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The clip cursing on the radio from Slap Shot (1977) with Andrew Duncan to jump into that fight with Tim "Dr Hook" McCracken. Ned Braden's come into the booth. Sit down. I noticed a slight discussion with Reg Dunlop. What are you doing? You been benched? Yes, a real first in my career. I've been benched. Why is that? I won't fight. Well, you could play if you fought. Let's just say I'm chickenshit. Ned, why would someone with your background still be playing hockey? I hate my father. You do? And I was having problems at home. You are? I just said I was. Primarily sexual problems. I'm very perverse. Holy shit! I skate to get away from my wife! This is Jim Carr... We fight. She wants me to quit hockey. As you may have noticed, she's the only good-looking piece of ass in Charlestown! She also has a drinking problem, and I have no idea where she is. Gimme that damn mike! Why do you wear that rug? It's just sensationally ugly. You're going bald. Can't you face up to that? Well, at least I'm not chickenshit like you! What you're hearing is the truth! Jim Carr got angry... Joe McGrath here. The boys like to horse around. Chickenshit bastard! Sod off, old fart! I may be bald, but I'm not chickenshit. I wanna talk about violence. Chick, chick, chick! Gimme that! Son! Son!
18 Nov 2011
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The clip championship game introductions from Slap Shot (1977) with Andrew Duncan Evening, boys. Wimpy, how are ya? Crash, how are you? Scotty. Better than Philadelphia this time! You're gonna eyeball the new Charlestown Chiefs. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this has all the earmarks of a hockey classic. The championship confrontation between the Syracuse Bulldogs... Here they come! The rags-to-riches, Cinderella contenders of the Federal League, the Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! Let's go, Chiefs! I can't explain this delay. I don't know why Syracuse elected to miss the warm-up. The Chiefs have already skated over to their bench. Well, it just might be that Syracuse is afraid to come out and face the Chiefs. Oh, thanks, Bill. Good heavens. I've just been handed the Syracuse roster, and it appears the Syracuse Bulldog management is just real thirsty for a big, grudge-match type victory here tonight. They've brought back, just for this one contest, some colourful... Oh, and here they come now, led by someone we all know very well, Tim "Dr Hook" McCracken! And here's a name from the past. Ross "Mad Dog" Madison! Ross, as you know, never travels anywhere without his longtime friend and attorney, Sam "Small Print" Lyman! Here's one for nostalgia fans! Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown!
18 Nov 2011
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Check out the Studio Version: *******vimeo****/20909251 Doo Wop Shop Facebook page: *******www.facebook****/pages/The-Doo-Wop-Shop/22325342312 Doo Wop Shop website: *******www.umassdoowopshop****/index.html A cleverly arranged, and hilarious, medley of various Disney classics. Performers: UMass Amherst A Cappella group: The Doo Wop Shop Arranged by Jake DiGregorio Soloists: Chris Kazarian (Circle of Life - Lion King) Tim Colby (I Can Go the Distance - Hercules) Ian McCracken (I Wanna Be Like You - Jungle Book) Geoff Herrmann (Strangers Like Me - Tarzan) Keais Pope (I'll Make A Man Out of You - Mulan) Alec Hutson (Prince Ali - Aladdin) Jake DiGregorio (Gaston Reprise - Beauty and the Beast) Justin Husted (Kiss the Girl - Little Mermaid) Ronald Vorce (Part of Your World - Little Mermaid)
23 Nov 2011
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This is a preview of the upcoming new episode of The Powerpuff Girls, created in honor of the show's 10th anniversary. Be sure to tune into Cartoon Network at 8pm Eastern, you don't want to miss this! You can read an interview with the creator of PPG, Craig McCracken here, as he talks about the return of PPG and more: *******coldhardflash****/2009/01/powerpuff-girls-10th-anniversary-interview-with-creator-craig-mccracken.html Video courtesy of Cold Hard Flash.
