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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly caught up in an extortion plot after her laptop is stolen from an airport in China and the perpetrators take to Twitter.
10 Jan 2014
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Tulisa Contostavlos and boyfriend Jack O'Connell partied at Mahiki after attending the FHM Sexiest Woman In The World party.
2 May 2012
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Rihanna reveals s mystery mark on her neck after the BRIT Awards.
22 Feb 2012
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Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted has revealed that he has been texting the R'n'B singer after they met at a nightclub. Rihanna and Siva both performed at Capital FM's Summertime Ball and went on to the after party at London's Mahiki, where they exchanged numbers. The former Irish model told Metro: 'It's true. I met her in a club. She is very nice and very tall. She gave me a dance, she's really nice â€" we did swap numbers". Siva is not the only one to have a famous number in his mobile phone, Max George from the chart-topping boyband reportedly swapped numbers with Leona Lewis at Whisky Mist recently.. The Wanted, whose debut single All Time Low shot to number one last weekend, have confirmed there will be a tour coming up, but have not divulged any details.
6 Aug 2010
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Don’t just read about celebs, live like them too! Want a heads up on where Cheryl Cole goes for some retail therapy? Want to know where you can bump into Beyonce on the dance floor after dinner at Peter Andre’s favourite restaurant? Now you can. With the CelebAround iPhone app you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the A-list in no time! Features include: Nearby - constantly updated images and info of stars spotted near you Venues - find restaurants, bars and clubs frequented by the glitteratti Search - keep up to date with your favourite celeb’s whereabouts Directions - get directions from your current location to a celeb hangout Spotter - upload your own celebrity snaps from within the app for a chance to win a night out at one of the hot venues
2 Apr 2010
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THE MIDNIGHT BEAST - Ninjas Now available on itunes - ***********/gb/album/ninjas-single/id357532932 Feat. Gregg Chillin, Chris Overton Available on itunes soon. Im a ninja Of the dance floor I got a craving for whatevers yours Im a fucking ninja Of the dance floor I do the things that you cant ignore Are you a ninja?! Do you drink special brew? Cause you cant afford a bottle of the champagne too? Get out the kitchen if you cant take the heat I never eat cause I havent had a good night till Im sick in the street Ah bro that really smells What have you been drinking man Super strongbow motherfucker do you wanna can? I dont pay by card and I dont pay by cheque man Ill give you so much change you cant even hold it in your hand I I... Im an assassin of the dance floor right? I silently assassinate every drink in sight I got eyes like a hawk a serial drink thief Im like Robin Hood apart from that Im robbing for me From the rich cause Im poor A celebrity whore Im the type of boy you told your daughters to watch out for And my hands are like samurai swords But theyre not metal so nothing like swords Theyre just hands what the fuck you saying man? But Im still a ninja Of the dance floor My hands look nothing like samurai swords But Im a fucking ninja Of the dance floor So get ready for what I got in store I went to cheapskates, to be a cheapskate I went to punk to getta lil crunk I went to mahiki thought I could be cheeky They wouldnt let me in -NAH Till I showed my kata-NAH Is that my drink? I-aint got no drink I swear thats my drink It was just any drink Well my drinks been drunk OH WELL That shit got stung OH WELL Oh well, welly welly Lets take a ride like Nelly We could move like jelly Were invisible were up all night Ive got special powers I can stay up for seven whole hours I can see when its foggy foggy Like snoop doggy doggy Im a ninja dick face got a tattoo to prove it! Dont ever let me see you waste your drink cuz Ill lose it Give you five whole seconds to finish it up Till I come around the corner take a shit in your cup Im a ninja Of the dance floor Ill take a shit in everything thats yours Im a fucking ninja Of the dance floor I drink more than a liquor store Are you a ninja? WHAT! Of the dancefloor? WHAT! Baby Im a ninja In a western world Now lets hear it from my ninja girl Baby Boo, all of my friends are Ninjas too just like you
25 Mar 2010
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