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What's in a name?? Shakespeare once said, "A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." Accordingly, George Bush, whether he's called George Bush or John McCain, are still one and the same, their deeds lead to War, Death & Destruction... Barack Obama said, "That is not the America that I know. The America I know is the last, best HOPE for that child looking up at a helicopter. It's the country that put a man on the moon; that defeated fascism and helped rebuild Europe. It's a country whose strength abroad is measured not just by armies, but rather by the power of our ideals, and by our purpose to forge an ever more perfect union at home. That's the America I know. We just have to act like it again to write that next chapter in the American story. If we do, we can keep America safe while extending security and opportunity around the world. We can hold true to our values, and in doing so advance those values abroad. And we can be what that child looking up at a helicopter needs us to be: the relentless opponent of terror and tyranny, and the light of HOPE to the world. To make this story reality, it's going to take Americans coming together and changing the fundamental direction of this country. It's going to take the service of a new generation of young people. It's going to take facing tragedy head-on and turning it into the next generation's triumph. That is a challenge that I welcome. Because when we do make that change, we'll do more than win a war -- we'll live up to that calling to make America, and the world, safer, freer, and more hopeful than we found it."
22 Dec 2010
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Republican Governor & McCAIN VP (shortlisted) Mark Sanford of South Carolina went blank trying to think up any differences between John McCain and George Bush's economic policies... Governor Sanford: "Yea, I mean for instance take, you know, ummm, ahhh, take for instance the issue of, ahhhh..(knocks on table) I'm drawing a blank. I hate it when I do that, particularly on TV."...
16 Jul 2008
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John McCain has an apparent brain fart on the campaign trail.
24 Oct 2008
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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should UNITE on ONE TICKET - Clinton/Obama 2008. Why? Because ALONE either one has a good chance of FAILING to WIN against McSame. BUT, UNITED, they are UNSTOPPABLE. JOIN our CAMPAIGN to URGE the TWO to MERGE!
19 Mar 2008
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The Future Vs the Past - Obama Vs McSame (McCain)
21 May 2008
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Hillary supporters are beginning to visibly campaign for Obama. Governors from 3 states, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, who were remarkable and enthusiastic while supporting Hillary, are now working with Obama. Understandably, Hillary is taking a rest from her historic campaign, but her physical presence is most conspicuous by her absence. If her 18 million voters are to be kept away from the clutches of John McCain (McBush/McSame), then she will have to make the case to her supporters to vote for Obama. We can not forget that in 2004, Edwards, the VP, was not able to deliver his home state of North Carolina to Kerry. My best guess is that Hillary will be offered the VP slot if she actively campaigns for Obama, as, no other Democrat can lay claim to 18 million voters....
24 Jun 2009
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Global Warming. Wham! Take that Bush. Price of Oil. Bam! Take that McCain. McBush = McSame. Take the global warming problem seriously. Nothing you do today will bring down oil and gas prices tomorrow. By the way, Carter got it right. Carter's environmental policy was abandoned when oil got cheap. Today, we wish we had kept Carter's environmental policy... You tell 'em Terminator-Gobernator. Maybe they will listen to you repeat what Obama has been tellin' 'em all along....
14 Jul 2008
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McCain is confused on the surge. For months he has been telling America: "The Surge is my successful war strategy". Now it turns out John McCain is confused about WHAT the "surge" is, WHEN the surge began, and HOW the surge was carried out. McCain has had to admit that he is NOT the author of the surge. Let me REPEAT. The "Surge" was NOT, is NOT, and NEVER will be, the brainchild of John McCain. The Surge is the brainchild of a military commander: Colonel McFarland. Once again we find John McCain is NOT an HONEST man... He's more of the same: McSame=McBush=Bush 3rd Term...
25 Jul 2008
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McSame old Washington politician. McCain. Same old Washingtin ways. Attack Ads. Slime & Smears...