30 Jan 2012
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Music video Live in California I like doobie brothes. Very nice! Member Cornelius Bumpus/Chet McCracken/Bobby laKind/Keith Knudsen John McFee/Willie Weeks/Michael McDonald/PetRick Simmons ザ・ドゥービーブラザーズ「ロング・トレイン・ランニン」
10 Feb 2012
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The clip brutal game preparations Part 2 from Slap Shot (1977) McCracken, also known as Dr Hook for his scalpel-like prowess with the stick, has been known to carve a man's eye out with a flick of the wrist. There's a carnival-like atmosphere here. The crowd is gathered and, well, you can feel it, there's an air of expectancy... Syracuse skating out now. We're looking forward to a real contest. We're ready to face off in the middle circle. The referee is ready. The linesmen for tonight...
18 Feb 2012
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Here is the link to download the episodes so people don't have to message me anymore. Here you go. *******www.snafu-comics****/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8983 ----------- RRB/PPG(C) Craig McCracken Boys are Back in town (C) Thin Lizzy
7 Apr 2012
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******* Conceived by doug & serge inc. - *******www.dougserge**** Director Finn O'Hara re-made the classic viral video 'Leeroy Jenkins' into a short film. CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival -- June 5 -10, 2012 Taking place in downtown Toronto, the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF) showcases specially-themed 90-minute programs, with each program offering from 5-20 films -- all for as low as $10 a ticket! WSFF is North America's largest venue for short film exhibition, industry programming, and marketplace. Visit *******shorterisbetter**** for full details Stay Connected! *******facebook****/CFCWSFF *******twitter****/wsff #wsff12 *******foursquare****/wsff ACTORS: "LEEROY" James McDougall "JAMAAL" Tyler McMaster "RITTER" Devin Upham "ABDUHL" Jeff Sinasac "GUARD" Ben Bessong "GUARD #2" Danny Polishchuk AGENCY: CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ian Schwey ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Buback ART DIRECTORS Ian Schwey, Cliff Seto WRITERS Jason Buback, Roni Gellert ACCOUNT MANAGER Tom Stephenson CREW: EXEC. PRODUCER Michi Lepik-Stahl DIRECTOR Finn O'Hara PRODUCER Peter Oad PROD. MGR. Laina Oad CO-ORDINATOR Liam Couture 1st A.D. Jeff Cowan D.P. Marc LaLiberte Else CAMERA OPER. Rob Barnett A-CAMERA 1st A.C. Michael Williams DIT Gavin Keen GAFFER David Patrick SWING Jesse McCracken KEY GRIP David Patrick BUYER Clint Roche ON SET PROPS Mason Sabatine WARDROBE Melissa Shouldice WARD. ASST. Danielle Nietsch HAIR / MAKEUP Olga Onulov SOUND/SCRIPT/VTR SOUND MIXER Dan Munro BOOM OP Bob Rouse SCRIPT Catherine Taylor VTR OPERATOR Gavin Keen PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Kyle Welton Joel Kim Jesse McCracken ADDITIONAL CREW CAMERA Sim Video CAR RENTAL Budget CASTING Jigsaw CATERER crew perdiem CRAFT SERVICE Suneeva PROCESSING Technicolor DAILIES Technicolor EDITOR Shiv Harrilal FACILITY Relish GRIP/LIGHTING William F. Whtes INS BROKER Front Row Ins. INSURANCE CO. Chubb PACKAGE TRUCK NA PROD. SUPPLIES Film and Event SHOOTER Starline Shooter DRIVER Paul Brideau VTR Bling Digital WALKIES Total Two Way WARDROBE Berman SECURITY Kenton LOCATION CONTACT Mike 104 Bond
20 Jul 2012
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Watch in HD 720p for High Quality Audio! Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a full listening session of this album, without the need to get up and flip the record! Info from the back of the sleeve can be read from 1:03-7:42. 