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MIX - *******mix.jetsetshow****, john lennon and yoko ono's bed-in, the goddess of democracy in tiananmen square, 30 years of star wars, george lucas slips about star wars movies -- ?, star wars gangsta rap, make your own star wars mashups, star wars "that's what SHE said", star wars transformers, the vader project, heath ledger as the joker in the new batman: dark knight movie, upside-down-ternet, MIX member jeph jay sets us straight, discuss it on MIX - riley's discussion thread about the news (rob a.k.a. robfromtj) (derek a.k.a. flyddw) (chris a.k.a. macmonster) , jill's incredible "friheden" video she uploaded to MIX (her profile), makerfaire in san mateo, hip-hop love by illus, interactive video: corbett griffith, more star wars gangsta rap, come to pixelodeon and hang out!
20 Jul 2007
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From the Maker Faire Program (*******makerfaire****/pub/e/1091) About the Maker(s): Marnia Johnston SWARM is built to explore the aesthetic possibilities in the emergent behavior of artificial systems. As a first step, Orbs are remote-controlled by human operators, but each Orb's sounds and color illumination is algorithmically generated in response to location and motion. Each Orb has sophisticated navigational sensors including GPS, accelerometers, and rate gyros. We are progressing towards sophisticated navigational algorithms, much like those used in spacecraft, that allow each orb to determine its location with high accuracy. From this, we can explore emergent and cooperative behavior like flocking as well as new possibilities in machine choreography. SWARM is not a simulation. SWARM is a platform for art of the 21st century. *******wiki.orbswarm****/index.php?title=Main_Page
19 Jul 2012
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From the Maker Faire (*******makerfaire****) program... The Crucible (*******thecrucible****) is the Bay Area's only nonprofit sculpture studio, educational foundry and metal fabrication shop offering classes in fine and industrial arts. The Crucible is fast becoming the best-equipped public industry and arts education facility on the West Coast
17 May 2008
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