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"Little Star" Produced by Erik Holmberg & Stina Nordenstam Written and Performed by Stina Nordenstam Courtesy of Universal MCA Music Publishing, S.A. (Telegram Publ.)
1 Oct 2010
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The highly anticipated official music video of Kung Fu Fighting is here courtesy of Universal Records and United International Pictures, in cooperation with MCA Music, for the theme song of Kung Fu Panda!! This rockin' video is put together by an amazing production.... Directors: Marie Jamora and Enzo Valdez Director of Photography: Lyle Sacris Assistant Director: Harold Soon Production Designer: Lena Cobangbang Stylist: Sharon See Assistant Stylist: Vicky Velasco Production Manager: Lai Crisostomo Production Assistant: Paolo Apagalang Editor: Mc Quito Animators: Paolo Apagalang, Robby Brillantes, Edzon Rapisora, Mc Quito and Enzo Valdez Compositors: Mc Quito and Enzo Valdez Sound Editor: Edzon Rapisora (c/o Direk Enzo) So what are you waiting for? Let the Panda-monium begin! Also, don't forget to grab a copy of the Asian release of the Official Soundtrack Album of Kung Fu Panda, which includes Sam's cut of Kung Fu Fighting! Bi Rain is also in the Asian soundtrack. Cee-lo Green sings for the US soundtrack. KUNG FU PANDA Now Showing!!! All theaters nationwide Philippines ***** KUNG FU FIGHTING By: Sam Concepcion Chorus: Coz everybody is Kung Fu Fighting Your mind becomes fast as lightning Although the future is a little bit frightening It's the book of your life that you're writing I You're a diamond in the rough A brilliant ball of clay You could be a work of art If you just go all the way Now what would it take to break I believe that you can bend Not only do you have to fight But you have got to win (Chorus) Oooooouuhhh II You are a natural Why is it so hard to see Maybe it's just because You keep on looking at me The journey's a lonely one So much more than we know But sometimes you've got to go Go on and be your own hero (Chorus) (Repeat verse I) (Chorus) --- *******samconcepcion****
20 May 2009
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Singer-songwriter Miguel Escueta's first single off his debut album, "I Am M.E." under MCA Music, Inc. Video directed by Zig Marasigan. Vote for it on MYX! Type MYX(space)VOTE(space)FALLING(space)AWAY and send to 2366.
9 Nov 2008
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Linda Ronstadt sang Long Long Time in Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour 1970 written by Gary B. White Universal MCA Music (ASCAP) Love will abide, take things in stride Sounds like good advice but there's no one at my side And time washes clean love's wounds unseen That's what someone told me but I don't know what it means. Cause I've done everything I know to try and make you mine And I think I'm gonna love you for a long long time Caught in my fears Blinking back the tears I can't say you hurt me when you never let me near And I never drew one response from you All the while you fell all over girls you never knew Cause I've done everything I know to try and make you mine And I think it's gonna hurt me for a long long time Wait for the day You'll go away Knowing that you warned me of the price I'd have to pay And life's full of flaws Who knows the cause? Living in the memory of a love that never was Cause I've done everything I know to try and change your mind and I think I'm gonna miss you for a long long time Cause I've done everything I know to try and make you mine And I think I'm gonna love you for a long long time.
8 Jun 2009
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director - Gino Nacianceno cinematographer - Miguel Sevilla production designer - Marco Ortiga & Sharlene Tan stylist- Jeck Cogama editor & colorist - Maui Mauricio production manager - Adi Lopez sporFORshort productions MCA Music 2008
11 Nov 2008
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Support "If I Let You Go" on MYX by typing MYX(SPACE)VOTE(SPACE)IF I LET YOU GO and send to 2366. From her album "Committed" under MCA Music, the very beautiful Dianne Elise tells the story of how unrequited love can take an interesting detour and conclude in a surprising, yet blissful ending. "Committed" gives people the chance to reminisce with tracks like Westlifes If I Let You Go and N Syncs This I Promise You. For those whose boy band obsession never took place, Dianne renders retro tunes for the young and old alike. There are ups and downs but the point is to stay committed all throughout. Her description can be made akin to the journeys people take in life, like that of her career. Since her debut, she has taken on the roles of a radio jock, commercial model, and host. But whether there are ups and downs, it seems Dianne Elise is always ready to show her commitment. Grab a copy of Dianne Elise's album COMMITTED released under MCA Music Inc. Available in major record bars nationwide. Tracks from the album are also available through mobile downloads via Globe and Smart WAP Sites and through digital download via www.fliptunesplus****. Special thanks to Jalz Zarate and Pixeleyes for the music video.
