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*******www.theelevationgroup****/presentation/register.php?a_aid=161534&a_bid=290b868b&chan=vid2 CLICK THE LINK TO GET THE REST OF THE VIDEO The sad part is they are waking up to the deception that has been happening in their government. Their government has been feeding them so many lies... There is a sleeping giant, that is waking up though... No group of people has ever had a problem with the other people. It has always been a "propaganda" that has brought discrimination between two peoples. We should get rid of ALL governments. They are fictions anyway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­----------------------- Extra Tags: berlin wall, g20, bilderberg, new international order, alex jones, 2012 end of the world, mayan prophecies, revelation, prophecy, terrorists, 9/11 inside job, false flag, david rockefeller, illuminati in movies, subliminal messages in movies, domestic terrorists, global financial crisis, collapse of the dollar, end of the world as we know it, gerald celente, end of america, global government, north american union, tea parties, washington dc, war in afganistan, war in iran, politics, news, current events, trends, economy, economic meltdown, global dictatorship, haarp, chem trails, endless war, riots, chaos, martial law, end of days, new president, election, social breakdown, disorder, obama deception, police state, military industrial complex, conspiracy, world trade center, new mosque, barry soetoro, joker agent of chaos, obama the joker, elite, illuminati, globalists, 2012 agenda, new world order in 2013, new world order in 2012, lies, deception, anarchy, second revolution, G-20 summit, g20 summit, bilderberg 2010, john todd, heath ledger, lindsey williams, oil spill, doom, nibiru, planet x, ufos, trillions of dollars in debt, new world order conspiracy, martial law in america 2010, martial law in america 2012, economic collapse 2010, economic collapse, economic collapse 2012, police state 2010, police state 2012, world trade center, building 7, cnn, nbc, cnbc, abc, fox news, latest news, martial law *******
18 Oct 2011
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Nostradamas has been claimed by some to have inside scoop on a few ideas such as:Armageddon,911, Mass Hysteria, Paranoia, Apocalytic, Armegedon, End of the World, 2012, Mayan Prophecies, Nostradamus Prophecies,Biblical and Religious Texts, Conspiracy, Conspiracy Theory, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Political Control/Manipulation; Cults, Occult, Religious control; Prophetic Doom/Despair; Heaven, Hell, Purgatory; Secret Societies or any other over-arching Grand Conspiracy.
4 Oct 2011
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*******www.ChrisQueen****/CB/MANUELMAYA/mc I am telling the truth. You can Search in any place in internet (7 mayan prophecies), they talked about "the end of the age of fear", it means, that the fear is responsible for all suffering and self-destruction of mankind. $16.5+ Per Sale.... Find Out More Now: *******www.ChrisQueen****/CB/MANUELMAYA/mc prophecies Mayan prophecies prophecies 2012 end of fear fear love2012 profecias mayas miedo amor fin del mundo 21/12/2012 solsticio 2012 cambio de ERA Profecias Mayas Miedo Amor Fin Del Mundo Solsticio 2012 Cambio De Era PROFECIAS MAYAS MIEDO AMOR FIN DEL MUNDO SOLSTICIO 2012 CAMBIO DE ERA prophecies Mayan prophecies prophecies 2012 end of fear fear love2012 profecias mayas miedo amor fin del mundo 21/12/2012 solsticio 2012 cambio de ERA Profecias Mayas Miedo Amor Fin Del Mundo Solsticio 2012 Cambio De Era PROFECIAS MAYAS MIEDO AMOR FIN DEL MUNDO SOLSTICIO 2012 CAMBIO DE ERA prophecies Mayan prophecies prophecies 2012 end of fear fear love2012 profecias mayas miedo amor fin del mundo 21/12/2012 solsticio 2012 cambio de ERA Profecias Mayas Miedo Amor Fin Del Mundo Solsticio 2012 Cambio De Era PROFECIAS MAYAS MIEDO AMOR FIN DEL MUNDO SOLSTICIO 2012 CAMBIO DE ERA prophecies Mayan prophecies prophecies 2012 end of fear fear love2012 profecias mayas miedo amor fin del mundo 21/12/2012 solsticio 2012 cambio de ERA Profecias Mayas Miedo Amor Fin Del Mundo Solsticio 2012 Cambio De Era PROFECIAS MAYAS MIEDO AMOR FIN DEL MUNDO SOLSTICIO 2012 CAMBIO DE ERA prophecies Mayan prophecies prophecies 2012 end of fear fear love2012 profecias mayas miedo amor fin del mundo 21/12/2012 solsticio 2012 cambio de ERA Profecias Mayas Miedo Amor Fin Del Mundo Solsticio 2012 Cambio De Era PROFECIAS MAYAS MIEDO AMOR FIN DEL MUNDO SOLSTICIO 2012 CAMBIO DE ERA
