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"THE DISTORTION 2: The Spit in my Face Movie: PART 2 : Spit In My Face, Film by the Artist XAQ"
22 Oct 2017
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"THE DISTORTION 3: The Curse of the Blood Line: PART 01 : Black Jaw, Film by the Artist XAQ"
22 Oct 2017
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"THE DISTORTION 4: The Burn Videos : PART 01 : The Zoar, Film by the Artist XAQ"
22 Oct 2017
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"THE DISTORTION 4: The Burn Videos : PART 03 : The Disowned, Film by the Artist XAQ"
22 Oct 2017
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"THE DISTORTION 4: The Burn Videos : PART 05 : The Drip, Film by the Artist XAQ"
22 Oct 2017
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Fitness club chains, sauna complexes, hotels and conference centres, SPA centres, aqua-parks and cruise ships; wherever it is installed, a Russian banya will instantly adopt its deserved role as the main attraction, being transformed into a magnet for consumer traffic. A traditional classic sauna is not only an excellent direct income source, it also stimulates revenue from other areas. Profit is revenue minus costs. Fixed costs represent the format and standard of the outlet premises. When fixed costs are carelessly reduced overall service quality is affected. Customers sense the change and traffic levels may fall. In short, it turns out more expensive in the long run. To increase profits with a Russian banya we recommend focusing on increasing revenue, rather than decreasing fixed costs. Revenue is derived from traffic levels and the average cash receipt. The average receipt depends on the number of purchases made and their individual price. Price is determined by the format and level of the service provided and the quantity of purchases made is determined by the range of additional services offered and the quality of visual advertising for the commercial sauna interior. Traffic can be increased either through advertising or through the business' regular customers. If the sauna stove is mediocre, the customers will not return. It is as simple as that. Anyone that orders a mediocre sauna stove is doomed to pay for all their traffic with advertising campaigns. But if you order a real sauna stove, you will make a profit. The key commercial value of a Russian banya is something that is so valued by any business - the ability to create its own regular client base. Visiting a Russian banya quickly becomes a habit but only on one condition: the sauna has a traditional, authentic stove and the famous light steam. On average, a regular banya user will visit the banya 15.1 times a year. The 'grape vine', advertising by word of mouth, will work its magic and customers wi
18 Nov 2017
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net -''' Get plans to Build your own Magnet Power Generator to help cut back on your electricity bill! Download step-by-step instructions at the website below!
14 May 2006
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Audio fixed clip of laggard magnet. Magnet falling through a aluminum (non magnetic electrically conducting pipe ) takes 10 + seconds to fall 2.5 s against a 0.7 s for fall under gravity. eddy currents induced in the pipe causes a field that tries to stop the magnet ...
8 Nov 2006
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the body is also emitting electro magnet...
3 Dec 2006
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Powerful magnet next to my computer. Psicadelic colours
5 Dec 2006
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Don't have a magnet? want one? well, make an Electromagnet. It's simple and easy. Quick Electromagnet can be made easy with 3 easy step with 3 items. We have got what you need (:)
14 Dec 2006
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Powerfull magnet machine :)
26 Dec 2006
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Vanish a Coin Using a Magnet! Revealed! More Free Magic Tricks at *******www.MagicSir****
27 Dec 2006
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