1 Aug 2008
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George W. Bush. A Fiscal Conservative. Just like Reagan. Just like his father, George Sr. There's nothing wrong with being a Fiscal Conservative, is there? You be the judge of that. Ronald Reagan, a Fiscal Conservative, left office after 8 years with a deficit. How big was Reagan's budget deficit? Over 200 BILLION Dollars. 200 Billion Dollars. Next came George Bush, Sr. He was Reagan's protegé, serving 8 years as VP before going on to become President. Bush Sr., like Reagan, was a Fiscal Conservative. After 4 years, the budget deficit had risen to over 300 BILLION Dollars! Next came bill Clinton. NOT a Fiscal Conservative. Let me repeat that. Clinton was NOT a Fiscal Conservative. OK, so what about the budget? Well, after 8 years in office, Bill Clinton, a TAX & SPEND Liberal, left behind a SURPLUS of over 200 BILLION Dollars. Clinton's economic formula: Tax and Spend - Let me repeat that: Tax and Spend. OK, good for Clinton. What about George W. Bush? George W. Bush is a "Fiscal Conservative". Results? Well, after taking office 8 years ago with a Budget SURPLUS of over 200 Billion Dollars, Bush has managed to turn that into the largest deficit in US History, again, Bush's Fiscal Conservatism has turned into the largest Deficit in US History. 482 BILLION Dollars. 482 BILLION DOLLARS. John McCain quote: "America, you'll be pleased to know that I'm a Fiscal Conservative". McCain - Same as George W. Bush, Same as George Bush, Sr., same as Reagan. McSame, 100% Same, a Fiscal Conservative. I don't think America can afford another Fiscal Conservative right now. We spend a Billion Dollars a month rebuilding Iraq while Iraq literally sits on hundreds of Billions of dollars in oil revenue. CHANGE. We need Fiscal Responsibility. America needs CHANGE...
21 Aug 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake****. Protesters creatively jumped on Sarah Palin's image as a "hockey mom" and her "lipstick on a pitbull" joke to express themselves at a rally for John McCain in Blaine, Minnesota. Signs included: "Hockey Dads Against Incompetence" , "McChange = McSame", and "Read my lipstick,end the war"
20 Sep 2008
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photolog of W and Mc.
26 Jul 2008
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Hey, want to show your support for Obama? *******www.cafepress****/patriotgamer Buy a shirt and I'll send a portion of your purchase to the Obama campaign! Check it out! Click on the link above!! Or, check the link below to see detail of the art work. It's a very unique design by the creator of this video. VOTE OBAMA! *******www.cafepress****/cp/moredetails.aspx?productNo=269751379&pr=F&showbleed=false&colorNo=0&tab=1&Zoom=2 "No individual president can compare to George W. Bush. Glib, contemptuous, ignorant, incurious, a dupe of anyone who humors his deluded belief in his own rhetoric. He has bankrupted the country with his disastrous war and his tax breaks for the rich, trampled on the Bill of Rights, appointed foxes in every henhouse, compounded the terrorist threat, turned a blind eye to torture and corruption and a looming ecological disaster, and squandered the rest of the world's goodwill". UNKNOWN BLOGGER INSPIRED BY KEITH OLBERMANN'S SPECIAL COMMENTS, THIS VIDEO IS FOR ALL WHO DISDAIN BUSH AND HIS SICK, TWISTED, MORONIC WAYS. HERE THEN, IS THE ULTIMATE VITRIOLIC WET DREAM. ENJOY! LYRICS DEATH ON TWO LEGS.. You suck my blood like a leech You break the law and you breach Screw my brain till it hurts You've taken all my money and want more, Misguided old mule With your pigheaded rules With your narrow-minded cronies who are fools of the first division Death on two legs - You're tearing me apart, Death on two legs You never had a heart of your own Kill joy, Bad guy, Big talking, Small fry Is your conscience alright? Does it plague you at night? Do you feel good? Feel good?! Talk like a big business tycoon, But you're just a hot - air balloon, So no one gives you a damn, You're just an overgrown school boy Let me tan your hide! Death on two legs You're tearing me apart Death on two legs - You never had a heart of your own, (You never did, right from the start) Insane you should be put inside, You're a sewer rat decaying in a cesspool of pride Should be made unemployed Make yourself null and void, Make me feel good I feel good!! HISTORY OF THE SONG: ***********/watch?v=RvoPzvQPBWo