6 Sep 2009
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You ASKED, you WAITED, you WANT IT..Lock and load, people... because theyre back. With a new rocking sound, an unbeatable vigor, and impenetrable force, you can bet on this group to bring in the most explosive album to date! The long wait is over, CHICOSCI is here to redefine music with their latest groundbreaking album FLY BLACK HEARTS! CHICOSCI redefines their sound with the release of their newest, pioneering and explosive album under MCA Music FLY BLACK HEARTS, with their current single DIAMOND SHOTGUN! Working meticulously and intently on their newest album, the result is no less than sheer genius as the smashing bass lines and syndicating beats coerce to form the biggest thing in music! CHICOSCI is making waves across the region, spreading their music in various countries in South East Asia. Aside from sharing the stage with American big-name acts such as Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, and Thursday, CHICOSCI has toured with other groups from Asia and Australia. The band has also been busy crossing international borders by performing in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Truth be told, CHICOSCIs fanbase has expanded exponentially over the past year and will only grow bigger as the boys continue to make waves in music industry!
25 Oct 2009
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SWEET SOUL SESSIONS Some songs just never get old. Whether you hear them as a giddy teenager in the throes of first love or you stumble upon them after the blitheness of youth has long since eluded you, these memorable tunes, popularized by musical greats such as Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Carole King, and Burt Bacharach still bring a smile of recollection to your face. Now add a lilting sigh here, some flighty percussion there, ease in some harmony vocals, pick things up with a smooth yet infectious bass beat, and these songs take on a surprising freshness and become entirely new. MCA Music presents Sweet Soul Sessions, a collection of 17 reimaginings of some of the most unforgettable songs pop music has produced. Hear Mary J. Blige flirt with the melody of Todd Rundgrens Hello, Its Me, Boyz II Men give The Commodores Easy a soulful spin, Sugababes lend a seductive verve to The Stylistics Betcha By Golly Wow, and Montell Jordan assume the sorrow of Phil Collins Against All Odds. Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Chante Moore, India.Arie, Soul for Real, Profyle, Brenda Russell, Shades, Kai, Kenny Lattimore, Lizz Wright, and Ledisi also give their favorite tracks a snazzy update in this album. Even Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 know how to pay homage to a truly good song—in Sweet Soul Sessions, youll hear their take on the Carole King classic Youve Got A Friend. Some songs just never get old. But with a little tweaking by todays bright talents, they get even better. Sweet Soul Sessions is available in all record shops nationwide for only Php350. TO DOWNLOAD THE RINGBACK TONES OF TRACKS FROM THE ALBUM, TEXT (CODE) and send to 2332 for Globe Subscribers. SONG TITLE GLOBE Codes Against All Odds KG332 Alfie KG341 Betcha By Golly Wow KG333 Easy KG330 Everybody Wants You KG337 Hello It's Me KG335 Inside My Love KG340 Let's Stay Together KG327 Overjoyed KG328 Poetry Man KG339 Suddenly KG334 Thank You KG338 The Heart Of The Matter KG336 The Tracks Of My Tears KG329 Time Will Reveal KG331 What A Wonderful World KG342 You've Got A Friend KG343
10 Mar 2010
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THE NEWEST SUPERBAND TO CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE OF MUSIC: FRANCO Penetrating into the music industry proves to be a challenging feat for new artists, but for the newest rock band FRANCO, the road to fame looks bright and promising, catapulting the landscape of alternative-rock off to a whole new level. Not long after they broke into the music scene, the band has already managed to impress and capture the interest of various critics and audiences with their dynamic blend of smashing lines, throbbing beats and melodic sound. The undeniable musical talent radiating from each band member is insurmountable; hailing FRANCO as the Powerhouse band and the next big thing to watch out for in 2010! Comprised of well-known figures in Philippine rock, members from the band FRANCO are no strangers to music lovers. Lead vocalist Franco Reyes is regarded as a musical genius, who, in spite of