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7 Jul 2017
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8 Jul 2017
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8 Jul 2017
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New Video Song sponsored by the Celestial Green Political 3rd Party - Protecting Planet Earth and the Cosmos. Exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in human society. Song “The Apocalyspe Is Gonna Roll.” Jakob's Diary Log Entry: 7yTrE67-Year2017: Humans are currently traveling on the celestial Quantum Mechanic Timeline to Nuke self destruction. Although humans are moving closer and closer to complete destruction of the planet and the human species there is still time to change the timeline as earth travels side by side within a parallel universe. Me, a CIA Project Monarch Victim Jakob Lemy Zook has traveled through the reincarnation road to reach this point in human history. Instructed to suffeer along with thousands of other children abducted from around the world and put in the child Monarch cages stacked high. From the experiments by the Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele who is still alive he tore my mind open creating a paranormal psychic hole. The Nazi were much involved in the Paranormal. I escaped freed by a soldier who later was executed by rogue elements at the Aberdeen military base in Maryland. Taken in by an amish family. I was summoned by the Intelligent Star along with the two Angels, Amitiel the burnt angel of truth and the Unknown to find the last and final secret Dead Sea scroll given to the Susquehannock Indians by Jesus when he went to America. The scroll was passed down through the generations and givin to one of the last Susquehannock's a woman known as Hazy Moon Dancer (one who dances under the moon without music ) before she was killed in the Indian genocide by the Paxton Boys in Lancaster. The stone scroll was then givin to an Amish family who then hid the stone scripture in a cave along the river in Hex County. The Amish know of this secret history. I have spoken with the ghost at the river in Hellam who knows of the story. The scroll contains the Coordinance a star map.....
13 Jul 2017
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Washington Dc limo is easily the most technologically advanced car service here in capital of USA. Washington Dc Limo has a phone app, from which you can order a car, get an estimate on how long the car will take, and watch the car move toward you on a map. Washington Dc Limo are enjoyable services with more of luxuries you haven’t experienced anywhere before. When you wish to party with your friends, you can prefer Washington Dc Limo to enjoy travelling long along with party set up Booking us immediately and calling us at: (202) 765-2350.
15 Jul 2017
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Android App for Bus Ticket Booking, Bus booking platform provides you extreme customization with API integration for Android Bus Ticket Booking App. Bus stops are integrated with Google maps, so that it is easy to customize your localities in the application. Quickest and safest way to book bus tickets through our application, by means of smooth experience. Dedicated customization live options available to book a ticket for booking travels in easier way.
15 Jul 2017
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I'd like to introduce HALO MAPS V2, yes it's finally here!. Enjoy!
26 Sep 2006
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see las vegas in live maps from microsoft... it is great video
4 Dec 2006
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san francisco in microsoft live must see its amazing movie...
4 Dec 2006
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a strange building found on google maps
4 Dec 2006
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Where to find Windows Character Map
9 Dec 2006
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What would you do if you found a treasure map in your mouth? by JIBANGUS
14 Jan 2007
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A great new mod/map pack for Halo: Cusom Edition. It includes some awesome maps, and four new Halo 3 weapons!! ANd some great animations too.
30 Jan 2007
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Homepage: *******gmapbook.blogspot**** A google map guestbook. You can download, install , and embed it into your own blog. It can locate your visitors on google maps. I installed this demo in a free web server (*******gmb.ifastnet****), and you can try it, too.
5 Feb 2007
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Get google maps on any Blackberry phone, this is very helpfully if you are lost or need directions, all you need is watching my video :) and I show you how to do it from your Blackberry phone.
4 Feb 2007
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Google earth, Yahoo, NASA and many more maps based on flash!
20 Feb 2007
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