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My name is emilylauren and I work as Breach Analyst at Comodo Security Solutions. I love to be updated with new technologies and know the better ways to handle virus and malwares.
Released in 1999, UT was a breath of fresh air to the PC FPS. Taking a familiar genre and packing in dozens of bots, levels, weapons and game modes as well as cranking up the pace of the game making "story" secondary to action created a whole new emphasis and form of FPS game. It didn't do it alone, Quake 3 Arena should also share some of the credit for this and much of this video is directly comparing the two games. For anyone who never played these games the first time through they're still very much playable and fun as they ever were and it's only really in the graphics department that they've aged.This video review will form part of a three set with the subsequent UT including 2003 and 2004. The audio mixing has been better so apologies if you can't hear the commentary crystal clear especially at the beginning, but hopefully the video does just as much of the talking as I do. A real modern classic and watermark in FPS gaming.On a side note I understand there's an online petition to call on Crytek to pursue a 4th Timesplitters game. I'm hardly political but given it took 2 seconds to sign did without a moment's hesitation - that site is: *******www.petitiononline****/TS4tcbd1/petition.html for those of you who also care.
17 Mar 2010
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