his enigmatic persona, speaks through the songs that he writes and performs. Other members include icons such as Gabby Alipe of Urbandub and Paolo "Ocho" Toleran of Queso on guitars, Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar on bass, and JanJan Mendoza of Urbandub on drums. The band is more than keyed-up as the year starts with a bang with the release of their latest self-titled album FRANCO under one of the major record labels - MCA Music. Featuring their single Castaway, their self-titled album under MCA Music has already been garnering raving reviews from various musical critics. Joey Dizon, Editor-in-Chief of Pulp Magazine notes that The song Castaway was incredibly catchy, with its dreamy modern rock approach and droning, melancholic guitar riffs and subtle, sonic textures. The band is also all gearing for the release of their latest music video for their Castaway, slated to premiere on January 10, Sunday at 9 pm on MYX. Pixeleyes Multimedia spearheaded by Jalz Zarate gives off a very modern yet edgy feel to the video. Also catch the behind the scenes on Myx news this Saturday, January 9. With an ALL-ORIGINAL album, FRANCO vows to give a fresh kick to music with a blend of various musical influences (such as rock, alternative and reggae) injected in their tracks. Other cyclonic tracks include Seasons, Next Train Out, Memory Kill, This Gathering and more. Grab a copy of FRANCOs self-titled album available in all major record bars nationwide to experience fresh, raw and unadulterated music in its truest sense. Tracks from the album are also available for download via Globe and Smart WAP sites. To download a ringback tone of FRANCOs latest single Castaway, key in the keyword CASTWAY and send to 2728 for Smart Subscribers, or the code KF693 and send to 2332 for Globe Subscribers. FRANCO is released exclusively under MCA Music.
1 Jul 2010
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Support this video on Myx by keying in MYX VOTE AT THE HOSPITAL and send to 2366! The Ambassadors, having every member of the band getting the creative batteries and writing muscles working in the process has only, yet again, made a great collection of 12 even greater tracks, this time, for their first full-length as a band with a completely new line-up, which they named LIFE GOES ON under Sonic Shape Records, exclusively distributed by MCA Music Inc. LIFE GOES ON is like a little slice of heaven on a spinning disc, which is almost reminiscent of the gig posters hanging on your bedroom wall, frazzled Chuck Taylors, and the crackle of the 7 stereo. A New Start, Rescue the World, At the Hospital, and This is the End are just a few of the tracks that will sure make you want to pump your fist, bob your head, or just crank up your car stereo really loud.
21 Jul 2010
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Lyrics: (she make me feel so good better than i would by myself or if was with somebody else) (she make the people say yeah,yeah) I can put you in the log cabin somewhere in aspen Girl ain't nothing to the pain and trickin if you got it what you askin....for Put you in the mansion somewhere in wiscansin (wisconsin) Like i said ain't nothing to the pain we can change are last name what happnin? Cause you look so good Tell me why you wanna work here? I put you on the front page of a king magazine,but you gon get yourself hurt Eh,baby i bought you in the back just to have a conversation Really think you need some venalation Lets talk about yoooh & meeee Oh, I can't believe it ooo ooo she all on me ma,ma, i think she want me(want me) Nah I can't leave her lonely naw (x2) And you don't understand she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh She hit the main stage she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh I could put you in the condo All the way up in Toronto Baby put you in the furcoat ridin the Murciélago I put you in the beach house right on the edge of Costa Rico Put one of em lil flowers in your hair have you looking like a fly mamacita (huego) Cuz you look so good You make me wanna spend it all on ya Get up out this club fly with ya boy We can do what you wanna Yeah baby i brought you in the back cuz you need a lil persuasion, plus you need a lil ventalation let's talk about youuu and meeeee Oh I can't believe it OO OO she all on me(on me) Ma Ma i think she want me Nah i can't leave her lonley (x2) And you don't understand she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh She hit the main stage