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Mark Hamill * Batman: Arkham Asylum * LA Comedy Shorts Festival
11 Mar 2009
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******* Batman Arkham City: Exclusive Interview with Mark Hamill
3 Nov 2011
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******* Video Game Awards 2011: Mark Hamill Talks About Voicing Joker in Batman: Arkham City
12 Dec 2011
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This has got to be the best bad lip reading yet!
7 Apr 2017
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X2: Wolverine’s Revenge review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts & mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of X2: Wolverine’s Revenge for the Nintendo GameCube developed by GenePool Software and published by Activision. Wolverine has metal spikes coming out of his hands. It only makes sense that he’d slice things up with them, and you do precisely that in X2: Wolverine’s Revenge. This is a 3D hack-and-slash game in a very literal sense, as you spend much of the game hacking and slashing through enemies and mutants with your hand spikes. You also have great facial hair. Brutal. Released to coincide with the movie X2, Wolverine’s Revenge actually has an original story penned by comic writer Larry Hama. The game also features voice acting from Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill, who plays Wolverine. In addition to slashing fools up, players will also have to use stealth to get through the game’s surprisingly difficult enemies. X2: Wolverine’s Revenge has only single-player play. This video review features video gameplay footage of X2: Wolverine’s Revenge for the Nintendo GameCube and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
13 Jan 2014
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Who were Luke Skywalker and Han Solo really based on? Produced with background music and sound effects in the style of old time radio, Hollywood Stories with Stephen Schochet is a new syndicated one minute program on the TalkStar Radio Network heard throughout the USA and Canada: *******www.hollywoodstories****/radioshow.htm Stephen Schochet is the author and narrator of the audiobooks "Fascinating Walt Disney" and "Tales Of Hollywood". GREAT GIFTS!! Available at Apple iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Stores or toll free twenty four hours at 1-800-431-1579. "So many of our listeners have told me that when they needed gifts your Hollywood and Disney CDs have really helped them out" -- Tron Simpson, Morning Host KCMN Radio, Colorado Springs For more information go to *******www.hollywoodstories****.
21 Jun 2008
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Kristy McNichol performs "Baby, Bye-Bye" from the motion picture "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia".
7 Sep 2009
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The apocalypse has come, but how could that have happened without you, the fourth horseman? GameZombie caught up with Waleed Kamel, the Darksiders brand manager, as he tries to help us mortals understand what the unholy main character War has to go through.Edited by Lillian Feldman-Hill.
16 Oct 2009
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Para mas informacion: *******lamuchachadanui**** Un nuevo personaje ha entrado en nuestros corazones. Es Perro muchacho, el superheroe con cara de perro interpretado por Julian Lopez. En este caso nos cuenta la historia de amor con la repartidora de pizzas interpretada por Mari Carmen Cañizares de Camera Cafe
24 Mar 2010
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this was my attempt at capturing the entirety of the Batman legend from the Animated Series... from beginning to "end", so the song was a perfect fit. I threw in a few scenes from Under the Red Hood for good measure, since I see that movie as an extension of the series. It's not a perfect vid, but since it's the 1st one I've made in ages, I don't think it's all that bad either. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
5 Sep 2010
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A film for the entire family about the power and spirit of love during the holidays and the horrifying feeling of loss when you lose something special.
29 Dec 2010
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Watch how the Joker Steals Christmas
25 Jan 2011
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Black Panther and the Avengers battle Man-Ape, Klaw, Grim Reaper and HYDRA in Wakanda!
22 Mar 2011
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The most anticipated Blu-ray release ever -- the Star Wars Saga -- emerges from light speed on September 16, 2011!
10 Sep 2011
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The most anticipated Blu-ray release ever -- the Star Wars Saga -- emerges from light speed on September 16, 2011!
10 Sep 2011
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The most anticipated Blu-ray release ever -- the Star Wars Saga -- emerges from light speed on September 16, 2011!
10 Sep 2011
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