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*******idrawgirls****/ for more more drawing tips# Drawing and sketching Iron Man the movie speedpainting for manga, cartoon and comics. Learn how to draw male hero character: Ironman video tutorial. More info about How to draw and paint: learn from basic sketching to finish drawing quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. Quick and easy drawing and sketching instruction, constructed and draw male face and body: Torso, head. For more info: www.idrawgirls**** TOOLS that I Mostly use: -Photoshop CS2 & CS3 -Wacom Tablet & Pen Intuos3 FOR DAILY UPDATE goto idrawgirls**** -Pencil and paper Music: Third Zombie (Stazi) Free promo
24 May 2009
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Dedicated to my dear freands !! from
25 Apr 2009
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IN MEMORY OF SUBA This tale is inspired by the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. It features the music of Mitar Subotic (Suba), an underground legend in the former Yugoslavia who emigrated to Sao Paulo in 1989 and created a fusion between his techno textures and Brazilian rhythmic patterns. Suba was set to return to Europe in 1999 to promote his album "Sao Paulo Confessions," which contains the track for this piece. Tragically, the night before returning home, he was killed in a fire in his studio trying to rescue tapes of his last production. Inspired by Manga animation, Alastair Graham created the looks with designers Zoran Janjetov, of Serbia, and Goran Sudzuka, from Croatia, on opposing sides during the Yugoslavian conflict. Their designs were then translated into 3D using XSI. *******www.jellyfishpictures******/projects/suba.html
8 Feb 2009
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How to draw and shade or render face, female sketch tutorial: drawing woman, female feature, girl character. Learn how to draw girls human head easy lesson for conceptual design, comics, manga, anime, character design, cartoon illustration using photoshop. Drawing female facial feature or portrait of a character. Learn to draw and render face, eyes, head, lips, mouth, and hair for concept art or any illustration. A step by step sketch and render a quick shade values character design. The ...
1 May 2009
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sho and kyoko chibis are so freaking cute!! Song: The Yearning Of The Heart by A'ST1 Manga/Anime: Skip Beat Nakamura Yoshiki ... "sho kyoko" "skip beat"
1 May 2009
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baz instructional fighting This video probably dont have relation with: ------------------ theme music real myspace crazy lion sleep urban panic! guitar soccer mortal kombat korean scary movie popsicle solo dance family guy cartoon network nickelodeon disney xbox 360 gamecube preview spiderman music games sikitur superman super man hulk six flags water world john singer red vs blue smosh cody eric sam jake laptop kitty cute small funny again hax counter strike bleach manga anime dude weed fuck video shit boy girl woman women men kids children boobs cool fun sweet apple food fruit restaurant kill ninja ninjutsu sensei star dojo rap queer cole film sarah loc jake super tag movie guitarist asia lesbian hot jam music party body independent gay thong jt xxx hairy fetish guitar blowjob awards argento silverman sexy ear marilyn man dylan manson rogers leroy naked acoustic sprousechicks choreography old macking dance sex strip go girl out ways make girls state hot striptis wet kissing argentina lesbos be AMV million men kiss chick sexy lesbo lesbian wine man webcam ok tease nude cruel lesbians ohio model oral wow making heavy all ringtones video trujillo death hammett justice hetfield straw live master music strapon tribute ulrich puppets sorrow tribute2 metallica shortest harvester metal creeping Dancing comedy clip dance song stupid crazy music wherethehellismatt tasha songs crazy jimmy san dance haxx0r japan chair asian chinese makeout games xbox playstation xbox360 gameboy kill death best funny psychology dancing los music performance tribute rice redvsblue