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Bank of America announced the launch of its new Bank the Way You Live(TM) online banking microsite bankofamerica****/anywhere, where in one place, customers with on-the-go lifestyles can learn how to break free of conventional banking and find the freedom and control to manage their personal finances online or via mobile or smart phone, courtesy of the number one online bank. The microsite features information on the valuable tools that give Bank of America customers the freedom to bank without boundaries, the control to manage their own finances at the touch of a computer key or phone pad and the security to know that their finances are protected. In addition to being a tutorial for current and prospective customers, the site is also a portal to Bank of America's award-winning suite of online and mobile banking products. The online site features characters from the TV commercials who lead visitors through interactive demonstrations of each online and mobile banking product. Consumers will learn how they can access accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, locate banking centers or ATMs and receive account alerts via text message on their mobile phone. They will also see how to aggregate information and accounts for a complete financial picture, all with multiple layers of security to help ensure that customers' personal finance information stays personal. Produced for Bank of America
29 Nov 2007
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This video will show how you can write secret message on an 'invisible' paper!
2 Jan 2008
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Collective Karma. When people kill a living spiritual teacher or spiritual master, or support the killing of a spiritual guru, those people have collected karma together and will be born in areas where death is all around them. Why did the Japanese die together in the bombing of Hiroshima? Why did millions of Jews die? Why are people re-born in areas like the middle-east where death is around the corner? The support or killing of spiritual teachers will lead to that death for people. A bitter truth message on collective karma.
14 Jan 2008
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Somebody wants to contact John so they leave a written message on the wall
17 Jan 2008
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it shows how to get vista & instant messaging on the psp u never saw it my hack my way
15 Mar 2008
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Andy McCaskey from Slashdotreview talks with the Whirlpool representatives at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. The kitchen in many homes is the central location of the home where family members congregate. How many times have you left a message on a post it note on the fridge. Or better yet hung the kids art projects or family pictures to the fridge with magnets. Well being this is the digital age Whirlpool has come up with a very innovative way to let you attach computers, digital screens etc to your Whirlpool refrigerator and for those with Aluminum Whirlpool Appliances this solution is a great balance between design and modern functionality. As you will see, you can now have a computer attached in elegant way to your fridge that will integrate with your cell phone. Do shopping list on the computer have the shopping list sent to your phone. Digital messages etc. The list of features goes on. Great Innovation from Whirlpool in their CentralPark Connections
27 Jan 2008
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Mark Larsen of 1040 AM WWBA interviewed Mitt Romney on the morning of 1/29/2008. The sneers and chuckles from slippery Romney pushed him over the edge and drove him to support the only real candidate -- Ron Paul. Call your local radio stations and mention Ron Paul! More info here: this: the detractors who think this whole thing was staged, here's the entire interview (which would not fit on Youtube): FROM MARK LARSEN** 1/30/2008 I am so grateful for all of the response from Ron Paul supporters. You folks are awesome! I have so many emails pouring in I cannot possibly thank everyone. I started early this morning trying to, at least, send a "Thank you, note to all -- but I can't keep up!! Please blog this message on the boards, so everyone will know how grateful I am for the support. I don't know where to start. Sorry my show isn't syndicated -- the networks won't have anything to do with me. I've been on the air here in Tampa Bay almost 30 years. I was the first one in this region to put Congressman Paul on the radio back in the early 90's, regarding the Federal Reserve. Yours in Liberty Thank you!! :-) Mark Larsen, Morning Host NewsTalk AM 1040 WWBA Tampa Bay
2 Feb 2008
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The fantastic tales of adventure penned over a ... (more) Added: 20 February 2008 The fantastic tales of adventure penned over a hundred years ago by Jules Verne still live in the minds and hearts of millions. Futuristic concepts and legendary heroes mix with visions of a utopian world and crazed madmen, and yet, this incredible legacy is still misunderstood and misinterpreted. Hundreds of writers have tried desperately to analyze the writings of Jules Verne, claiming on the one hand that there is an underlying sexual message, on the other that he is guiding us towards some hidden and lost treasure. But what is the truth? Were these highly successful stories simply great works of fiction? Or do they really hold a message for us today? In this film, we dissect the most famous of tales and discover the truth. From Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to Around the World in Eighty Days, from The Mysterious Island to Journey to the Center of the Earth, this film scrutinizes both the author and the meaning of his work. This is a voyage into the world of Jules Verne, the father of science fiction
20 Feb 2008
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The "brief" version of a great message on intercession and four annointings (distinctions of intercession.) visit us online at www.jiministrybase****
3 Apr 2008
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Some guy left this message on a pastors answering machine. Be sure and check out the sweet song at the end.
4 Apr 2008
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15 Jul 2008
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9 Apr 2008
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9 May 2008
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This mother's day, get you mom's picture and message on the giant Reuters screen at Times Square, NY for just $44. Use the coupon code "ojiriwotu" to avail a discount of $25 on the actual price of $69. Visit www.fameslot**** to book a slot right now!
15 May 2008
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Credit card company employees attempt to browbeat and cajole an irresponsible customer to pay up by leaving messages on his answering machine. Audio only.
12 May 2008
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Have you ever wanted to be a high rank in halo 3. Just send laydum2 a message on XboxLive and i can get you to a 40 in lone wolves, team slayer or team doubles. I have two accounts that are brigadiers with a skill of 45 or over in all three of these playlists. I accept 1 month XboxLive codes or money through Paypal Send me a message on XboxLive including your rank, exp and skill in the playlist you would like boosting in.
11 May 2008
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