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Gogaji mela Ren
29 Apr 2018
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Bapa’s family background originates from Rajestan (Adhevada), and they were Ramanandi Sadhu. His mothers name was Shiwar kuwarbai and father’s name was Hiradas. Bapasitaram was born on 1906 (no exact date) at Janjariaya Hanuman Mandir, in a village called Adhe Wada in Bhaunagar. At birth his parents names him Bhaktiram. It was known to all that Bapa was the complete incarnation Shesh Narayan. He studies until the 2nd standard. Bapa first attended Nashik kumb mela in 1915 along with his Guru Pujya Shri Sitaramdas Bapu (ashram was in Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya). He performed his main sadhna at Mandakini river at mountain Chitrakut which is by the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. He gained yog sidh at the age of 28. His guru advised him go on his own journey and named him Bajarangdas Bapa. Bapa encouraged people to call him Bapa Sitaram so that people recite the name of mother (Maa) and father (Baap). When he was about 30 he went on the Himaliya yatra, traveled and resided in numerous places: Mumbai, Kaanan Vistar, Surat Laxmi Mandir, Dholera for 1 year, Bhaunagar, Warugat Bai's Hanumanji place for 5 years, Palitana, Karmodar for 5 years, and then Bagdana at the age of 41. He performed many miracles that were unexplained, but bapa never took any credit for the results. Once during the Kumbh Mela, when thousands of Saints and Gurus Sitaramji got together at the sea bank in Mumbai. It was very hot and the water available was the salt water. How could they quench their thirst? Guruji gave Bapa the responsibility to get clean drinking water for all. Bapa did not know what to do, but naturally started digging on the sea banks. Others were surprises of what he was doing. As he continued digging, Ganga appeared on the sea bank of Mumbai. All of them began to drink the water. Guruji eyes opened for Bapa and saw him as having the capabilities of becoming a proficient saint. Guruji Sitaramji was so impressed with Bapa that he gave him the permission to leave the mona
3 May 2018
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Get your bags ready in the month of November to get this once in a lifetime of experience at Pushkar Mela Rajasthan, it’s a celebration of Rajasthani art and culture and most definitely food. It’s an oriental gathering of people from all over the world who want to have a taste of Indian ethnicity.
11 May 2018
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An amazing clip showing the coolest football tricks , to help promote the Derby Mega Mela 2006.
13 Aug 2006
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Zafiris Melas,Sefharisto
8 Oct 2007
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2009-05-10 Baishakhi Mela 2009 London Festive celebrations at Baishaki Mela The Baishaki Mela festival is one of the biggest Bengali New Year celebrations in the world, celebrating the culmination of Bengali New Year. Taking place for the 12th time this year, Baishaki Mela is expected to attract thousands of visitors, transforming the area around Brick Lane into one huge, festive party.
11 May 2009
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Rafael Zaldivar Trio-Francisco Mela Rafael Zaldivar-piano Francisco Mela-batterie/drums Morgan Moore-basse/basse Tierra and Fuego de/by Francisco Mela Upstairs Montréal,QC,Canada Samedi 3 octobre, 2009 / Saturday October 3, 2009 plus de vidéos - more videos : par/by Sortiesjazznights****
6 Oct 2009
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Zafiris Melas - Adia Foro
23 Oct 2009
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24 Jan 2010
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Indian Song pyar dilon ka mela of dulhan hum le jayenge(HD)
3 Mar 2010
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Ketahuan (mela Berby)
19 Apr 2010
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Mela Lee voices Hiyori the thrashing girl from Bleach
14 Jun 2011
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