idol francisco sumo california effects clones world wherethehellismatt man myself sra gancing naruto episode kakashi gaiden chidori raikiri gaara rock lee neji hinata bleach ichigo vs. byakuya rukia yoruichi soi fong gantz manga anime book cartoon network scream cat dog animal hamster rogue ragnarok movie phone couch computer virus windows evolution pokemon ninja jay angeles billy rock fun kets auteurs bananas ted japanese actions psychological schizophrenia college kermit huntington death psychology dancing tv bixby legal music black recorder haines murder business luke child friends by box school reverse car drive master's customers video robinsolo duncan instrumental lead acoustic tapping guitarist guitar slide soundtrack live jam video performance music electronics blues dj bert sxsw ben halter ernie canter scratch lunging sample scordiac trot jason valentino people down usher mraz slow destiny legend you john keys alicia virginia guitar cater child ordinary tune groovy mayer bobby my us boo stopping acoustic jammin' legos lego lego!! love iit egypt ritter hindustan video ambient reasons perfect josh music... douglas stuck music tune dance datsuns hollywood hundred war saarang possien song yeretsian here v2 ladnier beat&path mah with aviatic gift lillian days rock garageband acoustic solo guitariste awesome erwachen london home swedish lame paris guitarist fast percussion live music "guitarist" sim angelo good nitro guitar trivium tapping goodsimguitarist berk man instrumental fingerstyle metro band michael air micheal acoustic funny rave popsicle civic skills bâton de magical bubblegum boys cute 100percent mom crazy dumb candy lauren singing ray funny angela disney 100prcent lollipops song bradbury nightmares fadhil lollipop land treats aqua dog licking cat stick sydney baby party sf folk teen affair boy sexi french zuzu movies strip sexy girl lick love seans clip gals japanese sex blowjobs chupa asian scandal girl pinoy grabia funny style porn hot latina cum doggy gives fellatio ganguro haha bj blowjob gal facial hardcore ramen gago shot dog dinner mastercard kantutan oral first goth gothic vamp dark cradle of filth metallica guns n roses nirvana smashingpumpkins michelle branch korn bananna steve vai nirvana kurt cobain hole bush soad whatever arpeggios ass lollipop A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 10 ... more less grand theft auto san andreas vice city liberty city stories nintendo wii playstation 3 halo 3, super smash bros brawl, legend of zelda twilight princess
4 May 2009
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*******idrawgirls****/ Learn to draw man BODY muscle person torso superhero type. Drawing and sketching tutorial of male anatomy body, man torso or upper body, chest, abs, ribcage and shoulder: front view character design, comics, manga, anime and video game concept art. Learn how to draw simplify torso and upper body using geometric shape for Manga Anime comics: Step by Step video tutorial explain.
8 May 2009
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For my new giantess comic, please visit: *******www.lulu****/content/e-book/crush-you-volume-1/7019370 Giantess Anime Contact: qjojotarohotmail**** giantess anime gts femdom cartoon art manga anime animation crush woman feet fetish comic
7 Nov 2009
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Este video trata-se de uma "homenagem" ao Major/Comandante nazista do mangá/anime Hellsing, perceba que esta música combina e muito com esse personagem em particular... BOM VIDEO!!! a letra está logo abaixo - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "Esse video contém cenas explicitas de violência e dor" _______________________________________ This is video is about a "tribute" from the Nazi Commander/Major from manga/anime Hellsing, observe that this music have a particularity with him... HAVE A GOOD LEISURE!!! the lyric is down, after the translation to my language and if you want to read, more to down, the original lyric - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "This video contains explicit scenes of violence and gore" _______________________________________ Rammstein - Ich Will (tradução) Eu Quero Eu Quero... 