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Learn more about this life enhancing product at *******global.max4u****. Steven K Scott, Co-Founder of Max International, talks about company & MaxGXL. Consumer Labs tested product ZERO banned substances. Great for athletes - Max energy, cellular rejuvenation, increased speed of recovery, flexibility, reduced inflammation. Get a month supply now with no obligation or MLM structure, for less than $3/day. Visit site: Shop tab | click on product | Buy Retail Now. Absorption Breakthrough Technology for your cells. Max International Steven Scott, Co-Founder of Max International, has enjoyed a stellar marketing career. * Co-Founder of American Telecast - billions in retail sales * Multi-million dollar success with Total Gym (Chuck & Christie) * One of the 25 Most Influential People in Direct Response TV * Authored Six International Best Sellers * Worked with Dr Alf Nachemson who was called "the father of modern back surgery" and "the world's greatest living expert on the human spine" by the president of the Harvard Medical School. * Worked with leading nutritional experts including Dr. Oliver Alabaster (Head of Disease Prevention at George Washington University) and Dr Barry Sears (creator of the "Zone" approach to dieting). Steven was a witness to a dramatic life enhancing response by a coworker's husband to samples of the future MAXGXL product, and he then knew this product Dr Keller had created had the potential of changing millions of lives. So excited by his Vision for MaxGXL, Steven called his partners of 31 years at American Telecast to tell them he was retiring to co-found Max International. Steven now works daily with fellow Co-Founders Fred Ninnow, Greg Fullerton, and Guthy-Renker (world's largest direct response TV company and producer of high quality infomercials) to bring additional products created by Dr Keller to the US, Canada and now the Philippines. Max N Fuze and MaxWLX have been rolled out to millions including some of the top World Class Athletes who love the accelerated cellular rejuvenation time. MaxGXL (Max GXL, Maxgxl, Max gxl) is the PATENTED High Performance Fuel for Cellular Energy & Protection. The more Glutathione a cell has, the better it can perform its function. Glutathione is your body's miracle-working Super-Protein that has three proteins in one molecule (tri-peptide) and is produced by every cell in your body. Over 79,000 medical articles have been published about the body's most powerful anti-oxidant: Glutathione. Millions of times more effective than ingested vitamins C and E. Intracellular Glutathione: * Fights Inflammation preserving cellular health * Improves Mental Functions * Increases Energy * Improves Concentration * Supports Increased Exercise * Improve Heart and Lung function Increasing Cellular Glutathione can: * Dramatically Raise Your Energy Level * Strengthen Your Immune System * Slow Down the Aging Process * Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery * Detoxify Your Body * Detoxifies the Liver * Enhance Your Sense of Well Being The Bad News is ...Your Body's Glutathione Levels are FALLING! Declining 10% to 15% per decade starting at age twenty. Stress, exercise, infection,injury and environmental toxins (everyday life!) are factors that can significantly reduce Glutathione, resulting in lower energy, higher cellular inflamation, greater vulnerability to cellular damage, accelerated aging and potentially compromised immune function (not good at all!) The GOOD News is ... MaxGXL can dramatically raise your Glutathione levels! MaxGXL has been shown to significantly increase intracellular Glutathione. Conducting blood tests in which Glutathione levels were measured in white blood cells, MaxGXL creator Dr. Robert H. Keller was able to verify significant increases in every subject tested. Subjects experienced substantially increased Glutathione levels after only three months of daily use (results vary because every individual has different body conditions). Patent-Protected Revolutionary Results! MaxGXL has been awarded a patent for its unique composition of nutrients designed to increase Glutathione. This patent-protected product has been acclaimed for its full-spectrum design in not only raising Glutathione levels, but also for its ability to enable the liver to recycle the body's used Glutathione, further increasing the total reservoir of Glutathione. Cellular energy is the key to good health and it is Glutathione - the natural antioxidant produced by your body - that is most important for protecting healthy cells. MaxGXL is Absorption Breakthrough Technology for your cells. Improve Athletic Performance (tested OK by Consumer Labs for all 170 banned substances), Rejuvenate Cells Faster, Restore Energy, Improve Mental Clarity, Balance Moods, Strengthen Immune System. Try some today, your cells will love U 4 it. Look * Feel * Live to the Max!
12 Aug 2009
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Ravin Nilakayalil-Malayalam album song from Malayalam album Dreamzzz.... Hi everyone this is the debut album of YUVA. Yuva includes Santhosh Kumar, Sinu Geevarghese & myself Vineeth Mohandas. Three of us did the Music. Santhosh & myself wrote the Lyrics. Music programming was done by our beloved Guru Anwar Muhammed(Chetana, Thrissur). We are also fortunate to introduce him as a Singer through this song. I am also fortunate to have introduced My best friends Devadevan and Jayalakshmi as the Lead in this video. We Yuva are committed to bring back the spring of Good Melodies with Meaningful and Heart touching Lyrics. We promise our viewers that we will try our best to stick by this and continue to produce good songs for you to enjoy. I request on behalf of the Yuva members all the support and encouragement from you in making our debut venture a success. We are thankful to the Principal,teachers and students of Baselius College Kottayam for their wholehearted support to this venture. We thank God almighty for all his blessings that made this venture possible. Music: Vineeth Mohandas, Santhosh Kumar & Sinu Geevarghese Lyrics: Vineeth Mohandas & Santhosh Kumar Singer: Anwer Muhammed(Chetana,Thrissur) Starring: Devadevan & Jayalakshmi Direction: Rajesh.K.P Cuts & Camera: Bijumax (MaxVisions, Opp.Anupama theatre, Kottayam) Production: Aditya Productions Location : Baselius College, Kottayam
6 Dec 2009
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