida El Roumi into international superstardom. Magida was a singing legend in that festival, and when her concert was recorded and broadcasted throughout the middle east, Magida El Roumi became a sensation and a household name overnight. This is Matra7ak Bi Albi from Jerash 1986
21 May 2009
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doha concert(29 january 2007)
27 Jan 2010
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doha concert 29 jan. 2007
18 Apr 2010
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لا مارح إزعل ع شي من البوم غزل 2012 نص -  ماجدة الرومي الحان :مروان خوري توزيع : ميشيل فاضل
14 Jul 2013
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Magida El-Roumi (Arabic: ماجدة الرومي‎, also transliterated as Majida Al Roumi) was born in Kfarshima, Lebanon, on December 13, 1956. She is a Lebanese singer and a soprano, who started her musical career in the early 1970s when she participated in the talent show, Studio El Fan on Télé Liban and won the gold medal for best female singer. Since her appearance on television at the age of 16, she has become one of the most successful singers of the Arab world as well as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Magida El Roumi Baradhy (Arabic: ماجدة الرومي برادعي), born to musician Halim El Roumi (born Hanna El Roumi Baradhy) and wife Marie Loutfi who were a Melkite Greek Catholic couple from Tyre, a city in South Lebanon. They got married and lived in Kfarshima, they had three girls Maha, Mona, and Magida, and a boy Awad. Halim el Roumi became a musician and continued to live in Kfarshima, which was home to many Lebanese singers, musicians, poets and writers, among them Philemon Wehbi, Melhem Barakat and Issam Rajji. The residence of Halim el Roumi in Kfarshima was a meeting place for many cultural figures. Growing up in an artistic environment, Magida listened to the works of Fairuz, Umm Kulthoum, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Wadi AlSafi, and Asmahan. Her vocal abilities attracted the attention of her family and neighbors. One of the early songs she sang was "Your Birth" or Miladak in reference to the birth of Jesus Christ. Raymond Safadi, Magida's cousin, thought that she should pursue singing as a profession. The big obstacle was her father who did not want her to participate in Télé Liban's Studio el fan. Nevertheless, Magida entered the talent show, singing songs for Asmahan and Leila Mourad, like Ya Toyour, Ana Albi Dalili, and Layali El Ouns Fi Vienna. She won the gold medal. Halim El Roumi gave Magida his blessings to pursue singing as a profession as long as she continued her higher education. Magida obtained her BA in Arabic Literature from the Lebanese University. In 1977, Magida married a businessman from Byblos, Lebanon, Antoine Dfouni who was also her manager. They had two daughters: Hala and Nour.
1 Nov 2012
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Lebanon - Biel - Magida el Roumi - Peace & Love - 31/10/2009
10 Jul 2013
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