6x Eu quero que vocês me sigam Eu quero que vocês acreditem em mim Eu quero sentir seus olhares Eu quero controlar cada batida do coração Eu quero ouvir suas vozes Eu quero perturbar o silêncio Eu quero que vocês me vejam bem Eu quero que vocês me entendam Eu quero suas fantasias Eu quero suas energias Eu quero ver suas mãos Eu quero me afogar em aplausos Vocês me vêem? Vocês me entendem? Vocês me sentem? Vocês me ouvem? Vocês consegue me ouvir? -Nós te ouvimos- Vocês conseguem me ver? -Nós te vemos- Vocês conseguem me sentir? -Nós te sentimos- Eu não entendo vocês. Eu quero... 4x Nós queremos que vocês confiem em nós... Nós queremos que vocês acreditem em tudo que vem de nós... Nós queremos suas mãos... Nós queremos nos afogar em aplausos... Vocês conseguem me ouvir? -Nós te ouvimos- Vocês conseguem me ver? -Nós te vemos- Vocês conseguem me sentir? -Nós te sentimos- Eu não entendo vocês. Vocês conseguem nos ouvir? -Nós os ouvimos- Vocês conseguem nos ver? -Nós os vemos- Vocês conseguem nos sentir? -Nós os sentimos- Nós não entendemos vocês. Eu quero... 6x _______________________________________ Rammstein - Ich Will(Translation) I want x6 I want you to trust me I want you to believe me I want to feel your eyes I want to control every heartbeat I want to hear your voices I want to disturb the peace I want you to see me well I want you to understand me I want your fantasy I want your energy I want to see your hands I want to go down in applause Do you see me? Do you understand me? Do you feel me? Do you hear me? Can you hear me? We hear you Can you see me? We see you Can you feel me? We feel you I don't understand you I want x4 We want you to trust us We want you to believe everything from us We want to see your hands We want to go down in applause - yeah Can you hear me? We hear you Can you see me? We see you Can you feel me? We feel you I don't understand you Can you hear us? We hear you Can you see us? We see you Can you feel us? We feel you We don't understand you I want x6 _______________________________________ Rammstein - Ich will Lyrics ©2001 Rammstein. Ich will Ich will dass ihr mir vertraut Ich will dass ihr mir glaubt Ich will eure Blicke spüren Ich will jeden Herzschlag kontrollieren Ich will eure Stimmen hören Ich will die Ruhe stören Ich will dass ihr mich gut seht Ich will dass ihr mich versteht Ich will eure Phantasie Ich will eure Energie Ich will eure Hände sehen Ich will in Beifall untergehen Seht ihr mich? Versteht ihr mich? Fühlt ihr mich? Hört ihr mich? Könnt ihr mich hören? Wir hören dich Könnt ihr mich sehen? Wir sehen dich Könnt ihr mich fühlen? Wir fühlen dich Ich versteh euch nicht Ich will Wir wollen dass ihr uns vertraut Wir wollen dass ihr uns alles glaubt Wir wollen eure Hände sehen Wir wollen in Beifall untergehen - ja Könnt ihr mich hören? Wir hören dich Könnt ihr mich sehen? Wir sehen dich Könnt ihr mich fühlen? Wir fühlen dich Ich versteh euch nicht Könnt ihr uns hören? Wir hören euch Könnt ihr uns sehen? Wir sehen euch Könnt ihr uns fühlen? Wir fühlen euch Wir verstehen euch nicht Ich will
17 Dec 2009
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New anime TV show to do with some kid detectives (in japanese with subtitles) The following text you do not have to read: Anime Manga manga anime detective q Q episode 1 part 1academy japan
17 Jul 2010
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My coverage of the Steampunk Fashion Show at Anime North, 2010. This is the "Axis Powers Hetalia" inspired half of the fashion show, hosted by Liana K. and inspired by the Hetalia: Axis Powers series of webcomics/manga/anime. CAST -------- ENGLISH CANADA -- Liana K; designed and created by Queen of Hearts Costumes FRENCH CANADA -- Jody Rodier; designed and created by himself AMERICA -- Adam Smith; designed and created by Stone in the Stone Crafts ENGLAND -- Yvonne Penney; designed by Liana K, costume supplied by Queen of Hearts Costumes, Hat supplied by Amanda Irwin FRANCE -- Brandy Dawley -- concept and wardrobe by Liana K SPAIN -- J.M. Frey -- concept by Liana K, fascinator by