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What's in a name?? Shakespeare once said, "A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." Accordingly, George Bush, whether he's called George Bush or John McCain, are still one and the same, their deeds lead to War, Death & Destruction... Barack Obama said, "That is not the America that I know. The America I know is the last, best HOPE for that child looking up at a helicopter. It's the country that put a man on the moon; that defeated fascism and helped rebuild Europe. It's a country whose strength abroad is measured not just by armies, but rather by the power of our ideals, and by our purpose to forge an ever more perfect union at home. That's the America I know. We just have to act like it again to write that next chapter in the American story. If we do, we can keep America safe while extending security and opportunity around the world. We can hold true to our values, and in doing so advance those values abroad. And we can be what that child looking up at a helicopter needs us to be: the relentless opponent of terror and tyranny, and the light of HOPE to the world. To make this story reality, it's going to take Americans coming together and changing the fundamental direction of this country. It's going to take the service of a new generation of young people. It's going to take facing tragedy head-on and turning it into the next generation's triumph. That is a challenge that I welcome. Because when we do make that change, we'll do more than win a war -- we'll live up to that calling to make America, and the world, safer, freer, and more hopeful than we found it."
22 Dec 2010
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Republican Governor & McCAIN VP (shortlisted) Mark Sanford of South Carolina went blank trying to think up any differences between John McCain and George Bush's economic policies... Governor Sanford: "Yea, I mean for instance take, you know, ummm, ahhh, take for instance the issue of, ahhhh..(knocks on table) I'm drawing a blank. I hate it when I do that, particularly on TV."...
16 Jul 2008
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John McCain has an apparent brain fart on the campaign trail.
24 Oct 2008
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The Future Vs the Past - Obama Vs McSame (McCain)
21 May 2008
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Global Warming. Wham! Take that Bush. Price of Oil. Bam! Take that McCain. McBush = McSame. Take the global warming problem seriously. Nothing you do today will bring down oil and gas prices tomorrow. By the way, Carter got it right. Carter's environmental policy was abandoned when oil got cheap. Today, we wish we had kept Carter's environmental policy... You tell 'em Terminator-Gobernator. Maybe they will listen to you repeat what Obama has been tellin' 'em all along....
14 Jul 2008
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McCain is confused on the surge. For months he has been telling America: "The Surge is my successful war strategy". Now it turns out John McCain is confused about WHAT the "surge" is, WHEN the surge began, and HOW the surge was carried out. McCain has had to admit that he is NOT the author of the surge. Let me REPEAT. The "Surge" was NOT, is NOT, and NEVER will be, the brainchild of John McCain. The Surge is the brainchild of a military commander: Colonel McFarland. Once again we find John McCain is NOT an HONEST man... He's more of the same: McSame=McBush=Bush 3rd Term...
25 Jul 2008
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McSame old Washington politician. McCain. Same old Washingtin ways. Attack Ads. Slime & Smears...
1 Aug 2008
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George W. Bush. A Fiscal Conservative. Just like Reagan. Just like his father, George Sr. There's nothing wrong with being a Fiscal Conservative, is there? You be the judge of that. Ronald Reagan, a Fiscal Conservative, left office after 8 years with a deficit. How big was Reagan's budget deficit? Over 200 BILLION Dollars. 200 Billion Dollars. Next came George Bush, Sr. He was Reagan's protegé, serving 8 years as VP before going on to become President. Bush Sr., like Reagan, was a Fiscal Conservative. After 4 years, the budget deficit had risen to over 300 BILLION Dollars! Next came bill Clinton. NOT a Fiscal Conservative. Let me repeat that. Clinton was NOT a Fiscal Conservative. OK, so what about the budget? Well, after 8 years in office, Bill Clinton, a TAX & SPEND Liberal, left behind a SURPLUS of over 200 BILLION Dollars. Clinton's economic formula: Tax and Spend - Let me repeat that: Tax and Spend. OK, good for Clinton. What about George W. Bush? George W. Bush is a "Fiscal Conservative". Results? Well, after taking office 8 years ago with a Budget SURPLUS of over 200 Billion Dollars, Bush has managed to turn that into the largest deficit in US History, again, Bush's Fiscal Conservatism has turned into the largest Deficit in US History. 482 BILLION Dollars. 482 BILLION DOLLARS. John McCain quote: "America, you'll be pleased to know that I'm a Fiscal Conservative". McCain - Same as George W. Bush, Same as George Bush, Sr., same as Reagan. McSame, 100% Same, a Fiscal Conservative. I don't think America can afford another Fiscal Conservative right now. We spend a Billion Dollars a month rebuilding Iraq while Iraq literally sits on hundreds of Billions of dollars in oil revenue. CHANGE. We need Fiscal Responsibility. America needs CHANGE...