0:02 A1 - Wave - 2:50 3:00 A2 - The Red Blouse - 5:00 8:07 A3 - Look To The Sky - 2:15 10:27 A4 - Batidinha - 3:12 13:42 A5 - Triste - 3:02 15:46 B1 - Mojave - 2:20 18:01 B2 - Dialogo - 2:48 21:03 B3 - Lamento - 2:41 23:47 B4 - Antigua - 3:05 26:57 B5 - Captain Bacardi - 4:27 Credits: * Antonio Carlos Jobim -- piano, guitar, celeste, harpsichord * Bernard Eichen -- violin * Lewis Eley * Paul Gershman * Louis Haber * Julius Held * Emanuel Green * Leo Kruczek * Harry Lookofsky * Joseph Malignaggi * Irving Spice * Louis Stone * Emanuel Green * Leo Kruczek * Harry Lookofsky * Joseph Malignaggi * Raoul Poliakin * Gene Orloff * Harvey Shapiro -- cello * George Ricci * Charles McCracken * Abe Kessler * Urbie Green -- trombone * Jimmy Cleveland - trombone * Raymond Beckenstein -- flute, piccolo * Romeo Penque * Jerome Richardson * Ron Carter -- double bass * Joseph Singer -- french horn * Claudio Slon -- drums * Dom Um Romão -- percussion * Bobby Rosengarden -- percussion * Claus Ogerman -- arranger/conductor * Pete Turner Photography [Cover] Label: A&M Records, CTI Records Catalog#: SP-3002, SP-3002 Format: Vinyl, LP Country: US Released: 1967 Genre: Jazz Style: Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technical notes: Vinyl was washed in a 'Spin Clean Record Washer System' and treated with 'Gruv Glide'. Recorded from an Audio Technica AT-LP120usb turntable/Audio Technica AT-440Mla cartridge, into the phono input of a Harman/Kardon 330c receiver, and finally into an Onkyo Wavio SE-U33GXV USB Digital Audio processor. Recorded from my laptop using Audacity 24bit/48,000 Hz. Because this vinyl record is not in great shape, it plays with very distracting surface noise, so recorded audio went through iZotope RX's vinyl declick & decrackle filter. These filters do wonders, with VERY little loss in detail. Aside from that, no other tweaking to the sound has been done! Exported from Sony Vegas in WMV format with the following settings: Audio: 2.3 Mbps, 48,000 Hz, 24 Bit, Stereo, WMA Pro Video: 29.970 fps, 1280x720 Progressive, 6.3 Mbps Youtube knocks the audio down from the above, to 96kbps in 360p/480p, and 128kbps in 720p mode. So make sure you watch this video in 720p mode for high quality audio!
27 Sep 2012
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I Come Alive is the first single from The Used's album Vulnerable, in stores now! Buy the album on iTunes: ******* Buy the album and merch from Hopeless here: ******* More from the Used: ******* More from Hopeless Records: ******* Bert McCracken: "The music video for "I Come Alive" is simply a piece of art to be enjoyed. Our band in no way, condones violence or teen bullying." Director: Aaron Hymes Treatment: The Used & Aaron Hymes Lyrics: Breathing in now, I start counting my blessings. Picturing the last time I fed. Beg forgiveness, with some words that mean nothing, Illusions like smoke in my breath. I Come Alive, When I'm falling down. I let myself go, Til' I hit the ground. And when I'm there, at the edge in this moment I feel it, I know. Come Alive when I'm falling down. Air is thin now, While my lungs are collapsing. This vertigo blankets my head. Far from reckless, when uncomfortable's all I know, I could never forget. Keep your distance far away from me, watch this eat me alive.
28 Sep 2012
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A short clip from "Superfriends", Episode 7, Season 4 of the Powerpuff Girls, by Craig McCracken. I thought it was funny, and I can only hope that the YouTube censors also think it's funny enough to be fair use.
23 Jan 2013
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The South Baldwin Volunteer Fire Company does not own the copyright to, nor does it claim credit for the song "Gangnam Style". Like us on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/SBVFC The stunts and actions performed in this video were done for fun and do not represent actual firefighting techniques. All individuals appearing in this video are trained firefighters. The South Baldwin Volunteer Fire Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our 4 digit United Way number is 3536. All donations are tax deductible. To make a donation, please navigate to our website *******www.sbvfc**** and click the Donate button in the middle of the page. Video Credits: Song: "Gangnam Style" by PSY Director / Cameraman / Video Editor: Gavin Shiring Choreographer: Mallory McCracken Actors (in order of appearance): Chad Hurka as PSY, Alex Pantages, Drew Hofbauer, Dean Pantages, Tony Szalla, Ryan Doyle, Dave Connell
1 Feb 2013
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Just something really random. You know what they say, "All work and no play...." Characters: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup belong to Craig McCracken Music: Hardbeat Mix -Brando Check out more of Brando's music: *******dj-brand0.newgrounds****/ Also, Bubbles is doing Dee Dee's dance from Dexter's Lab! Dual nostalgia ftw!
