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CAA Tactical RONI-G1 Glock Carbine Kit at Media Day at the Range before SHOT Show 2010 Pistol Buyers Guide *******www.PistolBuyersGuide**** More 2010 Shot Show Coverage at *******www.gunshowreview****/SHOT_Show_2010 Another video review by: *******www.GunWebsites**** Read our Gun Websites Blog; *******gunwebsites.blogspot**** Chat with us at GunChat**** *******www.gunchat****/chat Gun Websites on Facebook; *******www.facebook****/pages/Gun-Websites/72833034237 Gun Websites on Twitter: *******twitter****/GunWebsites
28 Feb 2012
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This is a POV of Intamin AG's Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. POV filmed and edited by The Coaster Views. Height: 456 ft Drop: 418 ft Length: 3,118 ft Speed: 128 mph Inversions: 0 Duration: 28 seconds Kingda Ka is a roller coaster located at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, USA. It is the tallest roller coaster in the world. The train is launched by a hydraulic launch mechanism to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds. At the end of the launch track, the train climbs the main top hat tower, reaching a height of 456 feet (139 meters). Kingda Ka was officially introduced on September 29, 2004, at an event held for the media and enthusiasts. It was revealed that the ride would become "the tallest and fastest roller coaster on earth", reaching 456 feet and accelerating up to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds.Upon completion, Kingda Ka took both the "tallest" and "fastest" world records from the 2 year old Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. Since Intamin designed both Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka, both rides share a nearly identical design and layout, differing only in theme and Kingda Ka's post-tower "bunny" hill. On January 13, 2005, Kingda Ka was topped off at its 456-foot (139 m) height, finishing construction. Kingda Ka opened to the public on May 21, 2005, with a media day two days before. During a test run with no passengers on June 6, 2005, a bolt failure caused damage to the launch cable, resulting in closure of the ride until August 2005, and the reconfiguration of the line area. The ride was also struck by lightning in early May 2009; the strike caused the ride to be unreliable and necessitated complicated repairs. The ride was operational from May 31, 2009, to June 24, 2009, but remained closed for maintenance until August 21, 2009. Season 2, episode 28 of the documentary series MegaStructures follows the construction of the roller coaster in detail.
10 Jun 2012
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With the festivities well underway in Miami for Super Bowl XLIV, CBS News' Terrell Brown reports that football players from both the Colts and the Saints had fun and danced on Media Day.
26 Aug 2012
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Archer Season: 4 At the Archer season four media day, your favorite ISIS personalities got a little too candid when asked about their personal lives. Does Archer's ideal 24 hours sound good to you? Archer returns Thursday January 17 at 10p only on FX.
5 Jan 2013
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Rocsi Diaz interviews the 49ers at the Superbowl media day.
30 Jan 2013
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Entertainment Tonight Season: 32 Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is gearing up for what is believed to be his final NFL game, but ET's Rocsi Diaz gave him the challenge of a lifetime during Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday.
30 Jan 2013
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ET’s Rocsi Diaz gave Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis the challenge of a lifetime during Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday.
30 Jan 2013
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Super Bowl festivities in New Orleans officially kicked off with "Media Day." Mo Rocca looks at the hidden talents of the stars of Super Bowl XLVII.
30 Jan 2013
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Kevin Frazier takes the ladies behind the scenes with "Omg! Insider" special footage from yesterday's Super Bowl media day. Watch the players of the Ravens and 49ers give hilarious shout outs to the hosts!
31 Jan 2013
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At the UFC 156 weigh-in, heated rivals Alistair Overeem and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva pick up where they left off at Media Day, sharing some choice words during their faceoff.
2 Feb 2013
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Subscribe! The first official Point of View of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's new ride, Superman Ultimate Flight! This POV is in HD filmed with a GoPro on media day. Superman Ultimate Flight Discovery Kingdom Point of View, POV.
25 Feb 2013
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Here's our own East Coast(er) General riding X-Flight with his buddy James during the coaster's media day at Six Flags Great America on 10. May, 2012. B&M's newest wingrider has a sneak peek preview for season pass holders this weekend & will open to everyone on 16. May, 2012. Watch in high definition. This is us: *******www***asterforce**** Read CF tweets: *******www.twitter****/coasterforce Like us on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/coasterforce
9 Apr 2013
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Things get heated at the UFC 159 media day, as Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher nearly come to blows during their faceoff.
26 Apr 2013
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Shooting a Full Auto SIG 556 carbine Filmed at Media Day at the Range pre-SHOT Show 2009 in Orlando, Florida Another video review by: *******GunWebsites**** Read our Gun Websites Blog; *******gunwebsites.blogspot**** Chat with us at GunChat**** *******www.gunchat****/chat Gun Websites on Facebook; *******www.facebook****/pages/Gun-Websites/72833034237 Gun Websites on Twitter: *******twitter****/GunWebsites
11 May 2013
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The first stop on the World Press Tour was the Ultimate Media Day at the MGM in Las Vegas where media and fans got to interact with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Johny Hendricks.
30 Jul 2013
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What should we expect from the Kentucky Wildcats on the hardwood this season? CBSSports**** College Basketball Insider Gary Parrish has the answers at the SEC Basketball Media Days.
17 Oct 2013
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