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Follow Jerry Miller as he challenges the Bolts faithful to a competition of "Man Up or Melt Down" and finds out which Chargers fans are good…or evil. For more, go to *******www.fansportslive****/show/tailgate-fan/
7 Oct 2013
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The clip uncle-arthur-is-arrested from A Serious Man (2009) with Michael Stuhlbarg, Richard Kind. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Hey! Hey! Hey! Does this man live here? Sort of. He sleeps on the couch. This is crazy! I didn't know what to tell them They asked me for my address. It's just mathematics. You can't arrest a man for mathematics. I didn't know whether to tell them here, or at the Jolly Roger. Do you know this man? I just figured that this would sound better. I don't know. Dad, why is Uncle Arthur in handcuffs? It's all a mistake. I mean, not a mistake, a miscarriage... Hello, Mrs Samsky. Hello, Arthur. Does this man live here? He sleeps on the couch. Look. What did he do? Nothing! I didn't do anything! Dad sleeps on a cot. Sir, we picked this man up at the North Dakota. But I didn't do anything! I didn't... The North Dakota? Solicitation Sodomy Very serious. But I didn't do anything. "Sodomy"? What's sodomy, Dad? What does Arthur say?
13 Oct 2013
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NEW HD The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction A NEW HD(High Definition) Skit with Harry Styles Zayn Malik Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan and the Flaking Caroline Flak Psymon Cowell One Direction Space Men Man Up All Night One Thing What Makes You Beautiful
27 Oct 2013
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Just kidding. Milky couple is official~ Samdong wants to speak with Pilsook alone after class. This makes Jason get suspicious and jealous. Samdong simply wants to learn how to gain the skill of absolute pitch from Pilsook. Frustrated Jason decides to go spy on them, but gets caught by Hyemi, who drags him to the library with her. Samdong is encouraged by Mr. Kang that he can practice and acquire the skill of absolute pitch, which will help him to sing on pitch whenever his tinnitus kicks in. Milky couple get in a love quarrel, but Jason finally mans up and confesses that he gets jealous if PIlsook is around other men. They now admit how they feel for each other. They are now super cutesy with one another. Samdong and Pilsook sing a duet without any instrumentals or any relative pitch guidance. Jason stares Samdong down, but looks at Pilsook with such loving eyes. Samdong has successfully learned to sing without having any relative pitch. Kim Soo Hyun should become a singer. He sings so well!
24 Nov 2013
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Album: Fear Of The Dark Wasting Love lyrics: Maybe one day I'll be an honest man Up till now I'm doing the best I can Long roads, long days, of sunrise, to sunset Of sunrise to sunset Dream on brothers, while you can Dream on sister, I hope you find the one All of our lives, covered up quickly by the tides of time Spend your days full of emptiness Spend your years full of loneliness Wasting love, in a desperate caress Rolling shadows of nights Dream on brothers, while you can Dream on sisters, I hope you find the one All of our lives, covered up quickly by the tides of time Sands are flowing and the lines are in your hand In your eyes I see the hunger, and the desperate cry that tears the night Spend your days full of emptiness Spend your years full of loneliness Wasting love, in a desperate caress Rolling shadows of nights(x3)
20 Dec 2013
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Fight Footage from last year Man up Stand up martial art tournament- Wing Chun VS kick boxer PT 1 www.manupstandup****
28 Dec 2013