she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh, [Lil Wayne] Now i can put your ass ohhh keep running your mouth And if yo brothers come trippin ima show em wat dese teardrops bout Shawty i was just playing ohh but i can take you the caymen...islands aww an then serve your screaminn nd hollerin aww then we gone be making... Love on the beach the people see what we doing Awww they pointin and moooovin And ohh but we gone keep on Like its just me and you and nobody else knows about it went down on the balcony, and I ain't talking no Penthouse Sweet, Shawty like a model out da Penthouse Sheets, Thats why i got em on the Penthouse Sheets. Oh I can't believe it OO OO she all on me(on me) Ma Ma i think she want me Nah i can't leave her lonley (x2) And you don't understand she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh She hit the main stage she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh, This video/audio content has been uploaded for the entertainment of others. This audio content is for promotional use only! Special thanks to T-Pain and Lil Wayne. Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry. With a 25.5% market share, it is one of the Big Four record labels. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi; Universal Studios, the movie studio, was sold in part to NBC, which itself is part of GE. Founded: 1934 (as Decca Records USA) 1990 (MCA Music Entertainment Group formed) 1996 (first UMG incarnation) 1998 (second UMG incarnation) Headquarters Santa Monica, California and Broadway, New York, United States Artist: T-Pain Featuring: Lil Wayne Album: Three Rings Song: Can't Believe It T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe ItT-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe It
26 Jul 2010
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"Someday". Artist: Nyoy Volante Director: Yano Escueta Assistant Director/Artistic Consultant: Jalz Zarate DOP: Alma dela Peña Technical Director/Consultant: Eric Sanchez Female Talent: Pam Arenas Producer: MCA Music Production Company: Pixeleyes Multimedia / The Project Post Production and Grading: Yano Escueta Production Manager: Jen Serapio Make-up Artist: Engie Mulingbayan Behind-the-Scenes Cameraman: Jalz Zarate & Eric Sanchez Behind-the-Scenes editing: Yano Escueta Crew: Cinerent OUR DEEPEST THANKS: Dondon & Margaux Atayde Pompom Atayde Pen Mulingbayan Denise Que Vangie Sanchez Christina Asperilla Wilson Cruz Sir Ricky Ilacad MCA Music Boo Atayde Atty. Rosa Alia Mendoza (Legal Consultant)
5 Aug 2010
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ME back Bigger, Stronger, Edgier with "Handa" and "I AM ME: AMPLIFIED" It's been almost 7 months since Miguel Escueta last launched a single. In that span of time, he has been busy invading the underground rock scene with gigs in venues such as Clud Dredd, 6Underground and Mayric's, among others. He also just recently signed up with new management -- The ALV Talent Circuit, headed by the established Arnold Vegafria. Aside from that, he and the band have also been in the studio working on a repackaged version of his debut album, which he and MCA Music Inc. have decided to call "I AM ME: AMPLIFIED." It is a double disc series -- the new CD contains 5 new songs and 6 videos. Now that the production process is done, ME and the rest of the band (Juni Devecais, Jeng Tria and Roy Secillano) are back on the airwaves with a new single -- "HANDA" (the 1st one off the new CD). They have also finished shooting the music video for this song, and it just on premiered MYX last Sunday, August 3. Hotshot director Treb Monteras took care of this one. He used a concept that is very performance driven and added a slight / edgy touch of metaphor. It reminds you of some videos by UK based rock band Oasis and the ever so loved Coldplay. In an interview, Miguel said that "Handa" is probably the most powerful and emotional song that they have ever released as a single due to its lyrics and the way they deliver its performance on the album (this was again produced by band-mate Juni). He also said that director Treb created a video that perfectly suits the power and emotion that the song entails. "We were very luck to have had the chance to work with him." "This song, along with the others on the "Amplified" album, will give the public an idea of the direction that we are now taking musically," ME adds. "We are all very excited." "I AM ME: AMPLIFIED" is now for sale in all major record bars nationwide and is available courtesy of MCA Music Inc.