21 Aug 2008
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www.ImVotingRepublican**** I'm Voting Republican is a satirical look at the likely outcome of another four years of Republican government. The not-so-subtle message behind the film is the importance of a united bloc of citizens willing to take the time and effort to vote Democrat in order to improve America's domestic and foreign policy.
17 Jun 2008
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mCcAIN: "I'll Get Osama." George Bush has failed for 7 years to "get" Osama. What will McCain do differently than George Bush? McCain will...
7 Nov 2008
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John McCain is a Fundamentally Flawed Candidate. You are supposed to BE a Republican,- NOT a Liberal masquerading as a Republican - and share common core values with Republicans when you campaign to be the Republican Party Candidate for President! McCain's Folly is in thinking that it is simply enough to call yourself a Republican and the Party votes will automatically happen out of Party Loyalty. (John McCain is OUR candidate, isn't he? So, who cares if McCain isn't conservative, at least he's a Republican and that makes him better than Their Candidate, right?)... Mr. McCain, that's a fallacy and elitism. Fallacy: The people do as they are told to do, no thinking for yourself allowed. Elitism: Rule by a select few (elites)(you and George Bush for example) who have taken the country from one Fiasco to another year after year for the past seven and a half years. And what about the: Economy? Iraq War? Energy? Foreign Policy? Health Care? Gas Prices? Free Trade? Global Warming? Torture? WTF! We The People Can Rule Our Country Better! Now do you understand why the people, yes, We The People of America, WE are ready for CHANGE! Senator McCain, you freely, honestly and publicly admitted that you "need to be educated" on the Economy. Economy Stimulus Checks, gas tax holiday and your vote AGAINST the Bush Tax Cuts (that you flip-flopped on) and now have vowed to make Permanent-John-McCain-Tax-Cuts indeed exemplify your admitted need for education. (Give us straight-talk - not Double-Talk - on the Economy, please) Foreign Policy? Can you explain to me, WE THE PEOPLE, how "Bomb-Bomb-Bomb Iran", stay in Iraq for 100 years, no dialogue or negotiation with America's enemies, more Free Trade Agreements - How is all this going to make America safer and more prosperous??? Foreign Policy? America is seen as a BULLY, untrustworthy, and a LIAR in the eyes of the international community. Or have you forgotten the magnificent (WMD) Weapons of Mass Destruction performance at the United Nations by Colin Powell? Or Secretary Rice who says, "I'm glad we invaded Iraq." By the way, wasn't the Iraq war officially declared, "Mission Accomplished" on May 2, 2003? That was 5 years ago! Isn't it amazing how we in America can train a young man or woman in 16 weeks to become a combat-ready Marine and in 5 years we haven't been able to train the Iraqis to police their own country? Finally, your latest Rovian-smear-tactic against Senator Obama. On your website: you have posted a Press Release dated July 3, 2008 as follows: IN 13 DAYS, BARACK OBAMA WENT FROM SUPPORTING FUNDING FOR OUR TROOPS IN IRAQ TO VOTING AGAINST IT... Conpicuously absent is a coherent answer to the question it begs, namely, "Why" would he fail to support funding? You frame the answer as a "political move to satisfy his base". Your Press Release failed to mention that a previous bill supported by Senator Obama and Senator Clinton had been vetoed by George Bush because it included a Timeline for Troop Withdrawals. Imagine that, a Senator wanting to withdraw only 4 years after "Mission Accomplished"! McCain, your political idol, your hero, yes - a hero's hero - Theodore Roosevelt, is speaking to you from the grave. Listen. Shhhh. Listen to him. Speak to John McCain Mr. Roosevelt: (Theodore Roosevelt's recorded voice) "Are the American People fit to rule themselves, govern themselves, control themselves? Yes!....."that the majority of plain people of the United States, will day in and day out, make fewer mistakes than any smaller class or body of men, no matter what thier training"... (Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney-Powell-Rice-McClellan-etc.-etc.)..... A Bull Moose Progressive, Theodore Roosevelt, cost Republicans the election of 1912. It was unthinkable that a candidate who needed the votes of liberals, moderates and conservatives could win an election, let alone govern effectively if elected. Too many competing interests, no unity, no cohesion would have been possible. John McCain, today you are running on a Bull Moose Progressive Party Platform while calling yourself a Republican. Ann Coulter, James Dobson, Rush Limbaugh and a host of other Republicans are right about you. Your defeat or your election inevitably ruins the Republican Party by damning the GOP to be held responsible for your actions/inaction as President or the divisions within the GOP caused by your experiment of mixing liberalism and light-hearted conservatism.
