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The film focuses on Anne Roland (Katia Winter), a young journalist with an appetite for controversy, as she follows the trail of a strange government research chemical that might have caused the death of her close friend (Michael McMillian). After tracing the substance to the desert ranch of an infamous retired novelist (Ted Levine), she’s drawn into an experience of terror and frightening entities that she cannot escape. The events in this film are based on real documents, actual testimony, and evidence researched and uncovered from decades of a terrifying secret program run by the CIA.
18 Nov 2013
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THE BANSHEE CHAPTER centers on a female journalist (Winter) who follows the mysterious trail of a missing friend (McMillian) who had been experimenting with mind-altering chemicals developed in secret government drug tests. A fast-paced blend of fact and fiction, the story is based on real documents, actual test subject testimony, and uncovered secrets about covert programs run by the CIA.
7 Nov 2013
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Beautiful six minute short film on my family. The group that produced is trying to get people thinking about living lives of generosity. Check them at out : www.ILikeGiving.Com I have a cameo doing "How He Loves" (written by John Mark McMillian ) on piano. My site is : *******georgedennehy****/fr_home.cfm Check out my Website here: *******www.georgedennehy****/ Like me on Facebook: ********www.facebook****/GeorgeDennehyMusic Subscribe to my channel: ***********/user/MrGeorgeDMusic For all booking inquiries please contact: BillChoiceEntertainment**** Subscribe to my channel: ***********/user/MrGeorgeDMusic
22 Aug 2013
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No Internet, No Cable, No Problem -- Canadian Family Lives Like It's 1986 A family of four from Guelph, Ont., has banished cell phones and computers, donned cut-off jeans and combed out their mullets, vowing to live the low-tech life for a year. Blair McMillan, his partner Morgan Patey, and their two sons Trey, 5, and Denton, 2, are playing an elaborate game of make-believe, pretending it is the year 1986 — the year Blair and Morgan were born. They even dress the part, with mullets for the three boys, an 80s-inspired hairstyle for Morgan, a true Tom Selleck Magnum P.I. moustache for Blair and vintage clothing for all. "No cell phones, no computers, no internet. I basically wanted to mold it around my household when I was growing up," McMillan told The Morning Edition host Craig Norris on Thursday. "I used to live outside, playing outside, and I realized how different my kids are." Father worried He said he noticed a number of "red flags" watching his kids grow up tethered to technology and decided he needed to take action. "Our two-year-old was able to swipe and mimic us on the cell phone, which they do a lot, but he was learning how to play the games because Trey would always be playing the games," said McMillan. "My 5-year-old would almost associate family with what mobile phone they had in their pockets. Say, for instance, an uncle would come and he knew he had an iPhone, he would see him, do a quick hello and reach into his pocket because he would want to play on his mobile games." Children vulnerable to smartphone, tablet addictions The family packed up their tablets, phones, computers and DVDs in plastic tubs and stowed them, along with three flat screen TVs, in Blair's parents' cellar. Out of comfort zone Blair says he now wakes up to AM sports radio in the morning, the family sits down and has breakfast together and the kids play in the backyard with the family dog after school. "We're just always actively doing something. I think before, I was guilty myself — you just get in a comfort zone. You pop on the TV; we have 24-hour cartoon stations now; you pop on a cartoon for the kids... that's what kind of happens." The McMillans will stay stuck in 1986 until next April. Blair says it was now or never. "A lot of the technologies we use, rotary phone — those things, are kind of on the verge of being extinct so maybe if I wanted to do this project in five years I might not even be able to do it." =================================== Canadian family is living in 1986 Community Turning back the clock -- life in 1980s Canada Family ditches computers, lives like it's 1986 Guelph family lives like it's 1986 No Internet, No Cable, No Problem -- Canadian Family Lives Like It's 1986 Canadian Family Lives Like It's 1986, lives like it's 1986, lives 1986, Canadian Family Lives 1986, Canadian Family, blair mcmillan, guelph family lives like it's 1986, canadian family lives like it's 1986, guelph 1986, canadian family 1986, living like its 1986, family lives like 1986, guelph family, blair mcmillan 1986, mcmillan family, canada family, 1986 canadian family, blair and morgan mcmillan, mcmillan family 1986, family mcmillian 1986, blair mcmillan ontario, canadian family decided to live as if it was 1986, family living with old technology, blair mcmillan life without mobile phone, blair mcmilan ontario 1986, family ditches computers, lives like it's 1986, "blair mcmillan", 1986 family, family living like in 1986 guelph on, canadian family living in the 80s,
24 Sep 2013
