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This site has relaxing animations that are great for playing while you work. Visit *******www.Chill-Out-Rooms**** to view free online meditation rooms.
31 Mar 2008
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Try this mind centering exercise...don't delay, start your meditation today.
3 Feb 2012
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The effects of Meditation are cumulative. 5 minutes a day is better than 35 minutes once a week! Take 5 minutes right now and relax. Forget about your job, your stress and your life and just let the music carry you away. When the music stops it's time to come back to a more relaxed and serene place than you left.
7 May 2008
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Visit www.thespiritconnect**** for more New Age Videos, Articles and Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Accupuncture, Qi-Gong Sound is a powerful, primitive force. For centuries, healers have intuitively used the therapeutic powers of sound. In the native traditions of ancient cultures, examples of sound and vibration--as elemental in creation and to wholeness--abound. Many tools have been used since the beginning of time to create music, and to aid healing: planetary gongs and Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos, rattles and drums. Today, a growing number of modern practitioners are rediscovering sound as a tool for healing and realignment. More modern sound therapy tools are--tuning forks, chimes, resonator plates, sound discs, and sound tables. All play an important role in healing. Sound is that which is produced when some object is vibrating in a random or periodic repeated motion.
1 May 2008
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a stick man will teach you how to meditate like a pro
13 May 2008
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Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Founder of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga Website and Blog.
A Guide to Meditation
6 Jun 2008
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Visit www.thespiritconnect**** for more New Age Videos, Articles and Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Accupuncture, Qi-Gong. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is intent. If the actual physical vibration is coupled with a mental intention, the vibration then contains an additional mental component which influences the result of saying it. The sound is the carrier wave and the intent is overlaid upon the wave form, just as a colored gel influences the appearance and effect of a white light. In either instance, the word is based upon energy. Nowhere is this idea more true than for Sanskrit mantra. For although there is a general meaning which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantra. The human consciousness is really a collection of states of consciousness which distributively exist throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Each organ has a primitive consciousness of its own. That primitive consciousness allows it to perform functions specific to it. Then come the various systems. The cardio-vascular system, the reproductive system and other systems have various organs or body parts working at slightly different stages of a single process. Like the organs, there is a primitive consciousness also associated with each system. And these are just within the physical body. Similar functions and states of consciousness exist within the subtle body as well. So individual organ consciousness is overlaid by system consciousness, overlaid again by subtle body counterparts and consciousness, and so ad infinitum. The ego with its self-defined "I" ness assumes a pre-eminent state among the subtle din of random, semi-conscious thoughts which pulse through our organism. And of course, our organism can "pick up" the vibration of other organisms nearby. The result is that there are myriad vibrations riding in and through the subconscious mind at any given time. Mantras start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form. Over time, the mantra process begins to override all of the other smaller vibrations, which eventually become absorbed by the mantra. After a length of time which varies from individual to individual, the great wave of the mantra stills all other vibrations. Ultimately, the mantra produces a state where the organism vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spiritual state represented by and contained within the mantra. At this point, a change of state occurs in the organism. The organism becomes subtly different. Just as a laser is light which is coherent in a new way, the person who becomes one with the state produced by the mantra is also coherent in a way which did not exist prior to the conscious undertaking of repetition of the mantra.
9 Jun 2008
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ONE of the Elemental Self Series on BlogTalkRadio. ( Earth element meditation from ONE as channeled by Bernard. )To listen to entire show go to EKBTV Radio.
2 Jul 2008
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A meditation clip with Tonal healing qualities and visuals. Just watch and you will feel amazing afterward. Play in Surround sound or headphones.
7 Oct 2008
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Quickly count yourself down into a deeply relaxed meditative state...
21 Jul 2008
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Yoga and Meditation neti shavasana enlightenment: Are Yoga and Meditation two different words with different meanings? No, the truth is not so... we need understand it is the path of yoga that leads us to gaining Enlightenment within this life. And what does yoga itself mean? The word yoga has been derived from the Hindi root yog which in Hindi means synthesizing two things: Inner meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993!
3 Aug 2008
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Meditation, with music from Jens Gad.. Hope you like it.. Enjoy..
3 Aug 2008
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