J. M. Frey PRUSSIA -- Dr. Holocaust - *******www.doctorholocaust**** -- Wardrobe by himself. Additional pieces provided by Fan Creations PORTUGAL -- Jim Felker -- Robes provided by Queen of Hearts Costumes, Gasmask provided by Fan Creations, corset provided by Jim Felker NORTHERN ITALY -- Lloyd Penney -- concept and wardrobe by himself RUSSIA -- Alexandra Dysinski -- designed and created by herself for Queen of Hearts Costumes CHINA -- Otaku Minette -- Top provided by Queen of Hearts Costumes. Costume by Otaku Minette and Hypersapiens JAPAN -- Derwin Mak -- Concept: Liana K, Japanese Schoolboy uniform provided by Derwin Mak, monogoggle by Sword in the Stone Creations, inspired by the character Ishiro from Shrine of the Siren Stone DENMARK -- Tom Savage --- Jacket and vest supplied by Queen of Hearts Costumes; antique blowtorch courtesy of Sword in the Stone Crafts; hat provided by Fan Creations THE NETHERLANDS -- Gillian Owen -- costume by Trashy Lingerie; weapons by Sword in the Stone Crafts and Liana K BELGIUM -- Andrew McGarry -- Concept by Liana K, hand appliances by Karianne Gottschalk; metal breastplate provided by Fan Creations OTTOMAN EMPIRE -- David Ross -- Concept by Liana K, trousers supplied by Queen of Hearts Costumes AFRICA -- Priscilla Dixon -- Concept by Liana K, Hat and goggles provided by Sword in the Stone Creations CREW --------- -- Leslie Sarah May (Hair and Makeup) -- KE Burns (Makeup) -- Rachel Mirsky (backstage) -- Kathryn Shura (accessories) -- Amanda Irwin (hats) -- Amanda Hyde (cuffs and collars) MUSIC --------- "Airship Pirates" - Abney Park "Rip The System" - K.F.M.D.M. "The Wrong Side" - Abney Park
1 Apr 2011
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Work so hard on it!my first AMV ever!!^O^Comment and rate!!! Dedicated to Haibara Ai my favorite character Fan-Made by Poppybreeze Sherry Production Song: Aly&Aj Chemical React Manga/anime:Detective Conan/Meitantei Conan THIS IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME/MANGA/SONG, NOT FOR PROFIT ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT
13 Aug 2011
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From the new Gong album 2032 - You can buy the CD (with lyrics booklet) from *******www.planetgong****** A wonderful manga animation of Daevid Allen's drawings by ace Japanese team Mood Magic, who also made System 7's Hinotori
24 Aug 2011
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SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE ALL CREDITS GOES TO POP77O7 I DO NOT OWN THIS! Michael Jackson VS Spongebob 2!!! Revenge of the Sponge Funny Fighting story animation &fmt=22 &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 &hl=en&fs=1&rel=0 Michael Jackson VS Spongebob 2!!! Revenge of the Sponge Funny Fighting story animation powers patrick &fmt=22 &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 &hl=en&fs=1&rel=0 transformers superstar fox saga megan review action "animation art" toy cartoons "television series" manga "animation short" episode tv trailer experimental reel documentary filmmaker fallen interview anime tutorial "short film" prime optimus "filmmaker reel" "animation anime" toys figure animated Michael Jackson VS Spongebob 2!!! Revenge of the Sponge Funny Fighting story animation powers patrick &fmt=22 &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 &hl=en&fs=1&rel=0 transformers superstar fox saga megan review action "animation art" toy cartoons "television series" manga "animation short" episode tv trailer experimental reel documentary filmmaker fallen interview anime tutorial "short film" prime optimus "filmmaker reel" "animation anime" toys figure animated
15 Oct 2011
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PART 1 RELEASE DATE: MONDAY SEPT 26TH 2011!!!! A Link to the Song: ***********/watch?v=9Y273U2uas4 "Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight" This is the new fan tribute our team has chosen to do next. Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto Series (Manga & Anime) has heavily inspired many of us so we thought it would be cool to try and translate a fight to a live action format. 
