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Max Headroom
21 Dec 2007
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80's inspired video. With elements of Tron and Max Headroom. Also a cameo role by American's Next Top Model former judge Janice Dickinson.
6 Jul 2007
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18 Dec 2013
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Lorimar Max Headroom Sweepstakes
19 Jul 2013
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Another selection of great clips, from the 80's. Wow!
26 Mar 2013
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These commercials aired on local ABC affiliate KGO on May 4th, 1987 and January 10th, 1987. Thanks to my cousin David for recording these. 1. Super Golden Crisp (Sugar Bear is definitely on something) 2. GE 3. Wrigley's Spearmint Gum 4. Best Foods Light Mayonnaise 5. Promo for "Superstars And Their Moms" 6. Promo for "The North Avenue Irregulars" 7. Anso V Worry-Free Carpet (With Don Rickles!) 8. Diet Dr. Pepper (Weird) 9. Promo for Channel 7 News 10. Promo for "Moonlighting" and "Max Headroom" 11. Promo for "Loving" 12. Green Sweep (The image of the lawn eating people will haunt me for awhile) 13. Baseball Lottery Scratchers (That dog falling down has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen) 14. Nissan (OMG! Amazing!) 15. Promo for "The Oprah Winfrey Show" 16. Channel 7 News Intro (Partial) 17. Zenith (No longer a major electronics brand) 18. Alka-Seltzer 19. Certs (Oh yeah!) 20. Prudential (Probably the most exciting commercial for insurance ever) 21. Zenith 22. Promo for "Good Morning America" 23. Promo for Shirley MacClaine's "Out On A Limb" (This is the movie where she dramatized all of her past life experiences. I'm sure it isn't crazy at all)
23 Aug 2011
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Hi, Cracked! Hi, Encyclopedia Dramatica! On a late-November evening in 1987, two Chicago television stations were victims of a broadcast signal takeover. After an earlier hijack attempt on WGN-9 during the 9:00 News , a broadcast on WTTW-11 of the Doctor Who episode "Horror of Fang Rock" would be interrupted by a man wearing a Max Headroom mask. The crazed person uttered mostly gibberish and bashed the Chicago Tribune and its subsidiaries, before he dropped his pants and was spanked by what appears to be a child. 90-seconds later, the program returned to normal. To this day, he remains at large. This is a subtitled version of the original footage added as a courtesy due to the low audio quality of the recording. This is a rather old version, eventually I will add new annotations in response to how some of the audio was interpreted. EDIT: Thanks to a new video with the audio cleaned up, I've found out that he is indeed saying "I still see the X". And the person with the flyswatter is the one who said "Bend over Bitch". *******www.hack247******/2008/01/06/max-headroom-1987-pirate-tv-incident/ NOTE: The original copy of this recording was provided by the user fuzzymemories (now FuzzyMemoriesTV). I have added these subtitles as a courtesy, please do not copy this video just to repost it on your channel for numbers. Having two of the same video is totally pointless.
