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Comedian Buddy flip talks about getting fired, driving and masturbating WHILE driving in this funny clip taped live at the comedy zone!
14 Jan 2008
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Dog Masturbation funny
25 Jul 2009
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Horny otters masturbates in public! Very funny and a little bit dirty ...
11 Nov 2009
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This is a classic clip with Jim Carrey as the Masturbating Bear! Enjoy
19 Apr 2010
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I'm giving away free copies of my books Everybody Masturbates; Everybody Masturbates for Girls; and Everybody Has Those Thoughts so It Doesn't Mean You're Gay to kids ages 13 - 15 yrs old if they feel they sincerely need a copy. You can check out the reviews for the books on Amazon**** at
22 Feb 2011
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*******www.stherbb****/articles/over-masturbation.htm - Masturbation is known as solo sex. It brings out immense pleasure due to the release of semen. Most people continue to masturbate in adulthood, and many do so throughout their lives.
23 Aug 2011
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*******www.OverComePornography****** Free Presentation & Resources Reveals How To Stop Masturbation and Permanently BREAK the CHAINS of Pornographic Addiction For Yourself or For Your Loved One .*******www.OverComePornography******
8 Aug 2012
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So there really is an app for everything. FapMapper is a new app created to let users map, for all the world to see, where they have masturbated or had sex. Using Google maps, FapMapper users can pinpoint the location, anywhere around the world, where they have "done the deed," and even include a brief description of how, and where, it took place. The map on the FapMapper website indicates that numerous spots, spanning the US, Australia, Europe, and North Africa, have already been tagged. Each posting, marked by an illustration of a penis inside a green circle, includes a short note, such as: "By the pool watching the new neighor [sic]"; "paddle boats at the park"; or "In the theater watching District 9 apparently aliens make me horny." The site also promises to provide "revealing" statistical data on the cities, states, and users who masturbate the most. FapMapper, which, according to the press release, is "out of 'mastur-beta,'" says it's "all about documenting your sexual exploits, real or otherwise." Its website includes this description: What is the FapMapper? It`s a utility created by the fun-loving folks at Pink Visual that allows you to put your sex acts, porn consumption habits and erotic fantasies on the map - literally. Have you and your girlfriend or boyfriend recently had sex in a location that was particularly interesting or exotic? Mark that spot on FapMapper and establish your bragging rights! Did you sneak in a quick jerk somewhere inappropriate? Well, Map that Fap, brother! Source: *******www.huffingtonpost****/2009/12/16/fapmapper-masturbation-ap_n_393141.html Watch more at *******www.theyoungturks**** Read Ana's blog here: *******www.examiner****/examiner/x-5445-Politics-in-Education-Examiner Follow us on Twitter. *******twitter****/theyoungturks Check Out TYT Interviews ***********/user/TYTInterviews
23 Sep 2014
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Dear friends in this video we are going to discuss about prevent weakness due to excessive masturbation naturally
8 Feb 2017
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NF Cure, Shilajit capsules and Mast Mood oil in combination helps to get rid of sexual weakness due to excessive masturbation problem
16 Feb 2017
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Dear friends in this video we are going to discuss about effective herbal treatment for excessive masturbation effects in men
22 Apr 2017
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Jimmy schools Wheeler on this new art
16 Aug 2007
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Ok, I never believed in reincarnation, untill I saw this video. This cat definately is a guy reincarnated. What the hell?
11 Jan 2008
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STRANGE WILDERNESS - Released on DVD August 4th - Hilarious new comedy produced by Adam Sandler and starring Jonah Hill from Superbad and Justin Long from Dodgeball. A bunch of witless slackers launch a hunt to find bigfoot with disastrous results
27 Oct 2009
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Watch more at *******www.theyoungturks****
16 Aug 2008
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Visit *******www.puritypursuit**** Sexual Purity; A 6 month In Your Face course that helps people overcome un-healthy sexual addictions and behaviors...
11 Feb 2009
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