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Splatter 10 opponents in a row using a vehicle without dying.the first version i moved the camera around.this version the camera is more my poit of view.enjoy
26 Apr 2008
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while on patrol i am outnumbered and forced to defend myself with a ghost good thing I know how to drive
17 Oct 2007
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New original comedies will dominate Monday nights this summer on MTV with the premiere of "Warren the Ape" on June 14 at 10:30pm ET/PT.
11 May 2010
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11 Mar 2011
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BY JIM FLINK You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Hi-tech underwater robots have discovered more wreckage from Air France flight 447 which crashed shortly after taking off from Rio De Janeiro on June 1st, 2009. It’s the fourth discovery in a two-year long search to determine what caused the crash that killed all 228 people on board. The Telegraph has video of France’s Transport Minister who says, the discovery is key in determining exactly what happened to the ill-fated airliner. “We found a large part of the aircraft surrounded by debris. It’s like a field. There is debris and a large part of the plane. A part of it has remained in tact. We have more than traces in fact. We have bodies.” Parts of the plane -- and some bodies -- were last discovered in May 2010, along with some plane parts -- but that discovery failed to find the flight’s black box recorders. The Guardian notes, that has fueled speculation as to what happened. “Speculation about the cause of the crash has focused on the possible icing-up of the aircraft's speed sensors, which appeared to give inconsistent readings seconds before the plane vanished.” The inconsistencies are key. On CNN, an analyst says, other planes survived adverse weather conditions -- but Flight 447 did not. Now investigators want to know why. “They have located the engines, they have located parts of the undercarriage, and they have located the main part of the fuselage. ... There was a massive fault on board. Massive. That caused numerous systems to fail. They don’t know what caused that.” This latest discovery was aided by remote, high tech robots from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. New Scientist reports, the robots have quite a history. “….the submarine robots...are far more agile than in previous searches - and use a novel sonar image mosaicing technique honed during … mapping of the complete debris field of the RMS Titanic. The way the sonar image stripes are stitched together reduces the risk that detail will be lost where the images are joined...It seems to have worked.” France 24 reports, Air France and Airbus -- who are being probed for alleged manslaughter in connection with the crash -- are paying the estimated $12.7 million cost of the search. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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27 Jun 2011
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while Eddie Winslow was just a character Darius McCrary played, everyone knows who your talking about.He tried to run over his girlfriend Karrine "superhead" Steffans *******
9 Oct 2008
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22 Apr 2009
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22 Apr 2009
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It seems like everyday an athlete is headline news for things other than their performance on the field or court.
17 Jun 2009
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Author Charlotte Laws and activist Paul D. Schrader attack topics on "The Filter with Fred Roggin." NBC. Feb 3, 2010. Hosted by Fred Roggin. This is part 1. Topics include: Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray and whether there should be a law in LA County to require porn actors to wear condoms. Laws is a weekly "talking head" on The Filter.
5 Feb 2010
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The United Mine Workers of America, AFL-CIO and random environmental groups protest outside the Massey Energy shareholders meeting May 18th 2010. Features Cecile Roberts president of the UMWA, Kevin Zeese of the Prosperity Agenda and random pissed off miners demanding justice by various means of punishment for Don Blankenship and the Massey Energy board of directors. *******umwa**** *******ProsecuteMassey**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 May 2010
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The mother of eight newborn babies whose corpses were found in a small village town in France has confessed to killing them.
31 Jul 2010
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This is the new official video "Warhead" of AL SIRAT
1 Aug 2010
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It all started last year on New Year’s Day. Then-transit officer Johannes Mehserle killed an unarmed black man by the name of Oscar Grant. That’s where the trouble begins. Mehserle was charged with involuntary man-slaughter - he testified in court he meant to draw his taser gun, but instead accidentally drew his weapon. (Video: KRON) The Examiner reports riots broke out because of the sentencing. “Mehserle was sentenced to two years in jail with time served being deducted from that sentence. It's possible Mehserle could face only 7 months in jail. He could have been given up to 14 years in jail...” The trouble brewed only after sunset – reports say the riots during the day were peaceful. …but CNN reports there’s still controversy between police and protesters... Protesters say the event was mostly peaceful - and that the over 150 arrested were not all out of hand. “Police say a peaceful march to remember the victim of a shooting turned unruly at nightfall when a small number of people began throwing rocks and bottles.” HLN spoke with some of the protesters, who say police presence wasn’t necessary. “The protesters did not get our of hand. We were marching just like it’s guaranteed in the Constitution.” “We’re out there protesting and the cops just surrounded us. They said ‘disperse’ and then two seconds later ‘you’re all under arrest’.” But after the Bay Area’s KRON-TV surveyed the doesn’t appear the entire night was all ‘peace and quiet’. “Along the way we saw some destruction. We saw some store front windows that were broken, we saw some car windshields that were also broken, and we also saw the AC transit bus had its windshields, two windshields actually broken.” ...and The San Francisco Chronicle took it a step further and interviewed Philip Means, who lived in a neighborhood caught in the tail-end of the protests... “Means...burst from his house at Sixth Avenue and 18th Street in his underwear, took in the situation at a glance and decided to flee...‘It sounded like a protest gone wrong. I wasn't going to wait around for my stuff to get broken."’ The Oakland Police Chief stands by the actions of his department. KTVU reports protesters took it further than just throwing things and littering. “ officer had his gun taken from him in a fight and another officer was hit by a car and suffered what police described as a non-life-threatening injury. ‘It's one thing breaking windows; it's another thing taking a gun from an officer’...” So what do you think of the protests? Mostly peaceful or out of hand? Tell us in our comments section.
11 Nov 2010
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June 13, 2011(2:40) Many in California are still not satisfied after Johannes Mehserle was released Monday after serving only 11 months for shooting and killing a man.
14 Jun 2011
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