5 Jul 2011
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Heya! ^_^ No need to view this vid if you're a U.S. President Bush Supporter (Or anti Barack Obama for that matter ^^;). With inauguration swiftly coming up, Felt compelled to share with existence A video piece sharing my feelings of these unique times. This is not exactly a 'bush stomp' [not exactly... but quite obviously... it is. ^^;] Every woman, man and living thing exists for good reason. The 'burning' is a representation of 'The flames of transition' from one point of time in the U.S.A. [that is, the last 8 years] To a new more innovative time where two cultures that were Once at war [North Amerca & Japan] are sharing values; And an economic shift [the most strenuous since the great depression] Is highlighted by a dual-historical first [The first 'Twin-Racial' President of 'The United States of (North)America' as well as reaching a point in history now-known as 'The Last Year of The First Decade of The [prophisized] 'New Millennium']. By the way, we were all supposed to be dead by now according to Nostradamus. Thank 'gosh!' ONE of his "10%-inaccurate predictions' was 'The End of The World In 2000!' XDD (Or you wouldn't be reading this or watching this vid... And I wouldn't be writing or making it either! XDD At least not in THIS world! ^^;) Now if we can only out-live the "Mayan Prophecy..." ^^; Enjoy (or loathe! XDD) the upload vid! ^_^ Take care & Exist With Purpose in these innovative times! =) Peace & Tranquility... Ommmmmmmm... Sincerest & Most Humble of Regards, Forever In Love With Life, Death, Existence & All-That-IS, -TIGER M [Sunday] -10:54 AM (1/18/2009)
26 Mar 2011
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Is December 21, 2012 the end of the world as we know it? Climate change seems inevitable with countless hurricanes, earthquakes and innumerable disasters around the globe in recent years. What did the ancient Maya know and why did they place such significance on this date? As we near the final date of the Mayan Calendar, mankind must face what is perhaps the most difficult hurdle of all...a profound change in ourselves. This enigmatic film unveils the other side to the 2012 engima; * The Underlying Mystery of 2012 * The True Nature of Time * Current Evolution of the Human Mind Geoff Stray and Philip Coppens take us on a journey into the Mayan mysteries to uncover a startling perspective on 2012, the lost meaning of the great cycle of the ages. They challenge the doomsday prophets and argue that 2012 is not the apocalyptic end of times, it is in fact only the beginning. Time will never be the same again.
24 Feb 2011
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2:08 - 12 21 2012 - the One Earth Network is a positive project for harmonising the global crisis. December 2012 the Mayan callendar and other prophesies of doomsday need not be true. The year 2012 movie, and Nostradamus, and Nibiru make it sound like the end of the world. The One Earth Network is a free social network and online community promoting Love and Peace and sustainability and environmental ecology. Better than Myspace or Facebook. The 2012 maya predictions transformation if you love peace then join One Earth a worldwide free social and creative community. Terence McKenna, Jose Arguelles, et al, speak about 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar 2012, in December planet x, and the 2012 film of the alignment, say that a comet or asteroid destroys the environment.