29 Jul 2008
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Anthony J. Hilder of freeworldfilmworks**** exposes the fact that John McCain is George Bush lite. He will carry out the Bush Crime family's agenda of destroying America and handing America over to the New World Order Gang. For DVDs exposing the evil deeds of the NWO Gang go to *******www.freeworldfilmworks****
21 Oct 2009
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OBAMA DYNAMIC ! WHAT?? Alaska Embraces His Message!! WHAT??? Obama Message Resonating! WHAT??? Alaska 'USUALLY a red state'... Sounds and looks like what Palin is saying with her enthusiasm is that she'd LOVE to vote with other Alaskans and put Barack Obama in the White House! You can tell a lot from someone when they are excited. Republicans Take the Cake. I can only imagine that she was about to support Barack Obama before she got that phone call from John McCain - figuring on her part that the resonance would further her career in Alaska. She's a fair weather supporter, just as Joe Lieberman and so many others before them who jump and turn 180 degrees at the sight of an opportunity that is easier to grab than working within their own party. When someone is corrupted, they are always corrupted. You can see it in their wordings, in how they indirectly and unspecifically answer questions that have need of a detailed answer or are off the path of what they believe. It goes without saying that where there's smoke, there's fire and this scandal going on in Alaska, with the investigation and all the sordid details starting to emerge about her husband's participation in private meetings of government importance, in being copied in emails that have then been declared protected by executive privilege - it all smacks of dirty politics. Of course the bottom line here is that it has been learned that John McCain wanted to pick another person for his Vice President - actually he had two other preferences - but instead of being a maverick and taking on his own party, he abandoned principals and decided to bow to his conservative, wholely-religiously zealous right wingers (wingnuts) and left his self-esteem and pride at the door. What is ironic in this - that no one is talking about - is that he is supposedly praising Sarah Palin for taking on her own party - while at the same time, refusing to do the same himself. Who is the maverick? It's not McCain - he's a panty-whipped puppet of the ultra conservative idiots who are trying to continue on the big spending, corporate contract big oil money train that IS the White House Republicans. If you think that the Republicans COULDN'T have taken care of the overspending and other issues during the almost 6-8 years they had control, you're sorely mistaken. Think about that. They want Washington DC JUST the way they have it now. And the 80 percent approval rating that the delegates at the Republican Convention gave George W. Bush shows you exactly how much McSame they want the next 8 years to be. Too bad moderate republicans are too scared to try and do anything. Pitiful. Governor Sarah Palin Alaska John McCain vice president vp daughter Republican attacks Obama acceptance speech boyfriend
7 Oct 2008
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It's 10 o'clock at night and theres a knock at the door..oh oh The alien bust I used can be brought here: *******www.imagesco****/ufo/ john mccain jon mccann mccane mcsame alien at window door ufo ufos u.f.o. scary spooky spoof satire comedy funny pranks alien proof life mars nasa fake hoax aliens ufo bigfoot encounter abduction footage caught rosswell area 51 alien aliens was seen on tv tape get caught real my proof that exist UFO news whatthebuck timothydelaghetto2 simon desue halfcastkid hamburg deutschland im wald in wood woods attack ufo chadmattandrob encounter Area 51 hates sighting roommate prank chad villella matt bettinelli olpin rob polonsky abduction crash area ghost planets flying saucer lead footage denver Alien Autopsy
15 Jul 2010
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