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Jaswinder from East Ham (get alot from here, thats the second in a day) came to this country 8 years ago and his baby is will be 7 in December. He asks if something can happen. Harjap asks if the baby was born here in the UK and he says yes. Harjap says the 7 year rule has now finished, when your baby is 10, he will become British and on that basis you will become permanent so wait for 3 more years. Jaswinder says he heard a new thing that if you live here for 5 years, you can apply. Harjap says no you can't, it is false statements which the government has thought about but no rule yet. After 5 years, come the work permit people who have come here on legally. If they put you in that category, what will be the point of it, as illegals (fojees) will start coming then. This won't happen. There are some lawyers on TV and radio that see advertisements who say they will make you permanent, if you are born and even people if they are not even born yet. They will even make your mum and dad permanent. This is all for money making, you are old enough to know the rest. If you got alot of money coming in, give it to the gurdwara and you will get good deeds. It is not worth giving it to solicitors like this if you know the answer.
7 Jul 2012
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A woman rings up asking if it is ok if she speaks english to which Harjap says go on then, I need one. She asks about his Dad and then says her husband was living illegally and they got married 5 years ago. They decided to go India in July to get entry clearance, went to get it on the 14th and its been over 3 months and the high commission keep saying they are making enquiries. Harjap says they are, its just not yourselves, its everyone who has gone back after July. She asks how long could it take. Harjap be's his honest self and says everyone who has applied after July has got refused because they were illegal and they will have to appeal. She says they got married here and had a child and is expecting another baby in 2 weeks time. She has been in touch with the MP and doctors. Harjap says it won't help, they will take their time. She asks how long will it take for them to to say yes or no. Harjap says they had people who applied in June who got refused in October and it may take 8 months to come back so it could be another 6 months wait. The woman says he has been here since 1986, what kind of enquiries are they looking for. Harjap says don't you mean 1996 and the woman says 86. Harjap says if he has been here since then, he should have put a case here. She says we got married here in the UK in the english law. Harjap says he has been here 22 years then. She says don't that help, being married here. Harjap says no, hes had cases where they got married here, had three kids and still not been back. He then quotes a special paragraph 320, which says if you been illegal in the UK, then they can refuse you but not ban you. The woman says she has been reading that. Harjap says they can still refuse him, to which you got to appeal and you got 90% chance of getting a visa. The woman says it can go either way, 50-50 (where did she get that from after being told 90%). Harjap says anyone he knows who has a decision after August 12th has been refused. The woman says we went on July 14th but Harjap says your decision has not been made yet. He says make sure you get a good lawyer to do your appeal so you should get your visa. He wraps up the programme and apologises for some of his lectures but he had to do them for your own good.
9 Jul 2012
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