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Maximum Ride fanvid to Evanescences 'Sweet Sacrifice' Sorry for the repetetiveness; I only have a few clips at the moment. Also, sorry for those random green flashes. I have no idea what they are or why they're there; they only appeared after I had save the video in a format suitable for uploading. Song (c) Evanescence Max Ride (c) James Patterson Movie clips are (c) their respective owners This video is NOT a trailer for the Max Ride movie, it is a purely fan-made thing I cooked up in a few hours with clips from YouTube. Do not come and comment on how so and so isn't much like so and so, or asking if clips are actually from the movie. The clips with Max in are (and as a fan, you should know this) from Night Flight and the trailer for the third book.
26 Feb 2009
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THE DANGEROUS DAYS OF DANIEL X is a new series by the #1 bestselling author of Maximum Ride, JAMES PATTERSON. THE DANGEROUS DAYS OF DANIEL X is an action-packed adrenaline rush of an adventure. For more info, go to daniel-x****
25 Jul 2008
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