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St. Louis Video Production Medical Video Rob Haller, Video Producer 314-892-1233
9 Feb 2010
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Going on vacation or taking a business trip? Whether business or pleasure, learn more about the property with a video before you book. Best Western Boston - The Inn At Longwood Medical, located at 342 Longwood Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115-5745, USA. Contact the property directly at 617-731-4700 or visit *******book.bestwestern****/bestwestern/
15 Jul 2008
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*******www.PetMedSavings**** Prevent illness in your pet with heartworm medications. Heartworm prevention is a very important aspect of raising either a cat or a dog. Heartworm prevention pills are meant to be given to your pet on a regular basis. The main symptom of heartworms is a general sluggishness. If youre interested in discount heartworm medications, Visit www.PetMedSavings**** today!
9 Dec 2009
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*******www.PetMedSavings**** PetMeds carries the best pet health care products to treat heartworms in dogs. These normally dont come cheap, but PetMeds, the premier online pet store, can save you money! We carry the same pills and supplements sold by vets, but we dont charge nearly as much! Take control - prevent heartworm in dogs for less than youd pay at the vet! Visit www.PetMedSavings****.
19 Mar 2010
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If you have diabetes and are on Medicare, you'll want to watch this Liberty Medical video explaining Medicare coverage. Call 1-866-6-LIBERTY or visit *******LibertyMedical****/diabetes to learn more.
8 Mar 2008
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DrMDK**** using medical videos over text
8 Jun 2008
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ulnar nerve injury .. more medical videos at *******www.round99****
30 Sep 2008
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The eustachian tube is a passageway which extends from the back of the nose (nasopharynx) to the middle ear. Its function is to let air into the middle ear. It the eustachian tube is not working properly ear disease can occur. The most common problem is that the tube is not letting enough air in. This can lead to fluid in the ears (serous otitis media), retraction pocket formation and cholesteatoma formation. This patient has the opposite problem, her eustachian tube is open too much (patulous eustachian tube). The video shows her eardrum retracting each time she swallows. She has symptoms of popping, pressure and some unsteadiness each time she swallows. This problem is usually associated with extreme weight loss. One treatment for this condition is to place an ear tube in the eardrum. ...more medical videos at *******www.round99****
3 Jan 2009
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Medical Video by VS Video Productions in Denver
14 Aug 2008
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In this medical video, we follow Gloria & Rose as they undergo the process of lasik surgery administered by Dr. Alan Faulkner at Aloha Laser Vision in Honolulu, Hawaii.
5 Jun 2009
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A company that produces Medical video, website design and marketing
23 Jun 2009
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In this medical video, learn more about Thermage and Pulsed Light Skin Care from Dr. Jeffrey Hunt of The Vein center of Tampa Bay serving Tampa & St Petersburg since 1992.
3 Jul 2009
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In this medical video, our clinical director, Kristen explains how our IPL Intense Pulsed Light treatments work for conditions such as: rosacea, age spots, sun spots, melasma and general redness.
15 Jul 2009
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VS Video Productions a Denver, Colorado based video production company produces corporate videos, training videos, commercials,public relations,marketing videos, medical videos, sports and special events. This particular video is on video training for company training videos.
2 Aug 2009
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** In this medical video, Dr. Steven Holzman & Dr. David Mosier explain the patient consultation process as well as give us a look inside of their state-of-the-art surgical facility at the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin, Texas.
4 Sep 2009
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conal medical video 3
21 Nov 2009
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