25 Aug 2010
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GET KUMOT AT UNAN AND OTHER RICHARD POON TRACKS AS RINGBACK TONES FOR YOUR MOBILE! For "Kumot at Unan", key in: KE071 (and send to 2332) for Globe Subscribers KUMOTUNAN (and send to 2728) for Smart Subscribers For "You and I", key in: KE063 (and send to 2332) for Globe Subscribers UAI (and send to 2728) for Smart Subscribers For "Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang", key in: KE032 (and send to 2332) for Globe Subscribers KAHITPANAGINIP (and send to 2728) for Smart Subscribers For "I'll Take Care of You" from the Platinum Edition Album, key in: KD132 (and send to 2332) for Globe Subscribers CAREU (and send to 2728) for Smart Subscribers For "The Last Time" from I'll Take Care of You Platinum Edition Album, key in: KD172 (and send to 2332) for Globe Subscribers DLASTIME (and send to 2728) for Smart Subscribers For "Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko" from I'll Take Care of You Platinum edition album, key in: KD124 (and send to 2332) for Globe Subscribers KHITMPUTI (and send to 2728) for Smart Subscribers Support "KUMOT AT UNAN" on Myx!!! Just key in MYX VOTE KUMOT AT UNAN and send to 2366. After the bold success of his top selling album I'll Take Care of You Platinum Edition, the country's ONLY Big Band Crooner is back and enthused with a fresh, new and enlivening offering! Meticulously recording and being hands-on in the creation of this 12-track album, Richard Poon injects masterful arrangements and remarkable details in each of the tracks. His current single Kumot at Unan brings a new light to the Richard Poon that people are accustomed to and shows the other side of this romantic crooner. Hear Richard Poon as he encompasses generational lines and give a refreshing take on timeless romantic hits! Grab a copy of his newest double-disc album For You under MCA Music at major Odyssey and O Music stores, and other major record bars nationwide. You can also check more info about the album on Odysseylive****. Tracks are also available for mobile download through Globe and Smart. This album is released exclusively under MCA Music Inc.
6 Dec 2010
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"YOU AND I" Artist: Richard Poon Music Video featuring: Maricar Reyes Producer: MCA Music Production Company: Pixeleyes Multimedia Director: Jalz Zarate AD and Post-production: Yano Escueta Technical Director: Eric Sanchez DOP: Alma dela Pena Production Manager: Pamela Imperial Denise Que 2nd Unit: Mitch Amurao 3rd Unit: Aldwin Aspillera Production Assistant: Wally Acolola Make-up Artist: Engie Mulingbayan Stylist: Sharon See Behind-the-Scenes: Wilmor Abejero Jr. Pamela Imperial OUR DEEPEST THANKS: Pen Mulingbayan and Family Dalampasigan Tita Baby Lucas Atayde Family Christina Asperilla Wilson Cruz MCA Music Erickson Raymundo Caress Caballero and Team Francis Libiran for Maricar Reyes' gowns Arli and Team Music Video was shot at: Nasugbu, Batangas - Mulingbayan Family home and Dalampasigan( Tita Baby Lucas) Antipolo - Atayde Residence
6 Dec 2010
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DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE SONG IN THIS VIDEO PERFORMANCE. THIS IS PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO MCA MUSIC INC. Song by Nyoy Volante from his studio album "In You" (2010), MCA Music Inc. ------------------------------------------ If you want the less vocals audio file that I used, just click on the link below: *******www.mediafire****/?1zdxd7xreut79nn ------------------------------------------ A wise man told me once, "Don't sing a song just for the sake of singing. Always sing from the heart. Don't be afraid to bare your soul." Thank you Sir Grover Dan Broces. ^_^ The idea of doing this cover was actually marked by a friend's request due to his major love crisis. However, doing this cover turned out to be another journey of mine. I was supposed to record a version of this song a few months ago but I never had the courage to do so cos I'd always end up sobbing instead of singing. This song really got the best of me. Damn! I'm okay now, better than ever. Life is a show, it has to go on no matter how many lines and nuances you forget. MESSAGE: Brotha Raf, I hope this video won't serve as a painful memory to you everytime you watch it. Everything's gonna be okay when the rains stops. Special favor granted! This one is for you... Cheers! -Pao LYRICS: Someday you're gonna realize One day you'll see this through my eyes By then I won't even be there I'll be happy somewhere Even if I cared I know you don't really see my worth You think you're the last girl on earth Well I've got news for you I know I'm not that strong But it won't take long Won't take long 'Coz Someday someone's gonna love me The way I wanted you to need me Someday someone's gonna take your place One day I'll forget about you You'll see, I won't even miss you Someday someday Right now I know you can tell I'm down and I'm not doing well But one day these tears they will all run dry I won't have to cry, sweet goodbyes Coz' someday someone's gonna love me The way I wanted you to need me Someday someone's gonna take your place oohh.. One day I'll forget about you You'll see, I won't even miss you someday, i know someone's gonna be there Someday someone's gonna love me The way I wanted you to need me Someday someone's gonna take your place One day I'll forget about you You'll see, I won't even miss you Someday someday..
19 May 2011
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