14 Oct 2010
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***********/subscription_center?add_user=razimus *******myspace****/razimus Free to download just visit that myspace url for the mp3. The comment contest is closed, as of July 31st. "ONE POINT TWENTY ONE" original lyrics by John Razimus, music from Madonna & Timbaland's "4 Minutes" (instrumental). Lyrics by Razimus: Outatime without 1.21 jigowatts ,, Hey (x8) And you don't stop tick tock tick tock tock The calculations are correct, check the clock Doc Brown had a major break through This sucker was nuclear it is true When this baby hits 88 miles per hour Made possible by flux capacitor power 1:20 am sharp Einstein took a trip It was the first future space-time skip At Twin Pines mall the Doc got shot For stealing plutonium that was already hot Had to drive to survive, stay alive Time-Travelled back to 1955 With binoculars pointed at my mom Found daddio McFly was a peeping tom Darth Vader blasting a walkman All the best stuff is made in Japan A match made in space it was a sign I'm your density was his pickup line George laid out Biff with one attack My hand disappeared but it came back Cousin Marvin called Chuck cuz he understood Looking for a new sound like Johny Be Goode Is it Jigowatts or Gigawatts? It's now Lone pine mall connect the dots Name's Marty McFly Michael J. Fox Don't call me a chicken or I'll cause a paradox Without a Timecop I've committed no crime Whoops I made another parallel line of time 12 Monkeys on my back and they ain't Bill & Ted If the Terminator finds me I'll be dead This is heavy Doc, beyond great scott This is tire fire clock tower lightning strike hot Claudia Wells was gone Jennifer was new Didn't complain cuz she turned into Elisabeth Shue Plutonium? Mr. Fusion needs banana peels Don't need roads where we're goin or spinning wheels In a mean hover-converted time machine It's October twenty first twenty fifteen Traffic on the skyway in rain storm shower Now is the time to save the clock tower I'm a bojo with a mattel hoverboard But the Pittbull I could not afford I'd be swimming in money if I could place some bets But I burned the Sports Almanac with regrets Miami lose the World Series the Cubs win Marty McFly Jr. looks like my twin Slick kicks with power laces auto fit The futures pretty futuristic I gotta admit Cafe 80's Max Headroom's couldn't agree They annoyed me and all I wanted was a Pepsi In Wild Gunman, you have to use your hands BTTF dot com is a place for fans With inside-out pockets, a lenticular hat Griff threatened me with an extendable bat Few cars on the street, their in the sky My Jacket is set, to auto blow dry Buttheads of Hill Valley, the lo-res gang Tranks, lobos, and zipheads is future slang 8.37, unleaded is through the roof I break for birds my bumper sticker's proof Hydrate me some pizza, no time to bake The Jaws 19 shark still looks fake Leather jacket, hat, and shades undercover Jeffrey Weissman? that's not Crispin Glover Name's Marty McFly Michael J. Fox Don't call me a chicken or I'll cause a paradox Without a Timecop I've committed no crime Whoops I made another parallel line of time 12 Monkeys on my back and they ain't Bill & Ted If the Terminator finds me I'll be dead This is heavy Doc, beyond great scott This is tire fire clock tower lightning strike hot Doc Emmett Brown, Christopher Lloyd Like he wanted the Delorean was destroyed Steam powered train time machine need no tracks The future is unwritten, like an erased fax Doc stayed in the old west, broke the rules Him and Clara got married had Verne and jules I don't look like Clint Eastwood he looks like me Always Somewhere in Time gotta place to be And you don't stop, tick tock tick tock tock, Outatime without, 1.21
22 Dec 2009
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Max Headroom helps promote Coca-Cola in this 1987 TV commercial. It's New Coke vs. Pepsi. Video remains the property of Coca-Cola, all rights reserved.
28 Oct 2009
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MAX HEADROOM COKE COMMERCIAL *******djfont.blogspot****/
21 May 2009
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A bunch of commercials that aired on NBC primetime on March 25th, 1987. 1. Mounds and Almond Joy (The bars are bigger!) 2. Diet 7up (With John Goodman!) 3. McDonald's (With Happy Meal Stencils! "'Scuse me Daddy!") 4. Promo for "Stone Fox" (Starring Buddy Ebsen) 5. Pampers (Baby Racing: America's greatest sport!) 6. Promo for the "Build A Perfect Cheeseburger" contest (Sponsored by the California Beef and Dairy boards naturally) 7. Diet 7up (Guy reminds me of Larry from "Perfect Strangers") 8. Kraft Rancher's Choice Creamy Salad Dressing 9. Promo for "Roomies" (With Corey Haim!) and "Amazing Stories" (Daddy?) 10. Pepsi (This is probably my favorite commercial ever) 11. 7-11 (These low prices make me sad) 12. Teddy Ruxpin (And his pal Grubby) 13. Luvs (What's with all of the diaper advertising?) 14. Pizza Hut Flintstones Kids Glasses (Watch out for the Ginger Kid!) 15. New Coke (With Max Headroom!) 16. Sure Deodorant 17. Pepto Bismol 18. TV Spot for "Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol" (Another 80's comedy classic from Steve Gutenberg) 19. Promo for "Night Court", "The Tortelli's" and "The Bronx Zoo" ("The days of the little red brick schoolhouse are over!" You tell 'em Asner!)
10 Dec 2008
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