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***********/umagaist - The movie reminds of an old Hindi classic Caravan, which starred Jeetendra and current chief of Indian censor board Asha Parekh. In Mela, Twinkle Khanna plays the central protagonist.The movie begins with the title song Mela Dilon Ka. The song is shown in black and white. The story revolves around Rupa (Twinkle Khanna) who is a beautiful village girl. Flop hero Ayub Khan is her brother who plays an army officer in a special appearance.The story takes a sudden turn when Rupa's brother is brutally murdered by the local dacoit Gujjar Singh (Tinnu Verma). Gujjar Singh then sets his eyes on Twinkle Khanna and kidnaps her.Kishen (Aamir) plays a character who is a jolly good fellow and who has always had an obsession to be a nautanki actor. Shankar (Faisal) on the other hand is the strong silent type, who always dissuades Kishen from falling into the trap of girls.But that's nothing new for Bollywood films. Heroine has to fall in love with the hero. So, Rupa runs into Kishen and Shankar and rest is like watching fun-filled nautanki.Rupa uses Kishen's vulnerability to seek Kishen and Shankar's help to take revenge from Gujjar Singh. But story takes one more turn when Aamir comes to know the truth, but film has to end, all the misunderstanding gets sorted out.Aamir is at his usual best of playing a brat. He has once again shown that he works hard to get into the skin of his character. But his brother Faisal has once again failed. He looks good only in the fighting scenes. Twinkle looks pretty nice and she plays her part well as a girl who is victimized by fate.Anu Malik has given good music. Mela Dilon Ka is the best of the lot. Chori Chori Gori Se, Dekho 2000 Zamana Aa Gaya, Dhadkan Mein Tum and Kamariya Lachke Re are also becoming popular.This is another typical Dharmesh Darshan commercial blockbuster that will attract the masses. But may not be as hit as his earlier super hit Raja Hindustani. You'd think that with hits like Raja Hindustani and Lootere in his bag, Dharmesh Dharshan would have a good entertainer in Mela. Not! Mela is really Sholay revisited. Sad to say, it doesn't even come close to Sholay.So we have Twinkle Khanna, the village belle. Her brother (Ayub Khan) and best friend (Omkar Kapoor) are killed by the evil Gujjar (Tinnu Verma). She swears revenge against the latter. A series of events land her together with Kishen (Aamir Khan) and Shankar (Faisal Khan), whose help she enlists in her fight against Gujjar.Twinkle truly brings to life the phrase damsel in distress to life! If she's not getting raped, she's plunging down waterfalls and being chased around by Gujjar's men. How she manages to find time to sing God-awful songs is beyond me. She's a truly drastic change from Darshan's usual heroines of substance. And having someone dub over her lines is the worst idea ever. Instead od sounding authentic, it sounds TERRIBLE, like she's overacting! Faisal Khan is a good looker, but it's hard to tell if he can act well. His role is pretty much like his previous one in Madhosh - the silent, stoic type. Aamir, as usual, is in his element as the playful Kishen. If not for him, this film would be lousier than it already is.None of the songs are worth mentioning. The only one's that pseudo-decent is Dhadkan Mein Tum and that too, is a rip-off the background music of Ramesh Sippy's Andaz. Is Anu Malik THAT desperate?? Twinkle's outfits are awful, by the way! I may be a diehard fan of Aamir Khan, but there's no denying that Mela isn't worth celebrating.
27 Feb 2012
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