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Hier eine kleiner Video Workshop. In diesem Video zeige ich eine meiner Coreos langsam und verständlich für die Anfänger. Mary Jane Blige Coreo Handy: 0160-99425815 e-mail: oder homepage: www.mertiboy.piczo**** Dieser Text wurde verfasst von Mert Tutkunkardes und gehört nicht zu den Breakdancern "Jump Warriorz"!
30 Jan 2008
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Wire Daisies - Mary Jane Directed By Charlie Paul Taken from the Wire Daisies forth coming North American debut CD in stores 03.24.09 For more information please visit www.wiredaisies**** © 2008 EMI / Transistor Project / MRV
2 Nov 2009
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DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!! Happy Mother's Day to my mom, and happy birthday to my brother Michael. HOW TO SECTION AT 3:43 in video Intro: Am (hammer on index finger) G Dopen E Am Am G She grew up in an Indiana town Dopen E Am Had a good lookin' momma who never was around Am G But she grew up tall and she grew up right Dopen E Am With them Indiana boys on an Indiana night Am G Well she moved down here at the age of 18 DopenE Am She blew the boys away, it was more than they'd seen Am G I was introduced and we both started groovin' DopenE Am She said, "I dig you baby but I got to keep movin'" Am G Dopen E Am ...on, keep movin' on Chorus: Em6 Last dance with Mary Jane A One more time to kill the flame Em6 (Em with your ring finger added on the B string on the 3rd fret) I feel summer creepin' in and I'm A lift 3rd finger, add on B string on D note, then back to an and end on G Tired of this town again Am G Well I don't know but I've been told Dopen E Am You never slow down, you never grow old Am G I'm tired of screwing up, I'm tired of bein' down Dopen E Am I'm tire of myself, I'm tired of this town Am G Oh my my, oh hell yes Dopen E Am Honey put on that party dress Am G Buy me a drink, sing me a song, Dopen E Am Take me as I come 'cause I can't stay long Em6 Last dance with Mary Jane A One more time to kill the flame Em6 (Em with your ring finger added on the B string on the 3rd fret) I feel summer creepin' in and I'm A lift 3rd finger, add on B string on D note, then back to an A and end on G Tired of this town again There's pidgeons down in Market Square She's standin' in her underwear Lookin' down from a hotel room Nightfall will be comin' soon Oh my my, oh hell yes You've got to put on that party dress It was too cold to cry when I woke up alone
11 May 2009
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*******www.GuitarLessons**** . Sign up for the FREE secret-lessons at: *******www.GuitarLessons**** . Learn how to play 'Last Dance With Mary Jane' by Tom Petty in this free guitar lesson. Work through the major parts of this great guitar cover.
6 Oct 2009
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Go to *******yourguitarsage****/ to find out how to get charts to 100s of songs!!! This guitar lesson vid shows you how to play Last Dance with Mary Jane. Check out *******yourguitarsage****/ for info on the guitar resources about charts, chords, strumming and the techniques that I use here in my videos.. For more guitar lessons, see my other free tutorials. For original and cover music by me, Erich, go to *******www.myspace****/erichandreas . Since I'm so busy making new video tutorial lessons all the time and teaching guitar, I probably won't have time to answer individual questions regarding guitar. Other videos cover beginner, advanced and intermediate levels. I teach rock, blues, country and just about any other style on electric or acoustic. If you can't find your answer from the resources at the website above, keep digging into my vids, and I'm sure you will find your answer. Keep practicing!!!
21 Dec 2010
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13 May 2008
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The season's most versatile shoe and how to wear it. See more Vogue.TV videos at *******
15 May 2008
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Spiderman Slide Pics - Song When I see you smile - Bad English - My first movie - Solainux love SolanJess. Love song.
26 Sep 2008
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Toking track from "Every City's Got A Ghetto" Features DJ Brukout. Light em UP! Follow kryptik *******facebook****/KryptikFans or *******twitter****/imkryptik --------- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!
3 May 2010
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A French Quarter smoke shop. Specializing in pipes, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, and vaporizers. Best selection of glass pipes in the city featuring many local artists. Vaporizers for any budget. *******Maryjanesemporium.Com/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 May 2010
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This is the best scence from the video mary jane
25 Jun 2007
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Rhiannon sits down with Mary Jane Clark about her new line of wedding cake mysteries.
17 Jan 2011
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Peter's Parker's second love was Mary Jane Watson. In this behind-the-scenes video, voice actor Laura Vandervoort tells us what it's like to make her come alive in video.
16 Aug 2011
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Raymond & Mary Jane Onsite Wedding Video
21 Aug 2011
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Describes teh action and characterists of live vitamins. Live vitamins are the only type of vitamins that will feed and nourish your cells. Mary Jane's website: *******www.healyourselfwithwellness****
23 May 2008
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An introduction to real business training available to those who want to market their products successfully. Mary Jane's website: *******www.BizHelpWithMJ****
25 May 2008
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