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The clip making talking pictures from Singin' in the Rain (1952) with Douglas Fowley, Millard Mitchell Hold it. Hold it, Dexter! Hello, Mr. Simpson. We're really rolling. Well, you can stop rolling at once. All right, everybody! Save it! Save it? Tell them to go home. We're shutting down. Don't stand there. Tell them! Go home until further notice! What is this? What's the matter? The Jazz Singer, that's what's the matter. Oh, my darling little mammy Down in Alabamy This is no joke. It's a sensation. The public's screaming for more. More what? Talking pictures. It's just a freak. We should have such a freak. I said talking pictures were a menace, but no one would listen. We're going to make The Duelling Cavalier into a talking picture. That means I'm out of a job. I can start suffering and write that symphony. We'll put you in as head of the music department. Thanks. I can stop suffering and write that symphony. Wait a second. Talking pictures! You should wait- Every studio's jumping on the bandwagon. All the theaters are putting in sound equipment. We know nothing about it. What do you have to know? You do what you always did. You just add talking to it. Believe me, it'll be a sensation. "Lamont and Lockwood. They talk!" Well, of course we talk. Don't everybody?
21 Nov 2011
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