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This is great mazinger opening but with mazinger z opening song
5 Jun 2006
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mazinger Z animetal version salon manga BCN 2006
9 Nov 2006
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Gran Mazinger, Great Mazinger openin version espanol latino calidad excelente mas info www.mzseries****
14 Dec 2006
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From vezoom**** animation short 3d) o como sea en inglé...xddd.......mazinger 3d shingo rock katori mazinga tranzor triana arts japanese animation --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Sep 2007
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This is the original intro, Japan.
12 Sep 2006
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25 May 2007
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este es un AMV
19 Sep 2007
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Soon to come at *******www.fabulousanime****
2 May 2009
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20 Feb 2011
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mas info visite www.mzseries****
23 Apr 2011
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Te aburres muy seguido? tienes un poco de tiempo libre en tu trabajo, en el estudio? no puedes descargar archivos porque la PC no es tuya?, no tienes tiempo?, o simplemente no deseas bajarlos? y no sabes en que ocupar tu tiempo libre? Han llegado las historietas en línea de tibutico****!. Una forma sencilla de ver tus historietas favoritas en la pantalla de tu PC, sin necesidad de descargar ningún archivo o programa especial. Solamente tienes que oprimir el enlace que desees y listo!. Puedes verlo desde cualquier PC Tenemos disponibles varios temas: Dragonfall, DragonfallGT, Dragonfall Turbo, SuperDragonfall Turbo, Dragonball AF, Raruto, Mazinger's angels, Gran Mazinger, Grendizer, Alpha1, Lost children, He-man, Saint Seiya-Hades, Go Go Ackman, Kenshin, fanarts y muchas cosas más Visita nuestra nueva seción de entrevistas a los autores visítanos en tibutico****/historietas
27 Aug 2008
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- Carta de Ajuste. - Intro de transmisiones. - Continuidad. - Generico Antena 38. - Intro + parte de un episodio de Mazinger Z (© 1972-1974 Toei Animation Co., Ltd. Derechos Reservados).
15 Jan 2010
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Parte de un episodio de Mazinger Z (© 1972-1974 Toei Animation Co., Ltd. Derechos Reservados). - Salida a comerciales. - Comercial Telepizza (2010). - Comercial Johnson Baby (2010). - Comercial Falabella (2010). - Comercial Vivo (2010). - Comercial La Polar (2010). - Retorno de comerciales.
15 Jan 2010
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The Spanish Amir Garcia, won a contest for Japanese television program called Sanma’s Super Karakuri Terebi, a program seen by 10 million people, in which Amir Garcia sings several Anime songs in Galician and Japanese language such as Dragonball. Also nostalgic anime songs for the seventies as Commando G “Gatchaman” (ガッチャマン) and Mazinger. The audition was made in Akihabara, and Amir Garcia was selected for the final contest among more than 400 hundred people, almost all of them japanese. The judge of the contest was the famous anime singer Mizuki Ichiro, interpreter for Mazinger Z, Devilman or Captain Harlock songs, etc. Later, this final contest was used as a part of the aforementioned Sanma san Karakuri TV program. Mizuki Ichiro was impressed by the love and pasion of Amir Garcia forJapan and the japanese traditional culture.
30 Oct 2010
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Classic Game Room reviews MAZIN SAGA MUTANT FIGHTER for the Sega Genesis video game console, aka the Sega Mega Drive. This Megadrive review shows gameplay footage of Mazin Saga, a unique and creative 2D side scrolling beat 'em up mixed with a 2-D fighting game. Based on the manga with a similar name, Mazin Saga puts you in control of the walking, ass-kickin' Mazinger-G robotic death machine. Walk around the year 1999 (even though it is now 2009) and marvel at the post-apocalyptic burned out ruins of the World as you fight evil monsters with goofy names. This game is interesting in that the 2D side scrolling fighting parts of the game are excellent and play like the Streets of Rage video games or Double Dragon. The 2D fighting scenes of the game are slow, clumsy and hurt the game greatly. An interesting find on the 16-bit console for a side scroller action game and perhaps worth a look. Classic Game Room is the retro review show reviewing Sega Genesis and Megadrive games. This review is for Mazin Saga on the MD in 16-bit awesomeness. It would be interesting to see this game remade for the PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii.
17 Aug 2012
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Video Grendizer(2 song) + Ichiro Mizuki "live" Mazinger
22 Jul 2008
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