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My 1st mash-up video of 2018 is for all the Great #Women in my life, especially my#Daughters, #Wife #Mom, and #Sister. A shout-out to all the #StrongWomen who have come forward with their #MeToo stories in 2017 and too all of the #Husbands, #Fathers, #Sons, #Uncles #Nephews#Men who Support and Respect Women, let’s make #2018 The Year We Turn The Corner On #GenderEquality!! Love, Love, Love -Jack Abramson Tag the women in your life in the comments to give them a laugh, a smile, a supportive nod or fist pump. Happy & Healthy 2018!! Man Smart Women Smarter Lyrics: I say let us put man and a woman together To find out which one is smarter Some say man but I say no The woman got the man de day should know And not me but the people they say That de man are leading de women astray But I say, that the women of today Smartre than the man in every way That's right de woman is uh smarter That's right de woman is uh smarter That's right de woman is uh smarter, that's right, that's right Ever since the world began Woman was always teaching man And I you listen to my bid attentively I goin' tell you how she smarter than me Samson was the strongest man long ago No one could a beat him, as we all know Until he clash with Deliah on top of the bed She told them all the strength was in the hair of his head You meet a girl at a pretty dance Thinking that you would stand a chance Take her home, thinking she's alone Open de door you find her husband home I was treating a girl independently She was making baby for me When de baby born and I went to see Eyes was blue it was not by me Garden of Eden was very nice Adam never work in Paradise Eve meet snake, Paradise gone She make Adam work from that day on Methuselah spent all his life in tears Lived without a woman for 900 years One day he decided to have some fun The poor man never lived to see 900 and one
2 Jan 2018
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A super Mash-up in the 'Indie Pop-Combo' for two of THE Most popular Bollywood songs! Enjoy the Groovy track folks! Please SUBSCRIBE the channel & share the video - Spread the Love ! Hotshot Banker turned celebrity singer AMEYA DABLI quit his 15 year long corporate career to follow his vision of music with a message. Music is his passion and he has been touring the globe having performed at over 1500 concerts across 15 countries spreading joy & cheer! He is a versatile singer and performs Bollywood / Sufi / Ghazals / Folk / Spiritual & soft rock English music concerts!
2 Jan 2018
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Peniking is an outstanding penis enlargement product in India- Are you unbalanced over what product should buy? Don’t worry, peniking is a top-rated product, which contains 100 Percent Ayurvedic ingredients, and it’s a powerful mash-up of the Ayurvedic herbs that are necessary for the size of the penis and give longer erections. It also helps to cure premature ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. Use peniking once, to improve your sexual life. Stay longer and harder
9 Jan 2018
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Step-by-step recipe and instructions for making mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon.
26 Dec 2006
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Here's another mash-up I made of the Sunshine trailers. The trailers are amazing and perfect for mashing-up.
4 Apr 2007
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mash up
10 Aug 2007
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Intel researchers at the Intel Developer Forum showed Mash Maker. As you browse the Web, Mash Maker looks at what you're doing now, what you've done in the past and points out what you might want to do in the future when you're on the Internet. Learn more at****.
28 Sep 2007
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How to make Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Whole red potatoes Mashed with garlic and cheese? Pass the bowl please! Visit for step-by-step instructions and to order the dvd.
19 Nov 2007
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Watch this brand new mash up of scenes from Step Up 2 the Streets and all the music videos from the hottest soundtrack for the new movie Step Up 2 the Streets. Don't miss Step Up 2 the Streets, in theaters Valentines Day, February 14, 2008 For more information, visit the film's official site at www.myspace****/stepupmovie
3 Mar 2008
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RaVeNel Records own rapper, Nina B, is back with another hot remix. She blew it up with a mash up of 50 Cent’s “I Get Money,” and now she’s paying tribute to one of pop music’s greatest artists – Madonna. Here’s her latest music video for her mash up of Madonna’s single, “Music.” www.remembermeninab****
9 Feb 2009
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I made a mash-up for my blog. Just random videos i found on my computer.
14 May 2008
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Mashed the rest of the potato from the first clip. Shot at 300FPS with the Casio EX-F1
29 May 2008
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