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Good day all, We are running up to our resistance line and the round number of 110. Check out the next support and resistance lines in this video. Have a great rest of the day and if you are interested in joining our "Meet the Mentor" call please email "mike_williamsfreetradingvideos****" or fill out and submit the information on the "Trading Mentor" portion of the services tab in the website. You will receive an invitation to our call. Look forward to talking to you tonight and have a great rest of the trading day, Matador : )
3 Feb 2010
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Hello all, Nice run-up in price again this morning but with the lower swing high we saw along with some fantastic market internal data, we had a bit of a sell-off. Check out the video for more and I hope you can join us for our free "Moving Averages" / "Meet the Mentor" webinar tomorrow. Details are in the video, or you can also simply fill out the "Mentor Request" form under our "Services" tab if you would like to be included. Have a great rest of the trading day : ) Matador
11 Mar 2010
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Hello all, Markets are selling off just a bit here pre-market on economic news. We are still in a great area of potential consolidation at the 115 mark (SPY) and we will be watching the gap fill this morning for a sentiment read. Trade well all and don't forget about our class / meet the mentor meeting tonight. Matador
11 Mar 2010
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Hello again all, What an interesting consolidation we have going on. We talked about this potential choppiness this morning and now we are seeing it play out. Some powerful signals in the Market Internals today that were nice to have in our camp. Check out the video for more ideas : ) Hope to see you in the class / "Meet the Mentor" meeting tonight, Matador
12 Mar 2010
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Hello all, Markets have moved nicely to our defined resistance lines and are holding the 116 area (SPY). Check out the vid for more : ) On a separate but related note, we do have a "Meet the Mentor" webinar tonight that you can join for free. If you are are interested, email mike_williamsfreetradigvideos**** to get signed up. Matador : )
17 Mar 2010
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Hello again all, The SPY has made a great gap fill this morning with only a minor "crack" just recently. Check out the video for more thoughts. See you tonight at the "Meet the Mentor" webinar. Matador : )
7 Apr 2010
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The clip meeting the mentor from My Date with Drew (2004) with Bill D'Elia ♪ Inspires me without a sound. ♪ It was clear I needed help. So I went to my friend and mentor Bill D'Elia. I figured if anybody could give me guidance, it would be him. See, Bill has been a successful director for many years. And I respect the guy a lot. So it really mattered to me what he thought of me and my quest. I'll just tell you what I think. Tell me. First, I think it's a bad idea. Second, when I was 27, I dreamed. My dream? World peace, not Drew Barrymore. - You're embarrassing yourself. You think I'm going to get a date with her? No. Why? I don't know why. Give me one reason why. Well, why should she? Why shouldn't she? What does she have to lose? What does she have to gain? I not one of those people you just met on the street. I'm a guy that knows you and cares about you and I'm telling you this is a big mistake. It's now "The Mistake"? That's the second time I heard this was a mistake. When's the first time? I said it, then you did. Could I be wrong? Yes. Okay. It takes a big man to admit he could be wrong. I could be wrong. You're not even admitting that you could be. You think this is a great idea. You think this is "Gone With the Wind" for 2003. A date with Drew Barrymore. You know what this is? The dumbing of America is complete. No no! I hope for your sake it's successful. Thank you. I hope for America's sake it's a failure. I had hoped Bill would make some calls for me-
10 Nov 2011
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