24 Dec 2010
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*******mayancountdown2012**** Mayan Countdown 2012: Must Read Info About December 21, 2012. See why December 21, 2012 is not a conspiracy theory for doomsday believers. Evidence show the year 2012 could be the end of the world as we know it. Don’t Delay, Find Out Now!!! *******mayancountdown2012**** mayan countdown 2012 mayan 2012 countdown to 2012 mayans 2012 countdown 2012 mayan calendar countdown mayan countdown mayan 2012 prediction december 21 2012 mayans and 2012 mayan predictions 2012 2012 prophecy 2012 doomsday is the world going to end in 2012 mayan calendar 2012 predictions december 2012 mayan calendar 2012 prophecy 2012 calendar will the world end in 2012 2012 end of the world the mayan calendar 2012 nostradamus 2012 mayans 2012 predictions dec 21 2012 mayan calendar predictions year 2012, mayan planet x 2012 mayan predictions for 2012 nostradamus predictions 2012 2012 facts planet x 2012 countdown 2012 planet alignment is the world really going to end in 2012 mayan 2012 theory 2012 mayan prediction december 12 2012 will the world really end in 2012 doomsday 2012 survive 2012 2012 movie trailer mayan year 2012 2012 theory year 2012 prophecy mayan prediction 2012 mayan calendar 2012 predictions 2012 trailer will 2012 happen countdown to december 21 2012 ancient mayan 2012 mayan 2012 prophecy end of the world predictions solar flares 2012 mayan 2012 doomsday prophecy 2012 end december 21st 2012 december 2012 predictions galactic alignment 2012 year 2012 predictions end of the mayan calendar in 2012 2012 truth mayan 2012 calendar mayan calendar 2012 countdown countdown to 2012 doomsday nibiru planet x the mayans 2012 mayans calendar 2012 20012 world end what will happen in 2012 december 23 2012 dec 12 2012 mayan culture 2012 mayan calendar prophecies dec 2012 december 22 2012 december 21 end of world nostradamus end of the world nostradamus 2012 prophecy mayan december 21 2012 prophecy history channel 2012 2012 doomsday prophecy world ending in 2012 theory end of the world prophecies mayan countdown clock is 2012 going to happen end of days 2012 will the earth end in 2012 end times the mayans and 2012 mayan doomsday 2012 earth 2012 2012 comet is 2012 the end of the world mayans 2012 end of world why will the world end in 2012 mayan predictions december 21 2o12 2012 mayan prophecy wiki mayan astrology dreamspell mayan dreamspell calculator mayan 2012 wiki calleman predictions mayan daykeeper carl calleman predictions calleman**** dec 2012 hoax mayan prophet 2012 mayan wiki 2012 cartoon mayan galactic alignment theory www.calleman**** mayan dreamspell decoding the past mayan doomsday prophecy mayan cycle the haab mayan calendar ages mayan galactic signature 2012 predictions wikipedia the doomsday prophecy 2012 new consciousness mayan calendar cycle carl calleman 2012 nostradamus doomsday 2012 past doomsday predictions the mayan calendar does not end in 2012 mayan calendar cycles barbara hand clow 2012 transformation of consciousness mckenna 2012 mayan galactic alignment kukulcan 2012 2012 human continuity web bots prophecy mayan 2012 false mayan 2012 wikipedia end of the age of pisces mayan codex 2012 2012 prophecy movie mayan dates mayan calendar 2012 date mayan ages 2012 not end mayan experts 2012 obama 2012 mayan aztec doomsday prophecy mayan years
23 Nov 2010
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Max Doff, Harvard, Yale. Near Death, International travel, The Twelve people who control the destiny of planet Earth. More info at www.12TheBook****
9 Sep 2010
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*******forums.whyweprotest**** The world will end 2012--that is according to the Mayan people what will happen in 2012.
14 Jul 2010
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The age of Pisces will end on 21st December 2012 (the day of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere), as predicted by the Mayan prophecy. The McKenna timewave also predicts this date, and also the exact time it is to end - 11h18m13sec GMT. The age of Aquarius will then begin. This film will show the positions of the stars as seen from Stonehenge (a temple to the Sun and Moon, a stellar observatory and star clock - longitude 1.826446 west, latitude 51.17885 north) at that time and also at the preceding winter solstices. The view east proves that the prediction is true. Stonehenge was built for a good reason.....