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00:00:00 : I'm not afraid anymore by Danny Tomsa 00:00:06 : When your friend stops the music on you.. by Grant Maxey 00:00:12 : Stephanie Tanner shows everyone that she is a Boss Ass B*tch by Nicholas Rice 00:00:18 : First time smoking pot by Jack Leonard 00:00:24 : Morgan state Player with the greatest catch ever by Chase Moore 00:00:30 : Uhhh wait by Nate Sanchez 00:00:36 : Every Guys Dilemma: Is she flirting or just friendly?! by Alphacat 00:00:42 : Yeah he good by Ahmad Abukias 00:00:48 : DunkCam off the roof! by Jacob Alvarado 00:00:54 : Soldier surprises son by adrienne youngpeter 00:01:00 : Suspense by Michael Stoltenow 00:01:06 : Have you been there before? by Khleo_T 00:01:12 : Tub time with Rihanna by Bo Burnham 00:01:18 : How I feel in the morning for school by Esperanza Duran 00:01:24 : Turn up by Sebastian Revilla 00:01:30 : Me when I come home from school... by Nash Grier 00:01:36 : Pretending to take a picture by sienna gulino 00:01:42 : Dorothy & Todo by Ryan Figlioli 00:01:48 : My dog can laugh by Matt Neely 00:01:54 : Like a boss by Just Jeff 00:02:00 : I thought I was skinny... by Bill Hairston 00:02:06 : Man Up! by Klarity 00:02:12 : Nuh uh! by Daniel Vi Le 00:02:18 : You guys just witnessed my breakup... by Khoaliti 00:02:24 : Had to make a ratchet girl rap! by Landon Moss 00:02:30 : Michael Jackson Be Like by DELANO EDWARDS 00:02:36 : The look kids get when they don't want to say who did it by SPECIALK 00:02:42 : An orange peanut by Bad Lip Reading 00:02:48 : Defence mechanism by Daz_Black 00:02:54 : I sound like Gru from Despicable Me when I have road rage? by Eh Bee 00:03:00 : Crossed up by Patrick Rumaya 00:03:06 : How all the best romances begin.... by Thomas Sanders 00:03:12 : Ratchet Girls Be Like by Chocolate Metaphor 00:03:18 : Amazing 9 year old by NHL Vines 00:03:24 : A goal from a different angle by Luigi Lessa 00:03:30 : Don't Mess With Me When I'm Tryna Sleep! by Nhinaaa! 00:03:36 : Daughter from hell by Timoteo 00:03:42 : This is madness!!! by Kerry MP 00:03:48 : BlackDaddy is always ruining my jokes by Darius Benson 00:03:54 : Introducing the #MaraschinoStep by sionemaraschino 00:04:00 : Intense Cat Stare Down Trash Talk Voice Over by CAT FAILS AND WINS 00:04:06 : Coning Prank PT. 3 by Caleb DTDT Ragsdale 00:04:12 : Sneezecam by Kerry MP 00:04:18 : When people dance with you by Ron318 00:04:24 : TerRio say he too famous to talk by LaDarrie Ward 00:04:30 : GRANDPA GETS DOWN WITH TerRio and Maleek by snowboardjacket 00:04:36 : Drunk smack cam! by Dj Douglas 00:04:42 : Typical Day In Compton by Anwar Jibawi 00:04:48 : ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US by Piques 00:04:54 : Mustard on the beat by Nicolas Earley 00:05:00 : Bieber Is An Idiot (Joke) by Nick Ruiz 00:05:06 : Excellent by Sabrina 00:05:12 : When I told my brother that there was a bug on him by Briana Hewitt 00:05:18 : Shitfaced Mario by Tyler Crocker 00:05:24 : Pee Prank in bathroom by Lance210 00:05:30 : Aladdin and Jasmine from the block part 5 by John LoPriore 00:05:36 : Eggo! by DeStorm 00:05:42 : Bikini bottom party by Chloe Hobes 00:05:48 : I take it black by Andy Milonakis 00:05:54 : Cat and iPad by skullnflames 00:06:00 : She's just so classy by Jessi 00:06:06 : Farted from the bottom by Jeff Cyrus 00:06:12 : Gettin burnt tanning by tommy palmer 00:06:18 : Asshole Cat by CAT FAILS AND WINS 00:06:24 : National Geographic by Pagekennedy 00:06:30 : It's not that complicated by eriiictruong 00:06:36 : It's Vine! by Amber Curtis 00:06:42 : This funniest sh*t I done ever seen in my life by Jovan Toles 00:06:48 : Movies vs Reality by Jeansel Bladuell 00:06:54 : I love tacos by Junior Montiel 00:07:00 : Terio tryin to touch the net by Maleek 00:07:06 : Front flip over the linebacker by Not Rob and Big 00:07:12 : We're not spying on your calls! by Alphacat 00:07:18 : B*tches ain't shit but hose and trix by Charlie Classic 00:07:24 : Horn battle by Codywilliamlewis Cockery 00:07:30 : How every single guy feels after getting laid by Mauro Carignano 00:07:36 : What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar? by DRose 00:07:42 : Caught red handed by Tiffany Hohmann 00:07:48 : Dubstep Sabri by Ege 00:07:54 : Agnes from Despicable Me dropping the beat by Brook Heron 00:08:00 : Walking kitty :) by Cody Johnson 00:08:06 : TWERK TEAM by Manderson 00:08:12 : JUMPED IN THE BASS PRO SHOP FISH TANK! by Nick Santori 00:08:18 : The Best Of Both Worlds by Matt Bohan 00:08:24 : Fearless Boy, Tricky Monkey by kingdaddy 00:08:30 : Miley Cyrus at the VMAs by Logan Cunningham 00:08:36 : That drop... by Matthew Paquette 00:08:42 : Go Home by Not Rob and Big 00:08:48 : Aladdin and Jasmine from the block by John LoPriore 00:08:54 : Every chick's picture at the beach or the pool by Alphacat 00:09:00 : Dora wants the D by Fonzkelly 00:09:06 : They had to call the Fire Department by MjayxDiamvnd 00:09:12 : Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (lost footage) by Vincent Marcus (Description too small more at: *******pastebin****/YJYTH5gj)
9 Mar 2015
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