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(MANIC MONDAY) THE BANGLES "Manic Monday" Six o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream I was kissin' Valentino By a crystal blue Italian stream But I can't be late 'Cause then I guess I just won't get paid These are the days When you wish your bed was already made It's just another manic Monday I wish it were Sunday 'Cause that's my fun day My I don't have to run day It's just another manic Monday Have to catch an early train Got to be to work by nine And if I had an aeroplane I still couldn't make it on time 'Cause it takes me so long just to figure out what I'm gonna wear Blame it on the train But the boss is already there It's just another manic Monday Wish it were Sunday 'Cause that's my fun day My I don't have to run day It's just another manic Monday All of the nights Why did my lover have to pick last night To get down? (Last night, last night) Doesn't it matter That I have to feed the both of us Employment's down He tells me in his bedroom voice "C'mon honey, let's go make some noise" Time it goes so fast (When you're having fun) It's just another manic Monday I wish it were Sunday 'Cause that's my fun day I don't have to run day It's just another manic Monday I wish it was Sunday 'Cause that's my fun day It's just a manic Monday
12 Aug 2017
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hannah montana-make some noise
6 Dec 2009
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Download the remixes on iTunes: ******* Listen to the remixes Spotify: ******* Download the remixes on Beatport: *******s.beatport****/WAHTMSNrmxBP Watch the Official Music Video here: ***********/watch?v=GsPJ3w7D0bQ Get the original release here: Download on iTunes: ******* Listen on Spotify: ******* Download on Beatport: *******s.beatport****/MakeSomeNoiseBP
23 Jun 2012
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-=Dj_Zi=- - Make Some Noise ***********/watch?v=VhMB1dd7JQw
20 Aug 2008
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Hannah Montana songs (To see you again)(,Make some noise),Who said, Castillo kids Joey 12 Jessie 10 Julie 8
17 Oct 2008
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Nissan Skyline R34 1158hp
1 May 2006
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As the role of energy recovery is increasing in the global power generation landscape and as the focus continues to shift towards emissions and fuel cost reductions, China Energy Recovery, Inc. and its business plan is getting greater importance. China Energy Recovery, Inc. (CGYV.OB), headquartered in Shanghai, is an international leader in designing, fabricating, implementing and servicing energy recovery systems. The technology designed captures industrial waste energy, thus producing low cost electrical power. Hence industrial manufacturers are able to reduce the energy cost, shrink their emissions footprint, and generate sellable emissions credits.
23 Sep 2008
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Read my blog! *******www.politico****/KOTECKI The automaker bailout fails, and Dick Cheney says it’s Herbert Hoover time.
13 Dec 2008
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Reports claim that hot hunk John Abraham has been approached to work in a Hollywood film that may star the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Gerard Butler
19 Oct 2011
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Actress Deepika Padukone who was recently in London for a shooting schedule at Oxford University for a couple of days was mistaken for a fresher in the college by many others on the campus.
1 Nov 2011
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After becoming the face of Force India F1 team, the sports development corporation has approached the leggy beauty Deepika Padukone to campaign for the Olympics that is scheduled to happen next year…
8 Nov 2011
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Akshay Kumar turned BODYGUARD for Chitranga Singh while promoting the upcoming film Desi Boyz when Chitrangada was dazed to come across a huge mass.
18 Nov 2011
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Let's make some noise in the elevator.
30 May 2006
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football fans making some noise.
22 Aug 2006
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Bosnian fans making some noise to encourage their team.
21 Sep 2006
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Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur is Amnesty International's new Make Some Noise campaign. In the spirit of peace high profile artists such as Green Day, U2, Black Eyed Peas, Snow Patrol, Postal Service, Regina Spektor and more are coming together in one tribute album covering songs by John Lennon. Proceeds from this album go to aid Amnesty International in the fight to Save Darfur, Sudan. For more info on the album and the cause go to www.instantkarma****
15 May 2008
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