12 Jan 2010
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*******WebStarts****/surviving2012 Beyond 2012|(Beyond 2012)Prepare Book 12 12 2012 [Beyond 2012] Prepare 2012 book 12 12 2012-Since the end-point has now been confirmed as "21 December 2012", if we are due for crustal displacement, this alignment will probably NOT be the trigger see {beyond 2012} book Prepare 2012 "Benyond 2012" Prepared book Sep 24, 2006 {Beyond 2012} - UK edition ( 2012 Prepare book) or from Amazon UK or more info from Alternative View II - Totnes April 2008 "Beyond 2012" diagnosis2012 BEYOND 2012 HQ - Be Aware & Prepare book for the Year 2012.(Beyond 2012) HQ is collecting information from around the Internet,assessing its credibility and presenting you with the [2012 book] of facts and 2012 figures,2012 theories (BEYOND 2012) PREPARE BOOK Videos 2012 prepare book for "beyond 2012" Surviving 2012 and Planet X -2012 end of the world mayan prophecy 12 12 2012 book Surviving 2012 Canibus [Beyond 2012] BEYOND 2012 - Beyond 2016 In the land beyond the Pillars of Hercules [Atlantis] there will rise the ghost of an horned image, and the prophet will return to the table while the 2012 prepre books new 2012 prophecy "beyond 2012" Amazon: Serpent of Light (Beyond 2012) Serpent of Light: {Beyond 2012} and over 360000 other books are available for Amazon Kindle – Amazon's new wireless reading device. Learn more. 2012 Beyond books› Earth-Based Religions › Native American (Beyond 2012): Catastrophe or Ecstasy: Complete Guide to 2012 End-of-The-world-books .According to ancient calendars,the world as we know it ends in the year 2012 prepare.What are these prophecies and how reliable are they? vitalsignspublishing/book "2012 beyond"12 12 2012 Beyond 2012 surviving predictions beyond-2012-videos INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE EFFORTS BEYOND 2012: A SURVEY OF APPROACHES File PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View for Climate Regime Beyond 2012,” in Climate Regime Beyond 2012: Incentives for Global Participation, National Institute for (2012 books)12 12 2012. climate (End 2012)/[End 2012] books News results for "beyond 2012" Monsoon Cup may go on beyond 2012 books prepare 12 12 2012 december book End 2012 surviving book: The prestigious final leg of the end of World,may be continued {beyond 2012} since it has brought a positive 12 12 2012 change. Malaysia Star 23 related articles
8 Dec 2009
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Doomsday dec 21.2012. ...
27 Nov 2009
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This video deals with the Mayan Prophecy of 2012. Produced by Tabby Crabb for Flatwood Studios, with video shot by Jeremy Lee in Meridian Missisippi. Gypsy states the case in the last verse referencing Matthew 24:36 where Jesus is speaking to His disciples: "But of the day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only."
9 Nov 2009
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2012 movie john cusak mayan prophecy end of days destruction amanda peet roland emmerich
6 Nov 2009
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Part 9 – *******www.timeline2012**** This video includes: Ivan/Evon Stein discussing the Mayan culture, history, long-count calendar and prophecy; how the man who gave the Mayan’s all of their advanced knowledge (Kukla Kahn) was not even a Mayan; an understanding of why people commonly, yet falsely, believe the Mayan calendar defines the end of the world; and how Mayan prophecy is related to the galactic equator and not the calendar. This video provides an understanding of how the long-count calendar is harmonic with Earth and the galactic equator making it the most profound calendar system on Earth. Ivan reveals an amazing correlation between the Mayan long-count calendar, passing the galactic equator, coming of the next ice age, and the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy.
27 Sep 2009
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there is some funny things in our daily life, some one put it in picture, and i put it in video. This video is made by world-end**** After laughing, we are thinking about whether there is the end of the world in the future, and how long we have? At present, the most serious argument is the world will end in 2012. Here are the Mayan prophecy, the analysis of scientists, rescue methods, and other you can not think about it. the end of the world, do you believe it ? please visit**** get more information
2 Sep 2009
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