12 Sep 2009
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An American President gets put on the defensive about the Iraq War. How could an interview go so wrong that the interview was banned in America? And John McCain wants to give America 4 more years of the same. If elected, would John McCain's foreign interviews need to be banned in America too?
15 Jul 2008
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WHY NOT??? Shakespeare's "McBeth" gives us as good an insight as any into the excesses blind ambition will cause a man to committ. McBeth and McBush share many qualities: Ambition to have absolute power. Willingness to say or do anything to get power. A beautiful and calculating woman to set the dark forces in their diabolical motion...McBush/McBeth/McDeath... By Gary Corseri and William Shakespeare 5/3/07 Cast of Characters: LADY LIBERTY played by herself PAX played by himself JUSTICE played by himself McBUSH played by John McCain LADY McBush (McBush's wife) played by Joe Lieberman 3 WITCHES played by Meghan McCain, Heidi Montag, Ann Coulter FIRE HYDRANT played by Phil Gramm 2 ROTTWEILERS played by George Will & Charlie Black ATTENDANTS played by Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh, main stream media pundits and various sycophants ACT 1 Scene 1: Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches. Meghan: When shall we three meet again? Heidi: When the hurlyburly's done. When the battle's lost and won. Coulter: Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air. Enter McBush and Pax. McBush: So foul and fair a day I have not seen! Pax: (Noticing the Witches--) What are these, so withered and so wild in their attire, That look not like the inhabitants of the earth? You should be women, and yet your beards Forbid me to interpret that you are. Coulter: All hail McBush, that shalt be Prez hereafter! McBush: If the Court will have me Prez why, the Court may crown me! Stars, hide your fires! Let not light see My dark and deep desires! Exeunt Scene 2: Enter McBush's Wife alone, with a letter. Lady McBush: (reading--) "They met me in the day of success; and I have learned ... they have more in them than mortal knowledge ... my dearest partner ... what greatness is promised thee! Lay it to thy heart, and farewell." (to herself--) Hie thee hither! That I may pour my spirits in thine ear! Come to my woman's breasts—and take my milk for gall! (To Be Continued)
10 Dec 2008
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Surge = Increase. But McBush didn't increase anything. McBush robbed Peter to Pay Paul by shifting / diverting troops from the War on Terror in Afghanistan to Iraq. Results? Violence is down in Iraq. Meanwhile violence in Afghanistan is up: 9 Dead, 15 Wounded and an abandoned military outpost "near the Pakistani border" (our ally). So, now McBush declares Victory (again) in Iraq and "Surges" BACK to Afghanistan...
22 Nov 2009
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John McCain's Gorilla Rape Joke (1986)"Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die?When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contentedly and to feebly ask, 'Where is that Marvelous Ape?'In other words, Women Love To Be Beaten Senselessly and Raped Repeatedly by Marvelous Gorillas, right?Senator John W. McBush has a marvelous sense of humor... He should love the Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey"...
22 Jul 2008
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Governator/Terminator says McCain says one thing while he's campaigning but will do another if elected. Terminator: "Judge McCain by what he's done in the past". Hmm. OK. McCain's legislation. His Bills. Let's see. There was McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Feingold, McCain-Edwards, McCain-Lieberman, McCain-Schumer, etc. Hey, those were DEMOCRAT bills! McCain isn't a Republican at all... WAit - McCain is getting REVENGE on Republicans for what they did to him in South Carolina 2000...
21 Jul 2008
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