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30 Oct 2008
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10 Dec 2008
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The bombing rampage began as thousands of Palestinian children were in the streets on their way home from school. Palestinian parents were running frantically in the streets looking for their children as U.S.-provided F-16s and Apache helicopters rained down more than 100 tons bombs and missiles on Gaza. The U.S.-backed Israeli Occupation Force destroyed every security station in Gaza. AFP reported: "There was no space left in the morgue and bodies were piled up in the emergency room and in the corridors, as many of the wounded screamed in pain." Because of the U.S.-backed Israeli blockade and strangulation of the people of Gaza for the past 18 months there is little or no medicine to treat the wounded, electricity for hospitals, or food or clean water for much of the population.
1 Jan 2009
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TIMETURK / NEWS CENTER All around the world, the protests against the Israeli policies and attacks in Gaza are denounced by millions of people. Many parts of the world, especially after Israel started the ground operaiton yesterday, millions of people in differents parts of the world protest Israel in the squares and in front of the Israeli embassies. The protests in Turkey started yesterday in different cities and especially the most crowded ones were in Istanbul and Ankara. Still today tens of thousands of people come together to pray for Palestinian people and to curse Israel. In the ongoing protests the crowds chant slogans denouncing Israel and supporting Hamas and Palestinian people. From the ages 7 to 77 there are protestors Not only the men are filling the squares to protest Israel but also thousands of young-old, child, women are chanting slogans in the squares supporting Palestine. Yesterday three thousands of children protested the Israeli attacks with their mothers in the meeting area in Istanbul. Today tens of thousands of people are in Caglayan square in Istanbul for one of the biggest protests. By the way the crowd sieging the Israel's Istanbul embassy has become a good example for the protests. In Indonesia, one of the biggest protest meetings were arranged. In Israel, Europe, America and the entire world Israel is protested by even its own citizens.
5 Jan 2009
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SUBSCRIBE! Pet Society is a game on Facebook where you play with cute cuddly pets. Sometimes you just can't handle all that cuteness though and it's time to break out the chainsaw. Cast: ***********/famousony0utube ***********/DigUpMyHeart ***********/DeniseVlogs ***********/xSamanthaNicole All music and sound effects used with permission from www.freeplaymusic**** and www.thesoundproject****.
29 Mar 2009
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This is one me and afew friends made back in 2002 but den we made a better one in 2004 it on this page too so look it up
2 Apr 2009
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hi i'm rawn and just because you're afraid the boogie man will sneak into your room, tie you down and slice your skin off with a pairing knife while you sleep just to hear your pathetic whimpers doesn't mean you can't take naps. by rawn, will & ryan
2 Apr 2009
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April 20, 1999 Dylan klebold and Eric Harris moved into columbine high school and killed 13 students including one teacher a comment.. Thank yoWORLD PEACE! In memory of those who where Both wounded and killed. A tribute movie to
13 Oct 2009
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28 Apr 2009
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A bunch of idiots cutting a tree down.
30 Apr 2009
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44 killed in a shooting at a wedding in southeast Turkey. Newsy**** looks at what could be behind the tragic event.
8 May 2009
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this is isimm
15 Jun 2009
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Starring: Kate Huffman, Michael Capes, Joshua Breeding, Lisa Sproul, Bay Bruner. Directed By Schumacker Halpern Overdrive. Produced By Eric Prescott. Written By Brandon Baker. A female Serial Killer is on the loose and for a Bachelor and his friends, a night of festivities are about to become a bloody nightmare. Days before the wedding of Addison and Lisa, Addison's brother Carl has arranged for a very special - and very private - bachelor party complete with beer and STRIPPERS! After Addison kisses his fiancee farewell, he heads off to the mountains with Carl, Paul and Mark to a two-story bar they rented for the night. Unfortunately for them, they do not heed the police bulletins screaming across the radio that a Woman convicted of multiple homicides has escaped.
21 Jul 2009
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Afro Samurai lays waste to an oncoming onslaught of ninja thugs.
12 Aug 2009
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Sprint down the streets as an unstoppable force. Run, jump, and demolish.
12 Aug 2009
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Hack, slash, throw, chainsaw, run-over, stomp, and blow away waves and endless waves of zombies.
12 Aug 2009
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