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27 Apr 2017
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This Video on Yahoo has over 720.000 views!! (KERRANG Magazine) "Filly Talent"Jacqueline Mannering from London, England (age 14) playing her version of Canon Rock (arranged by JerryC).
7 Nov 2006
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Funny little baby with bad manners. If i was his mom, i'd kick his ass with my shoe. Those little bastards will learn manners the HARD WAY, and i like it like that.
3 Mar 2007
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JOHNNY MUST LEARN HIS CLASSROOM BATHROOM MANNERS. Mo' betta jokes at *******dajoker.ning**** - the free network for anonymous joke tellers to publish videos of them telling their best (clean to obscene) jokes.
8 Jun 2007
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Teenager Recites Qur'an in Amazing Manner - Surah Balad
23 Nov 2007
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Bad manner Korean Soccer
25 Feb 2008
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"Slastni užitek z Dunaja. Od leta 1898." Manner rocks!
25 Apr 2008
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Original solo by myself. copyright 2008 Jacqueline Mannering, Please comment and rate!! :D I really love playing guitar =] Hope you enjoy my video!! Thankyouuuuuu x x x x
7 May 2008
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In Good Table Manners, Chuck, an insecure teenager, has social anxiety surrounding parties and other gatherings, resulting in bad manners. What really trips Chuck up is a lack of understanding about conventional 1950s social behavior, especially dinner etiquette at a dinner party! Chuck gets a little help from a very interesting positive role model: himself at age 21! Guided by his older and wiser future self (who has a vested interest in teaching teens good manners), Chuck learns proper dinner etiquette and party etiquette. With renewed confidence and new social skills, Chuck enjoys the party without making a fool of himself. Good Table Manners is a splendid example of social concerns and expectations in 1950s culture. At the heart of the movie is an aversion to socially awkward children and a strong push for parents as role models.
22 Dec 2008
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How Do You Do is an uproariously dated, and an amateur production to boot, film about social etiquette and good manners. This is a film targeted at postwar children and teens who grew up in stressful homes because of the sacrifices of the war effort. It focuses on good manners and how clean living and good behavior pays huge dividends in self confidence. But the real fun comes from the dreadful acting by Peggy, the main character, who makes an embarrassing mistake while trying to make an introduction between two people. A voice-over narrator helpfully walks her through the proper way to introduce people, helping her in overcoming social anxiety. Mainly, however, the film focuses on the various social blunders that one could make in the 1940s and teaching teens good manners, sometimes through moral lessons. But the corny "important life lessons" make this old movie a giggly good time.
2 Jun 2008
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In Johnny Learns his Manners a sloppy, untidy young boy is shown the error of his ways by his Good Self, an angel who warns him that if he doesn't shape up, he'll be turned into a pig! Johnny, the animated star of the film, won’t clean up his room, argues, and is completely uncooperative with his parents and others. Dramatized through an artist’s drawing board, Johnny deals with conflicting ideals of good and bad manners by being turned into a pig until he learns a lesson and decides to change his unmannerly ways. In changing, Johnny will learn how to keep your room clean, and overcome bad manners etiquette. Johnny Learns his Manners is a nifty relic familial culture in the 1940's, as well as an accessible example of valuable and timeless important life lessons. Teaching teens good manners has never been easy.
3 Jun 2008
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Mind Your Manners is a 1950s film which teaches teenagers that good etiquette should be cultivated in order to get along with peers and impress authority figures. Bad manners can result in poor social etiquette. Various situations are dramatized in the film, including telephone etiquette, table manners, and how to shake hands. Making the argument that good behavior should eventually become totally natural and integrated into normal behavior, the film maintains that a real desire to get along with others will lead to good manners. Teaching teens good manners has never been easy. Dining etiquette in particular is important for making good first impressions. Mind Your Manners travels viewers back to a time when proper manners and etiquette in America was a very fixed code of order, which makes for a fascinating study.
19 Jun 2008
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From *******www.GamblersTelevision**** and search Poker for more lessons. Learn Poker tips for beginners with these series of instructional videos by Tony T. This edition covers a how to for tournament poker and discusses proper table manners for a beginning player. Remember to search our website at *******GamblerTelevision**** and enter the keyword Poker to find additional videos for novices.
20 Jun 2008
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A sample Learning Motion video that demonstrates how using positive manners and gestures can increase your confidence and make your presentations more engaging. Brought to you by Channel Content, the learning & communications company.
24 Nov 2009
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You lack manners...and that's ok because you're a dude. Daily dude-affirmations with Charlie and Bobby.
24 Dec 2008
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Teaching good manners, etiquette, and social skills to children to combat school bullying. An anti-bullying program that builds character, self-esteem, and successful futures. Award-winning music plus fun activities equal "bullying prevention". Today's manners for children include much more than table manners. "Cool Kind Kids" know that school bullying is "un-cool". Visit *******www.tannersmanners****/home.asp?referral=3 to learn more about Tanner's Manners!
21 Jan 2009
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