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The "Templicus-Bellicus": Metaphysical Mind Massage Meditation *NOTE: All content within this video has been either created and or fully licensed by its uploader/producer. 1.You are connected to the highest level of the supernatural and spiritual realms. The same realms that have brought about the great manifestations and events throughout history. 2.Therefore, you are accessing the epic powers of the spiritual realm from whatever religion, or non-religion it is that YOU believe in! You are picturing your most powerful spiritual icon now realizing this entity is working for you in the same way he, she or it did at the most miraculous and positive moments in all of history. 3.The next time you hear any music that makes you think of Africa, your subconscious mind will go into overdrive on your behalf and make a super strong, super natural connection to the positive things you desire. 4.Then, like the great ancient African animals you will successfully hunt down and acquire your desired positive targets; such as happiness, health, love, luck, and wealth. 5.The wild Hippos' supernatural ability to find an ample and cool pond of water, in even the midst of the driest desert, is now your ability to find the secret, hidden pools of wealth and claim them incontestably as your own! 6.The wild Elephants' supernatural, legendary health, physical power, and self control is now yours to master with grace, all situations that come your way! 7.The wild Monkeys' tireless energy and agility is now yours to leap through, over and around anything on your path towards success. 8.The wild Lions' supernatural ability to command a distinguished air of royalty and self-worth is now yours to attract the type of wealth and honored respect you so rightfully deserve! 9.Throughout the next 37 days anytime you hear a bell like sound your subconscious mind will render an invincible connection to the ancient, supernatural powers that have been rekindled by the sounds of this Templicus-Bellicus mind massage meditation ceremony. 10.WARNING: Purchasing a 100% legal download of the music “Templicus-Bellicus”contained within this presentation, may greatly amplify your access to the supernatural powers described within this meditation ceremony by activating the, “to receive, you must first give” philosophical reality proven so many times throughout history. Do so ONLY if you desire more love, luck, happiness, health and wealth to enter your life. 11.THANK YOU ~ It has been an honor to create and give this meditation ceremony to you.
31 Aug 2007
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This is the music we meditate upon. This is the music acclaimed worldwide by great Yoga practitioners and masters of meditation. This pure and relaxing music is just the beginning. Experience the complete album available at Apple iTunes; YMU, Yoga Music Unlimited ~ the First Gita's NOTE:The color red within this meditation music mandala video represents the first chakra's color and the "key" of the song uses the official first "key" of the 1st Chakra. The entire album by YMU then advances in the official chakra based keys. NOTE: All of the content within this video presentation has been officially licensed and or created by this its uploader and producer. ~Thank you,
8 Sep 2007
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Tibetan Monk explains mind-body health and wellness through meditation. He will be opening an Ayurvedic Medicine college in South Florida in January, along with Dr. Zyad, of South Florida's Acupuncture Ayurvedic Wellness Center.
9 Sep 2007
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In this meditation music experience harness a deep and powerful life improving secret for yourself and those you care about. The life improving power is then amplified if you apply the "to recieve you must first give factor" by purchasing the music of CHROMATICUS such as the song within this sight and sound experience called "Mossicus-Sprawlicus." After doing so, enjoyable listenings of the same song "Mossicus-Sprawlicus" (which is available through Apple iTunes, Napster, Real Rhapsody etc.)will make the connection to the most powerful part of your mind, your subconcious. After which you may experience your health and its elemental components (happiness, love, luck, and wealth) expand exponentially through out your life. In much the same way that moss sprawls across the allowing landscape. All the best wishes and please rewatch this video at for even more of a power up. Thank you, *All content within this video has been officially licensed and or created by its producer/uploader.
2 Oct 2007
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a baby meditation at Yangoon, Myanmar..see more at the love is begin...
10 Oct 2007
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A meditation to meet and converse with your guides
14 Nov 2007
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A meditation for bringing in light and using tones to cleanse chakras.
25 Nov 2007
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We will do a meditation followed by me showing some psychic drawing. This is for people who have never done this before, it's not a technical discussion of the mechanisms of your energy system and how it receives information its just a basic outline of how to draw psychically and I will draw one of my guides.
5 Dec 2007
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Meditation Outter body
28 Dec 2007
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2 minute video os the sun breaking through the clouds over the ocean. Meditation on breaking through limits, doubts and fears.
4 Feb 2008
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On a very wet, windy and thunderous 10 December 2007, Kagyu Samye Dzong Meditation group went on a fantastic excursion to Horely UK for a Mandala Workshop hosted very kindly by David Mackenzie-Dewhurst and his partner Jan at the ArtMatters studios. Whilst there we were given a wonderful slide show, overview of the power of mandalas and how they have featured in both our human and natural landscapes, learned the process of colouring sand, shared some yummy lunch, engaged in a little meditation to still our minds, and got on with making mandalas of our own under Davids helpful guidance. If you would like to enquire about Mandalas and the workshops provided by ArtMatters please visit: for meditation information, please visit to everyone for a lovely day had by all, and special thanks to David and Jan who I'm sure everyone attending would like to say outdid themselves in hospitality, guidance, and creating a fantastic experience we'll remember for a long time. Thank you to all new/regular viewers for watching. Peace!
6 Feb 2008
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Full album available for download on If you are looking for free meditation video, then watch this video clip from the relaxation musics album Ethereal World Volume 1.
18 Sep 2008
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Jake is a National Record Holder in Speed Stacking, and he meditates in order to "focus and achieve goals." He uses the meditation cd that comes with "How to Meditate with Your Dog," and sent me a video of him demonstrating his speed stack skills.
29 Feb 2008
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6:30 Meditation the easy way by listening to whole brain medication cds that lift you right into inner peace and serenity. No need to learn meditation or meditation techniqes. Best personal growth tool on the planet. Dissolve stress instantly. meditation cd meditation cds guided meditation cd guided meditation cds sleep cds stress cds meditate daily guided meditation cds meditation cd guided meditation cd new age cd new age cds best meditation cd meditation music cds the secret meditation cd secret meditation cd best meditation cds meditation music cd chakra meditation cd mindfulness meditation cd healing meditation cd meditation cd reviews new age music cd meditations cd meditation music mindfulness meditation cds new age music mediation cds meditaion cds meditation tapes the secret the secret dvd the secret movie jack canfield law of attraction inner peace personal development miracles affirmations
9 Feb 2009
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This site has relaxing animations that are great for playing while you work. Visit to view free online meditation rooms.
31 Mar 2008
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Try this mind centering exercise...don't delay, start your meditation today.
3 Feb 2012
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