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FAN-OPERATED ORGANIZATION REQUESTS APPLICATION FROM MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL TO PURCHASE THE CHICAGO CUBS Chicago-Based 4 FANS SAKE Proposes Proven Community-Based Ownership Model 4 Fans Sake, a Chicago-based organization led by passionate baseball fans, today announced it has requested the application materials necessary to begin the process of a fan purchase of the Chicago Cubs. The group is advocating a community-based ownership model similar to the one that the NFL's Green Bay Packers has thrived under since the 1920's. Under the community-based ownership model, Cubs fans would finally have a true voice in the way their team is operated. The fans would fund the purchase of the team through a stock offering, and would acquire voting rights in the selection and control of the team's governing board of directors.
6 Aug 2007
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world champion drum major 01
6 Aug 2007
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On the A Minor Pentatonic scale, play the C# (A major 3rd) as well as the usual C (A minor 3rd).
25 Aug 2007
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Best Major Leagua Baseball
28 Aug 2007
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This video not only shows you the seven basic major chords, but as well shows you how to do basic strumming and alternating strum patterns Did you know that with just 3 major chords, thousands of standard songs can be played? Even create your OWN original music using these chords!
6 Sep 2007
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MAJORS music video. Artist prince ALI Feat. Keith Murray, Planet Asia, Casual. Directed and produced by Joslyn Rose Lyons and Malik Buie.
6 Oct 2007
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Major League Baseball 2K7 for PSP
12 Oct 2007
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New PSAs featuring Voiceover by Oscar Award Winner Tom Hanks to air during World Series Major League Baseball Charities, in partnership with The Advertising Council, today launched a national public service advertising (PSA) campaign entitled "Welcome Back Veterans." The program is designed to raise awareness and encourage all Americans to provide support for veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The PSAs are the first phase of a new Ad Council partnership with MLB Charities. Featuring a voiceover by Oscar Award Winner Tom Hanks, the first of two television PSAs will debut on October 27, during Fox's telecast of Game Three of the World Series.
30 Oct 2007
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As Congress debates how to solve the mortgage credit crunch, a new survey by Freedom Works indicates a majority of Americans don't want Uncle Sam to foot the bill. "I don't think we should look towards government sponsored enterprises as a solution to this problem...The private market is actually working very well...we see both lenders and buyers already correcting their behavior in this market," said Wayne Brough, Chief Economist at FreedomWorks. More than half of those surveyed oppose legislation eliminating down payments for federally-funded loans for borrowers seeking new mortgages--or trying to refinance with no home equity. 72 percent oppose increasing government insured loans beyond the current $417,000 maximum. Instead, 87 percent favor standards which require lenders to verify a borrowers finances and income. And 93 percent believe lenders should provide clear cut information to consumers before they sign their mortgage documents.
2 Nov 2007
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majority people like pepsi
12 Nov 2007
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Major League Gaming (MLG) is the largest organized league and international sanctioning body for the world's fastest growing competitive sport: Professional Video Gaming. See more gaming videos at www.KushTV****
13 Dec 2007
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After safely protecting investors for over six decades a little known SEC rule was quietly removed on July 6, 2007. With the removal of this rule all the rules of trading and investing in the market went out the window. One of the reasons for the markets current volatility is a direct result of this rule change. This major SEC rule was designed to protect investors. With the removal of this rule, professional traders and hedge funds will be able to suck money out of the market and your portfolio in no time flat. Why this rule that has stood the test of time since 1938 and was put in place to protect investors was removed is a big mystery. Why now? Here's what I suspect happened, some large hedge funds got together and lobbied to have this major trading rule removed. It just that simple. Why else would the SEC act out of the blue and remove this very important investor safe guard? You see, the hedge funds have not had a good time of it lately with sub par returns for the year. Now with only 4 months left to trade they are looking to catch up and find the next BIG SURE THING. I suspect with this rule change the hedge funds have just been given the keys to Fort Knox. I have just finished a new video that details how this new ruling will effect you. The video explains in every day language what you can do to protect your capital from the hedge fund gunslingers and professional traders. Watch the video as my guest. No registration required.
7 Jan 2008
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This video displays some of the unique features of the Major League Baseball Chevy Silverado Truck from 2007.
10 Jan 2008
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Guitar Lesson - Learn how to play A major chord on your guitar
14 Jan 2008
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Guitar Lesson - Learn how to play C major chord on your guitar
14 Jan 2008
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Guitar Lesson - Learn how to play D major chord on your guitar
14 Jan 2008
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