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This is my first attempt at a Video that I Made with my Digital Manipulation Artwork and a month of playing around in After Effects Under the creative direction of Krista Acheson also known as the Original Krista D for one of her bands, Hooha And The Perter Guns, Song Green Mazes. Enjoy Pick up the song here cdbaby hooha and the peter guns or check out her album Janes World at cd baby just look up krista D kristad dot bandcamp dot com theoriginalkristad dot com looselambrecords dot com Or her other projects, She is a Art Music Machine kristaacheson dot com She has 6 projects going on, she is The Arts Krista Acheson MNV Gerri Harden Music Krista D Hooha and the Peter Guns Molly Grue So talented
19 Apr 2017
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31 Mar 2017
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Step into the Saw Duck arena and hunt for floating wood asteroids for fuel to save your Saw Duck’s life. Fly your Saw Duck Steve by boosting through a maze of bombs to saw wood and sustain your fuel. Try not to saw any bombs, though, they will end your Saw Duck life very quickly. Try to survive as the skies darken with wave after wave of bombs that block your pursuit of lumber. What do you need to survive the Saw Duck arena? YOU NEED CONCENTRATION to track the endless bombs that darken the sky YOU NEED TIMING to saw wood when no other bombs are around YOU NEED DETERMINATION to keep fueled and push towards a new high score DUAL TAP GAMEPLAY CONTROLS Simple controls are used to save your saw duck's life while preserving fuel. Tap on the right side of the screen to saw lumber and tap on the left side of the screen to propel yourself forward UNIQUE CHARACTER Navigate your Saw Duck Steve on his first game to collect as much fuel as possible. The skies may seem calm now – but more bombs arrive every moment SAW DUCK FEATURES: * Infinite Saw Duck Flying Action * See How Many Bombs You Can Avoid * Get a Higher Score Than Your Friends * Increasing Level of difficulty as More Bombs Fill Screen * Simple Controls Download for free today on IOS or Google Play and feel the intensity of navigating the Saw Duck Arena
8 Apr 2017
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21 Apr 2017
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What would you do if you were lost inside a maze??
16 Aug 2006
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This is my dad doing the maze game. Sorry for the Danish talking.
7 Dec 2006
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ok ok ok last week i did a maze scare on my brother and posted it..well today my brother got me back with it..ill admit it im a wimp when it comes to that
21 Feb 2007
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I came back to the dorm, extremely intoxicated and my friend Cliff made me do the "Scary Maze". I still do not remember doing this AT ALL. Enjoy! And VOTE FOR ME!
30 May 2007
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Amazingly simple technique to solve any maze out there with some easy steps.
21 Jun 2007
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Scary Maze Tribute is a collage of a lot of the scary maze pranks creatively put together.
6 Jul 2007
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my friends freak out when i show them this very funny/scary maze. it's a funny prank that i hope you'll enjoy.
2 Aug 2007
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A boy is pranked with a maze challenge. The ingenious game makes the player concentrate and is silent throughout the game, but upon completion there is a scary face and scream
9 Apr 2009
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Watch my sick skills on the elusive marble maze
13 Sep 2007
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Scary Maze prank
28 Sep 2007
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Super funny scary maze prank.
25 Oct 2007
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scary maze makes her crasy (crazy!!!!!)
7 Nov 2007
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