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The clip meeting french writer from Savage Grace (2007) Entrez. Hi. Carlos! Pilar! My, you're looking swell! Gracias. Mrs. Baekeland, permit me to introduce Monsieur Souvestre. Jean-Pierre, I am so happy to meet you. Please, come in. I have been dying to ask you about Marcel Proust, your biography of whom I have yet to read as my French reading skills are not what they will be. It is not necessary to apologize for that. Brooks reads the language like a native. And our Tony is mastering it every day at the ecole bilingue. But for poor moi, I must confess, it's been a struggle, n'est-ce pas? Understood. What was I saying? Oh... yes. Jean-Pierre, was Proust truly a homosexual? Qu'est-ce que tu penses? So you met Carlos here in Paris? I was at the Sorbonne, the adoring graduate student writing about his work. But then... we woke up one morning and none of that seemed to matter. I think I knew he was serious when he introduced me to Marcel and Teeny Duchamp. Oh! I ran into them today, at I'�quipe. They said they might stop over... later. Je peux lui telephoner? You may be assured they were only being polite. I don't want to be impolite, but M. Souvestre has the early day tomorrow.
28 Nov 2011
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