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Tese Fever female rap artist from the DMV
23 Apr 2011
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3 May 2011
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19 Nov 2012
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An isolated town full of sexy college girls has a dangerous secret: one girl has gone missing each year for the last 20 years. A big-city cop, in danger of losing his badge, agrees to aid the town’s sheriff in investigating these unsolved disappearances. Quickly they realize that they are dealing with a psychotic killer whose brilliance has been twisted into a taste for terror, torture and sorority sister torment. But when this party gets started, who will graduate – and who will be held back?
31 Dec 2013
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4 Aug 2014
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2 the most dangerous street gangs "Beasts" vs "2-nd block Hitmen". that was so brutal, i mean, real mortal combat. and it was quite quick, i should say. sorry for quality and sound - I couldn't convert properly 3gp to .avi. so sound is broken. as for video - sorry - it was too dangerous just to stand still there, next to this massacre
1 Mar 2007
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movie trailer from texas chainsaw massacre
11 Mar 2007
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This is a halarious video some guys put together of a massacre of a chocolate bunny, just watch!!!
22 Apr 2007
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bud light massacre
4 Dec 2007
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The Tallaght Chain Saw Massacre Trailer Part 1 This Trailer Is So Badly Made Words Can Not Tell You How Shit The Film Was To Maked
4 Feb 2008
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The soon-to-be-classic stars horror icons David Naughton, Gunnar Hansen, Ken Foree and Vincent Butta...Brutal Massacre follows horror auteur Harry Penderecki in the making of his new film
23 May 2008
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Straight To Video ( Birthday Massacre Remix)
1 Jan 2010
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We must act now, before the massacres continue! Over 200 people were killed in Gaza on Saturday, December 27 in a series of Israeli attacks - with US-made and paid for weaponry - upon the Palestinian people. These cold-blooded killings come on top of a siege on Gaza that has killed hundreds by depriving them of medical care, deprived Gazans of electricity, power and fuel and attempted to strangle the life of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The people of Gaza are standing steadfast in the face of these massacres but our voices must be heard to demand an immediate end to the massacres and an end to US aid to Israel! The Israeli military is promising more massacres - we must say no NOW!
22 Jan 2009
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02 jan 09 *******timeturk****/ World Bulletin / News Desk Thousands of people in Turkey have gathered outside mosques across the country to protest Israeli air strikes on Gaza. Thousands denounced Israeli massacre in Gaza outside historic Beyazit mosque in Istanbul after Friday prayers, burning Israeli and U.S. flags and reciting funeral prayers for the victims. Deputy chairman of Turkey's ruling party AKP, Bülent Gedikli, condemned Israeli bombardments as a crime against humanity and said Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert deserved a pair of shoes to be thrown at him like Bush." The state-run Anatolia news agency says similar protests were held in several other Turkish cities. The protesters chanted "Israeli murderers, get out of Palestine", "Muslims, don't sleep, defend Palestine", waving Palestinian flags and burning Israeli ones. Turkey has deep root with the Palestinians and their cause has widespread support in the country. Gedikli told Anatolia news agency, the offensive has reached the scale of a crime against humanity. He slammed Israel also for not allowing the access of humanitarian aid for the Palestinians. Turkish leaders has denounced Israel airstrikes over Gaza and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is working on a two-stage plan to end Israeli days of violence.
18 Sep 2012
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Carrying Palestinian flags and banners calling for freedom, nearly 15,000 people participated in a demonstration in New York on Saturday in protest of ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza, which have so far claimed the lives of 460 people. Zaman: A front-page story in the daily yesterday reported that Israel, which has been hitting Gaza with aerial strikes for over a week, launched a ground offensive into the city in the evening hours on Saturday. Sources from the Israeli army said the second phase of the offensive had been launched and that it would continue for as long as necessary. There are concerns that Israel will escalate its massacre in Gaza, where it has killed 460 people so far. Palestinians whom the daily spoke with by telephone said they were trying to take shelter in the corners of their houses in order to protect themselves from the Israeli strikes. Sabah: In a headline story yesterday, the daily reported that according to a bill that is on Parliament's agenda, brothers of soldiers killed in the fight against terrorism will not be obliged to perform military service, which is mandatory for all males above the age of 20 in Turkey. According to the bill, if a soldier loses his life in a situation not involving terrorism, only one of his brothers will be exempt from military service. If this bill becomes law, families who lose one of their sons in military service will be prevented from experiencing the same pain again, said the daily. Taraf: Commenting on the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation's (TRT) launch of a Kurdish TV channel, TRT 6, pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) co-chairperson Emine Ayna said the channel's launch was the success of the Kurdish people and not the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). TRT 6 began broadcasting on Jan. 1 in a bid on the part of the state to reconcile with its Kurdish citizens. Ayna said the launch of the Kurdish channel was a "wonderful gain" achieved through the struggle of the Kurds. She said the DTP was opposed to the AK Party using this initiative as an election investment and ending the DTP's political existence.
5 Jan 2009
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Barbarian Massacre airs Thursday March 26th at 10/9c on HISTORY. Norway Germany, 9 AD: The Romans, with the greatest army in the world, are annihilated by Germanic tribes at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. What does it take to be a warrior? Travel the globe alongside modern-day warrior, SFC Terry Schappert, and go inside the culture of some of the most famous warriors of all time to explore their weaponry, tactics and, ultimately, their psyche . Become a fan on Facebook: *******
21 Mar 2009
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