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A trailer based on the second book in the best-selling series by Suzanne Collins. First part of our "Catching Fire" series: ***********/watch?v=PEMTTncRWLs facebook****/L4gMast3Rz twitter****/L4gMast3Rz Music: "Collapsing" - Petteri Sainio "Ironheart" - Hugo Tromp Cast/Crew: Katniss Everdeen - Maddie Moore Peeta Mellark - Eddie Mansius Bonnie - Holly Rule Twill - Linda Horn Mrs. Everdeen - Andrea Moore Peacekeeper 1 - Wyatt Packer Peacekeeper 2 - Jake Werb President Snow's Assistant - Annie Rodgers Romulus Thread - Wyatt Packer Haymitch - Will Godsey Primrose Everdeen - Kate Moore Gale Hawthorne - Nick Rhyne Cashmere - Edwin Davis Johanna Mason - Erin White Mags - Amelia Brown Beetee - Cullen McMillian Finick Odair - Jake Werb President Snow - Bill Morrissett Director - Eddie Mansius Assistant Director - Nick Rhyne Costumes - Catherine Armistead Props - Julie Mansius Makeup - Amelia Brown Sound - Duncan Rule Locations Provided By: Andrea and Kent Moore Brett and Libba Rule Equipment: Canon Vixia HF M31 Canon EOS Rebel T3i Canon EF 18-55mm Lens Canon EF 75-300mm Telephoto Lens Rode Videomic Pro Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Adobe After Effects CS5.5 Adobe Audition CS5.5
1 Jan 2013
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(Read my blog post here: Read my blog post here: ******* Dobie Gray's version of "Drift Away" is, justifiably, the most famous and, by far, the most brilliant reading of the Mentor Williams-penned (that would be Paul Williams' brother) 70s staple. Originally released on John Henry Kurtz' 1972 REUNION album, the indelible classic always takes me that far away place I used to reside -- within the deepest caverns of my soul. At times the song makes me weep, as I miss the halcyon days of my youth and the kinder world we thrived in. When any ills of the world would be swept away when reaching for your LP of your favorite music was all that was needed to, well, drift away. The song was covered hundreds of times these past 40 years, most famously and recently in a passionless 2003 recording by Uncle Kracker. Credited as Uncle Kracker featuring Dobie Gray, the track meandered along in karaoke sterility until finally Gray's soul chimed in mid-point and he infused it with a thrilling tremble. When the track reached #9 on Billboard's Top 100, Gray broke the record for the biggest gap between top US top 10 appearances (it had been 30 years between both). The Kracker version had a far more major impact on Billboard's Adult Contemporary charts -- it holds the record as the longest #1 on that chart, having reigned for 28 weeks in 2003-04. No doubt thanks to Gray. There was a story told by Kracker that the song was initially written for Elvis, but Presley turned it down once he heard Gray's version of it. Gray was a demo singer in Memphis at the time. Talk about decree. *************************** Dobie Gray (background vocals); Dobie Gray (vocals); Larry Byrum, Larry Byrom (guitar); Nashville Strings Players, Damon Seal (strings); Terri McMillian, Terry McMillan (harmonica, percussion); David Dunston (horns, programming); Jay Patton, Mark Douthit (horns); Gary Smith, Matt Rollings, Matt Rollins (keyboards); Dave Pomeroy , Mike Leech (bass guitar); John Hammond (drums); Bill Hinds (guitar); Ron Oates (strings, keyboards); Eddie Bayers (drums); The Nashville Strings. { - backup vocals}
29 Sep 2012
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Trama: Lane è una giovane scrittrice con un brillante futuro davanti a sé. Una grande occasione le si prospetta quando la prestigiosa rivista "Cosmopolitan" le propone di scrivere un articolo su come frequentare un uomo in giacca e cravatta. L'aspirante reporter decide così di infiltrarsi in gran segreto nel mondo del business, incontrando diversi uomini d'affari, dai più simpatici ai più noiosi, dai più carini ai più sgraziati. Dopo ogni appuntamento, Lane annota meticolosamente sul proprio taccuino tutti quei particolari che la possano aiutare nella stesura del pezzo. I guai arrivano quando si innamora di un ragazzo, il cui profilo si discosta totalmente dalle caratteristiche del perfetto affarista. Cast: Hilary Duff: Lane Daniels Michael McMillian: Tom Chris Carmack: Liam Amanda Walsh: Joanna Matt Dallas: Seth Jaime Pressly: Kate White Kevin Kirkpatrick: John
23 May 2013
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In Theaters: 30 March 2007 (UK) A team of trainees of the National Guard brings supply to the New Mexico Desert for a group of soldiers and scientists that are installing a monitoring system in Sector 16. They do not find anybody in the camp, and they receive a blurred distress signal from the hills. Their sergeant gathers a rescue team, and they are attacked and trapped by deformed cannibals, having to fight to survive. Genre:Horror/Suspense Director:Martin Weisz Cast:Michael McMillian, Jessica Stroup, Jacob Vargas
5 Nov 2011
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© 2012 Purple Society/SMB/Island Def Jam Music Group Digital Distribution Request On Your Local Radio Stations June 26th!!! Call in and Request June 26th!!! *******twitter****/#!/shamrock_251 *******twitter****/#!/youngshadsmb *******hdmixtapes****/mixtape/shamrock_polo-purp-levis_4455
2 Aug 2012
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Trailer for upcoming horror film DIMPLES, staring Madeline Zima, Randy Spelling, Michael McMillian, Ashley Peldon and Gabrielle Carteris. Due out July 29th 2008 on DVD!!!
21 May 2009
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Access Hollywood Michael McMillian and Anna Camp chat about how excited they are to attend their first Comic-Con. Also, they talk about the "shocking" deaths on "True Blood" Season 6. Plus, will Anna be in the "Pitch Perfect" sequel?
17 Aug 2013
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