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Wow, these chicks are hot and definately know how to dance. It's true what they say: the prettiest girls are from Texas.
1 May 2006
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Pause/Play's host Jonathan London recommends new release The Master, which is totally not about Scientology, but definitely new to DVD and Blu-ray this week. And the largely missed Cohen Brothers movie, The Hudsucker Proxy. New To DVD and Blu-ray this Week: The Master The Hudsucker Proxy Chasing Mavericks Girls Against Boys Africa Zombie Lake Border Run 500MPH Storm
27 Feb 2013
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world dangerous disaster ever....
15 Aug 2009
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So I was in Walmart and I seen some Nerf guns and just across from them was some bike tools, so I got the idea to make higher powered Nerf gun that could fire a capacitor. This is the quick and dirty method and now that I've done it once I could redo it in about 10 mins start to finish.
14 Oct 2009
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compilation of their stuff
1 Nov 2006
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There's no question John McCain is getting a free ride from the mainstream press. But with the power of YouTube and the blogosphere, we can provide an accurate portrayal of the so-called Maverick. We can put the brakes on his free ride! Since we first released The Real McCain a year ago, our REAL McCain series has garnered close to 2 million views, with over 13,000 comments and tens of thousands more in petition signatures! Clearly, John McCain's record is something the public wants to discuss, and yet the corporate media is doing NOTHING to present the truth. We feel obliged to continue countering the mainstream media's love of McCain. And so we thought it was high time for a sequel: The Real McCain 2.
21 Jun 2008
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2 huge tidal wave meet at the center of ocean....
24 Sep 2009
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Apple has just anounced the date for their next media event. Here are the details and what I'm expecting.
17 Oct 2013
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Ross Stockwell, Digital Image Maverick was Director of Photography for the Fullmonto Beefcake Calendar Project. In this video he discusses the photo shoots and the project
16 Feb 2007
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A review of the Nerf Maverick Blaster, a cool little toy gun that is lots of fun! Visit *******www.toysforjunior**** for this and other cool toy reviews.
7 Nov 2008
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this music video may be short(about 2mins) but it's well done. sorry that I have been cheap for the intro and outro.
28 Jun 2007
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The Most Iconic Eyewear Brand in the World Celebrates in New York's Times Square. Ray-Ban, the world's best selling eyewear brand, is launching "Never Hide," their new strategic platform and advertising campaign aimed at building on the brand's 70 years of history. The effort kicked off on the night of March 7 in New York with a celebrity party attended by Spike Lee, Petra Nemcova, and others. Spike Lee is a global talent who expresses the values of U.S. independent cinema -- values which are shared by Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban is also one of the sustaining partners of the Sundance Film Festival. On March 8, there was an interactive experience where consumers worldwide submitted their pictures to be posted in the campaign template on 12 screens in Times Square. The ceremony attracted thousands of onlookers. The courage to express your true self - your thoughts and your personality genuinely - and staying faithful to the values of authenticity and uniqueness have, in fact, made up the DNA of the Ray-Ban brand from its beginning in 1937 to today. The "Never Hide" campaign encourages Ray-Ban wearers to act like their maverick selves -- 'Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never hide.' From Audrey Hepburn to James Dean; and JFK to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Ray-Ban remains one of the most iconic brands in the world. A video report from Ray-Ban
20 Mar 2007
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