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Marketing your restaurant by building a database of customers. This video shows you how
13 Feb 2010
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Part 2: How to market your medical spa, laser clinic or plastic surgery practice with a blog. Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains how plastic surgeons, dermatologists and laser centers are using blogging and blog marketing to increase patient traffic and SEO for their websites.
21 Mar 2010
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Part 2: How to market your medical spa, laser clinic or plastic surgery practice with a blog. Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains how plastic surgeons, dermatologists and laser centers are using blogging and blog marketing to increase patient traffic and SEO for their websites.
21 Mar 2010
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Learn how to effective market your practice with these new concepts.
31 Mar 2010
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*******www.mlmLeadSpeed**** Helpful information about where to start when learning how to market your mlm business online.
26 Apr 2010
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Top 10 Ways That You Can Market Your Website/MLM Offline. For more internet and network marketing tips, go to *******www.traceyemitchell****
13 May 2010
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Market your Jusuru business on the Internet *******www.brianmooresystems****
12 Jun 2010
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See how RPM can help you effectively market your company with our unique video services
18 Jun 2010
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*******www.mymusicsuccess**** Save thousands in PR agency fees! This book tells you which digital promotion tools & marketing techniques you should be using to promote your music online. We reveal all the secrets music publicists want to keep to themselves! 101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web is the #1 book for independent artists, bands and labels seeking to market and promote their music via the web at little or no cost. Written by MyMusicSuccess Co-Founder Simon Adams, he shares his 25 years of music industry experience as an artist, producer, publicist and promoter to help independent musicians around the world harness the power of internet music promotion. The most comprehensive and practical book ever compiled on digital music marketing! Save over 95% of your promotion budget! Why pay an expensive PR company to do the work you and your band can do yourself? Buy this book instead to start saving money and getting your own results! In the 101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web book we reveal how to: Raise your band's website rank in the search engines by getting guaranteed press coverage on the most popular music news sites, forums, blogs & social media Get your tracks licensed into the lucrative advertising, film & TV sync markets Use online tools to build a solid loyal fanbase that supports your career and grows your digital street team organically Get more gigs and discover the radio stations that want to play your tracks Sell more music downloads and gain new fans more effectively by using just two popular applications - Twitter & iTunes Learn how to fund your music projects, get paid for gigs, & build a free webstore Get coverage for your band in the Japanese international music market Make your own music video and distribute it to multiple video sharing sites in one hit Make money selling ringtones and merchandise with no upfront costs Access many more untapped web tools and online promotion techniques to help boost your independent music career This 256 page book is the most comprehensive and practical manual ever compiled on digital music marketing. If you are an independent artist, band or label, this is one book you must have on your bookshelf! There has never been a better time for Independent artists, bands, labels and musicians to take control of their own careers. All it takes is the right knowledge on how to market and promote your music, a computer and an internet connection and the world is your oyster. - Simon Adams, Co Founder MyMusicSuccess With interviews and quotes from music industry executives, promoters and successful independent artists you'll also gain an insight into some of the ways others have successfully used the world wide web to build their fanbase, collaborate in new projects, and increase the exposure of their music.
18 Jul 2010
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Market Your Business Effectively
18 Aug 2010
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*******ontarian-the-vegetarian****/tulsa-local-small-business-marketing-expert-in-oklahoma/ Learning how to market your small local business like a cock roach may seem silly, but it's the most effective strategy yet. *******www.ontariankhawkins****
3 Sep 2010
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3 Helpful Ways Of Marketing Your Auto Repair South San Francisco Business
24 Jan 2011
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******* The best way to market your network marketing business is to not mention it until prospects ask you about it. Instead market yourself and the benefits people get from working with you and your team.
11 Apr 2011
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Marketing Your Clothing Retail Business - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. We are all over the board for marketing. I have changed my idea of what I think is the right way to go about marketing all the time. Right now, we are really into the social medium marketing because that is just everywhere right now. So, I do a lot of Facebooking, Twitter, and Four Square, and all of those kinds of things. I am working a lot on our website right now. So you have a website connected to our store. And we, just in the last year, started selling products on it as well. And so, I have been working a lot on building a blog and helping it to grow which has worked really well. So we have been able to save a lot of money. We used to buy a tonne of ads and now we are saving a lot of money but it is a lot more work. So it kind of trades off and I think that it is important to know who your customer is and find out how to market to them. So we do a lot of events that target our customers. We do fashion shows at sports clubs and places where our customers are in their daily life so they can learn about us. We partner with a lot of businesses to cross-promote from each other. So I will give away gift certificates to a fitness center and they give away gift certificates to us, the coupons for our store. So I think marketing, the best kind of marketing is word-of-mouth and so I try to find ways to get more involved with that versus just buying ads and papers. And from time to time I think it's important to buy ad just to get your name out their as well. So I think that you need to have a very broad approach with marketing and not get pitch and hole in to do it one way, but try different things from time to time.
15 Jun 2011
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*******yournextvisit****.au/ helps you manage your appointments and organize your contacts. Market your business with inbuilt sms marketing and many more features at your finger tips. Visit the website to know more.
6 Aug 2011
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www.digitalsynergy**** - Learn more ways to market your business online.
3 Sep 2011
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