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A diploma holder in web and graphic design. I have been working in various industrial and educational fields
Mr. Law is very happy and satisfied with the service that was given by Malaysia Airlines. This is Malaysian Hospitality.
10 Mar 2008
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Mr. Jala has new plan for Malaysia Airlines. He said MAS will turn into 5-star value airline... is it possible?
12 May 2009
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Passenger experience on Malaysia Airlines. How many stars will you give Malaysia Airlines?
25 Mar 2008
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Malaysia Airlines gets recognition for life changing business recovery and turnaround
30 Mar 2008
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Malaysia Airlines has won the Phonenix Award for 2008 in the ATW's 34th Annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards... Congratulations, good work Mr. Idris Jala... Bravo!!
3 Apr 2008
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Tongkat Ali is now made available using the latest scientific techniques and the highest quality controlled methods of extraction. The best quality is from a product with 100% pure Tongkat Ali water soluble extract, scientifically processed and encapsulated. In Vitro studies with Tongkat Ali showed a 440% increase in testosterone. In human studies, analysis of the DHEA showed gradual increase in the level from 26% after 1 week to 47% in 3 weeks. More on Tongkat Ali *******www.herbsportal****/Malaysia-tongkat-ali-long-jack.htm
30 Nov 2008
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"Tongkat Ali King" - Dr Johari Mohd Saad interview - Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract is superior in efficacy and quality. The dosage is standardized and the formulation is based on pharmacokinetic studies and observations, to ensure its effectiveness, safety and efficacy. Scientists and researchers have shown that the water-soluble extract is very safe and non-toxic, even at relatively high dosage. More on Tongkat Ali :*******www.herbsportal****/Malaysia-tongkat-ali-long-jack.htm
4 Apr 2008
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An informative visitors' guide to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Malaysia prepared by Malaysia Airlines.
28 Jun 2008
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Trip to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia and stay at Hotel Corus Paradise Resort.
24 Jan 2009
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Taking by myself when take my family seeing view of Kuala Lumpur, capital city Of Malaysia
7 Jul 2008
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Super GT Japan 2008 - Sepang, Malaysia. Starting grid.
18 Jul 2008
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中国造的提琴品质很好 ,我的学生使用的正是中国的厂制提琴. Violinist : LEE ROU 李柔 ( USJ Subang Jaya ) . Teacher : LEE SEE GUAN . Paganini violin concerto no:2 in B minor 3rd movement La Campanella. ( ORIGINAL PAGANINI'S VERSION ) Started learning violin at age 5 , La Campanella ( 12 year old ) . LEE ROU's public performance ( live recording ) at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center KLPAC on 26th & 27th May 2007.She uses $65 (USD) factory made 3/4 violin & $11 bow to perform this piece,not Guarnerius :-) SJSE : (603) 03 -56349754 ( USJ Subang Jaya ) Thanks for visiting my violin channel , for piano channel please visit ***********/user/lengpiano : ) ....................................................................................................................马来西亚, 大马, 音乐, 小提琴, 钢琴, 华小, 学生, 演奏, 演唱, 音乐教育,教育, 音乐课程, 课程,音乐课, 音乐教学, 教学, 学习, 华人, 網誌, 音樂, 藝術,艺术, 表演 ,华人演奏会,演唱会,音乐会,马来西亚演唱会, 电影 , 影片 , 短片, 多媒体, 多媒體, 網路, 网路, 制作, 活動, 活动, 中心, 課程, 作品, 製作, 制作, 電視, 电视, 广告, 广播, 传媒, 傳媒 . Malaysian Malaysia Malaysian website internet multimedia youth kid kids music academy performance performing arts festival education , music Malaysia Malaysian live concert musicians musician choir song keyboard piano dance festival culture cultures cultural SRJK SJK(C) SMK student students kid kids children children's child child's music Musical group instrument instruments programme program album performance lesson class classes audio video TV broadcast movie clip clips film industry Commercial media multimedia centre debut mtv live concert .Sarasate Carmen Fantasy . Paganini caprice 力行华小 SJK(C) LICK HUNG . 首邦力行华小 梳邦力行华小 . lick hung Chinese Primary School . 首邦 华小 Smk Seafield USJ Subang Jaya . 薩拉沙蒂 卡門幻想曲 帕格尼尼 钟 Pablo de Sarasate Carmen Fantasie Carmen Fantasy Zigeunerweisen Gypsy Airs Paganini caprice
21 Dec 2008
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