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Sorry, massive AMERICAN football fight
26 Nov 2006
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After 450 years of dormant silence, and without warning, a massive explosive eruption is somehow caught on tape... in 1968...Costa Rica. Detours Adventure Productions is located in La Fortuna de San Carlos Costa Rica. Making travel and promo videos to provide education, tips and tricks of travel in north, central, and south america icluding magical places like machu pichu in Peru, angel falls in Venezuela, Rio de Jinero,Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Hawaii, Miami, Orlando, South Beach, Florida.Music and Entertainment Capitals like Nashville,Las Vegas, Las Angeles LA ,New York City and more. For further information please contact detoursprohotmail****
26 Jan 2007
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Massive stadium 95,000 Boxing day test England Australia
30 Jan 2007
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1983 Olympia Cremina 67 using an Elektra MicroCasa a Leva double basket and Cafe Doma's Vito's Blend producing massive lingering crema. 16g coffee, 2oz extraction, 1 pull
5 Apr 2007
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A Massive Explosion on the Sun
27 Apr 2007
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Incredible footage of a massive Avalanche in France.
20 May 2007
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Massive Chemtrail Spraying over TN. I was using a Sony Hi8 Video camera with IR Filter installed and in "Nightshot" (Causing the green color ) mode which shows much more detail then what can be seen in normal video modes.
1 Jun 2007
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Massive Lobster restaurant ad
4 Jun 2007
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According to opponents of the U.S. immigration policy, the nation's population could surge anywhere from 100 to 200 million people by 2050. The U.S. Census also indicates immigration is the number one factor driving U.S. population growth, along with fertility (births). Under current policy, legal immigrants are allowed to sponsor relatives for admission, who in turn can sponsor their relatives in what has been termed "chain migration." Many opponents of the current policies believe Congress has not thoroughly studied the implications of massive population growth on this scale. For example, labor experts believe the economic impact of a population boom on this scale would hit the lower income, working class the hardest by resulting in an over supply of low wage, low skilled workers. This could potentially drive down US working class wages and sometimes even displace US workers. Many critics of current U.S. policy fear the greatest strain could be on the healthcare system. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that half of all immigrants either don't have insurance or receive coverage at taxpayers' expense. And the Heritage Foundation estimates that the retirement costs of granting legal status to illegal immigrants would be $2.4 trillion dollars a year or more. Produced for FAIR
21 Jun 2007
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MASSIVE FLOOD,and my fast fast car....good english drivin
24 Jun 2007
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12 Jul 2007
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Camaro Z28 does a MASSIVE burnout....give it time to develop....its one of the better burnouts I've seen. Then video is shaky cause I was getting pelted with HOT pieces of rubber and asphalt. Oh and check out he chunks missing from the pavement
4 Sep 2007
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A massive yellow hummer gets some air over the sand dunes.
29 Sep 2007
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big massive drop a few months ago, i quitted runescape so thas why i did this
6 Oct 2007
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Gov. Romney On The Democrats' Massive Tax Increase Proposals
3 Nov 2007
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The Attention Age Doctrine II by Rich Schefren inspired me when I read it. This is a video of what I did during the 36 hour Video Contest time to take MASSIVE ACTION! Lon Naylor *******screencastprofits****
9 Dec 2007
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