The short is being shot on the Canon EOS 7D and was done on a budget of about $4,000 (Out of pocket). The run time should be around 20 minutes. You could say it acts as a live action filler. The battle will be between The Leaf's Naruto Uzamaki & Rock Lee and is set to release this summer. Our team has put their all into this short and we really hope Naruto fans and the creators will enjoy what we've put together! Starring: Donald Mills & Brendon Huor

 Written, Shot, Edited & Directed By: Christopher C. Cowan

 Stunt Coordination & Choreography: James Young Additional Choreography: David Bauer Assistant Director, Japanese Script, Voice of Naruto - Haile Mahmoud Fight Supervisors: Vonzell Carter & Darren Bailey Naruto Clones: Seth Austin & James Young 2nd Camera Operator: Stephen Murray

 Produced By: Ray Martinez & Christopher C. Cowan

 Make-Up Artist: Rose Lopez
4 Nov 2011
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Watch the original trailer first: ***********/watch?v=Yo4t8PeqJ6E This is a parody we made of the new Dragonball evolution movie trailer, coming soon in 2009. It's not the regular kind of video we usually make, but lets try something new this time. "like" us: *******www.facebook****/bagestudios We want to answer some questions that will be asked to us after this trailer spoof/parody: 1) No, we don't like dragon ball (but still don't hate it)- just wanted to make this for some reason. 2) We're not against the movie, we don't care about it, and we're prop not gonna watch it. 3) don't ask us. If you want to contact us, please do it throw our email (tobiasbagestudios****) because we can't answer messages from youtube. Some info about the orginal movie: Dragonball Evolution, tentatively titled Dragonball, is an upcoming 2009 American live-action film adaptation of the Dragon Ball media franchise being produced by 20th Century Fox. The story centers around the adventures of the lead character, Goku, from his childhood into adulthood. The film began development in 2002, and is directed by James Wong and produced by Stephen Chow. It is scheduled for release on April 8, 2009. Actor Justin Chatwin was cast as Goku, and James Marsters will be portraying Lord Piccolo, the antagonist of the film. In March 2002, 20th Century Fox acquired feature film rights to the Dragon Ball franchise.[14] In June 2004, Ben Ramsey, who wrote The Big Hit, was paid $500,000 to adapt Dragon Ball Z.[15] In 2007, James Wong and Stephen Chow were announced as director and producer respectively, and the project was retitled Dragonball: Evolution. Wong rewrote the script.[2] The first full color image of Justin Chatwin as Goku was released in the 24th issue of Weekly Young Jump.[16] Chow was a Dragon Ball fan, citing its "airy and unstrained story [which] leaves much room for creation", but explained he would only serve as producer because he believes that he should only direct stories he had created.[7] 87Eleven, the stunt performance company that worked on The Matrix and 300, is working on the film.[2] Ariel Shaw, who worked on Wong's entries in the Final Destination series and 300, is visual effects supervisor.[17] Robert MacLachlan, who also worked on Wong's Final Destination films, serves as cinematographer.[18] Shooting began on December 3, 2007[19] in Mexico City, Mexico. Locations included the Universidad Tecnológica de México.[20] From January 2, 2008[20] the crew shot at Durango. The crew will move to Estado de México in March for some shots at Nevado de Toluca.[17] Shooting is also scheduled at Los Angeles, California.[9] In adapting the Dragon Ball manga, the futuristic cities were kept, however, the anthropomorphic creatures and talking animals (such as Turtle, Oolong and Puar) were dropped.[21] Many of the locations are very Oriental,[22] and there will be some Aztec influence too, particularly from their temples.[23] It was thought that Rossum would wear a blue wig to resemble her anime counterpart, but due to some promotional images, it was turned out that she would not be wearing a blue wig. Instead she will have her natural brown with a blue streak down the middle of her hair. Chatwin will not wear a wig as the director felt Chatwin's hair resembled Goku's.[22] A large amount of Dragonball: Evolution was shot in an abandoned jeans factory, also located in Durango, Mexico.[24] Dragonball Evolution special effects are being done by Amalgamated Dynamics, while the visual effects are being done by Ollin Studios, Zoic Studios, and Imagine Engine. The film will also have the anime style of fighting in Dragon Ball Z, such as chi energy blasts and auras. On December 9, 2008 it was confirmed that the theme song will be "Rule" by Japanese pop icon Ayumi Hamasaki. The choice was because director James Wong wanted the movie adaptation of a manga/anime born in Japan to be sung by a Japanese person and was particularly impressed with Hamasaki. "Rule" will be used as the theme song for every country's release. The film was originally slated to be named Dragonball, however on December 10, 2008 a trailer was released using the name Dragonball Evolution and Fox licensed the domain name "DragonballEvolutionMovie****" indicating the film had been renamed.
9 Nov 2011
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