4 May 2013
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HD Miss America 2013 Full Show . I do NOT own any content in this video all rights to Miss America Organization and ABC. For entertainment purposes only! Miss America 2013 was the 92nd Miss America pageant held at the PH Live, Las Vegas, Nevada on January 12, 2013. Miss America 2012 winner Laura Kaeppeler from Wisconsin will crown her successor. All 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, competed for the prestigious title as the pageant was broadcasted live on ABC across the U.S. Air Date: January 12, 2013 ABC Hosts: Chris Harrison & Brooke Burke Charvet Alabama - Anna Laura Bryan Alaska - Debbe Eben Arizona - Piper Stoeckel Arkansas - Sloane Roberts California - Leah Cecil Colorado - Hannah Porter Connecticut - Emily Audibert Delaware - Alyssa Murray District of Columbia - Allyn Rose Florida - Laura McKeeman Georgia - Leighton Jordan Hawaii - Skyler Kamaka Idaho - Whitney Wood Illinois - Megan Ervin Indiana - MerrieBeth Cox Iowa - Mariah Cary Kansas - Sloane Lewis Kentucky - Jessica Casebolt Louisiana - Lauren Vizza Maine - Molly Bouchard Maryland - Joanna Guy Massachusetts - Taylor Kinzler Michigan - Angela Venditti Minnesota Siri Freeh Mississippi - Marie Wicks Missouri - Tippe Emmott Montana - Alexis Wineman Nebraska - Mariah Cook Nevada - Randi Sundquis New Hampshire - Megan Lyman New Jersey - Lindsey Petrosh New Mexico - Candice Bennatt New York - Mallory Hagan North Carolina - Arlie Honeycutt North Dakota - Rosie Sauvageau Ohio - Elissa McCracken Oklahoma - Alicia Clifton Oregon - Nichole Mead Pennsylvania - Jordyn Colao Puerto Rico - Kiaraliz Medina Rhode Island - Kelsey Fournier South Carolina - Ali Rogers South Dakota - Calista Kirby Tennessee - Chandler Lawson Texas - DaNae Couch Utah - Kara Arnold Vermont - Chelsea Ingram Virgin Islands - Aniska Tonge Virginia - Rosemary Willis Washington - Mandy Schende West Virginia - Kaitlin Gates Wisconsin - Kathryn Bess Wyoming - Lexie Madden
19 Aug 2013
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A medley of Daft Songs played on the RimbaTubes and a plethora of other instruments by my Snubby J clones! ... Do you think you can top my highest score on the TapApp? Download the app and send me a video of you *trying* to beat me ;-) ************/us/app/tapapp-how-fast-can-you-tap/id591669894?mt=8 This was my biggest video project ever and I want to give a big thanks to... -Micah Bartel (Filmographer / Editing Assistant) -Kody McCracken (Audio Mastering) -Amanda Goad ("Get Lucky Remix App" design) -Kelley Jenkins (Costumes) -Jason Halter (Lighting & Creative Input) -Addix Games (TapApp Creators) Facebook - *******www.facebook****/snubbyj Twitter - *******twitter****/snubbyj SoundCloud- *******soundcloud****/snubbyj BBTV Music - ***********/visomusic T-Shirts & Paddles - *******snubbyj.bandcamp****/merch
5 Sep 2013
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Just some weird dubbing experiment. I'm soo sorry.... Voices and crap by me. PPG by Craig McCracken Edit: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!! 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 . . . Wow this video really jumped! Over 119 thousand views! Srsly Thank you all so much! ~
1 Oct 2013
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