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Recept voor kaneelwafels met appel en vanille-ijs. Jeroen De Pauw legt u stap voor stap uit hoe u dit lekkere dessert kan klaarmaken. De lekkerste gerechten kookt u met Solo Open Kitchen.
30 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY BARBARA MANINGAT You're watching multisource sports and business video news analysis from Newsy. New York Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz are in legal hot water for their involvement with infamous investor Bernie Madoff -- and it’s put their team’s future in limbo. Bernard Madoff fooled thousands into investing in his illegitimate investment securities operation, lining his own pockets with the profit-- (Video: 60 Minutes) --and sharing a pretty penny with his most prominent investors Wilpon and Katz. Because of this, they’re seen as both victims of fraud and villains by other investors. Wilpon and Katz are being sued by Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee acting as a financial bounty hunter -- suing anyone he can to get every penny back for Madoff’s victims. Picard and his chief council tell 60 Minutes they’re going after quote- ‘net winners’ -- victims who actually took more money than they ever invested. SHEEHAN: “I think, as everyone was participating in this, and just feeding off this trough of greed, at the end of it, what they were looking for was it to continue. They were hoping it was never going to end.” The New York Times breaks down the millions of dollars the Mets might owe other victims. “The lawsuit seeks to recover not only $300 million in... ‘fictitious profits’ -- the difference between what the Wilpon and Katz entities put into Madoff’s investment firm and what they took out...” So when a team’s owners are facing financial ruin, what should they do? Katz and Wilpon say, sell it -- well, up to 25 percent of it. But a writer for The New York Baseball Digest says Wilpon is dreaming. “... even a minority stakeholder wouldn’t offer enough cash to allow the Wilpons to continue owning the Mets. That leaves two options- either the Wilpons find other ways to leverage the Mets and SNY [SportsNet New York], likely badly compromising their ability to spend money on the team’s competitiveness, or the Wilpons will be forced to sell the team.” But a Forbes blogger says going on the market is their only hope, bringing a loaded buyer who would beef up the roster. “Any savvy buyer knows that they will have to spend a lot of money to quickly improve the team and jack up attendance at ratings on SNY [SportsNet New York]. This means competition will heat up to sign free agents and other teams will have to either open up their wallets or be outbid by the Mets.” Fred Wilpon told Bloomberg -- they’re still exploring options, and the Mets aren’t going on sale just yet. Get more multisource business video news analysis from Newsy.
1 Feb 2011
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Visit To watch FULL Episode at : *******himym.fanspage**** - How I met Your Mother - Desperation Day
19 Feb 2011
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Video lyrics.. When I met you song.. Happy 2nd Monthsary Yamz
27 Feb 2011
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Met Gala Fashion Rundown
4 May 2011
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Lenen met bkr codering via *******lenen-met-bkr**** Alle informatie over lenen met bkr codering. Vergelijk eenvoudig alle kredietaanbieders die Lenen met Bkr Codering.
10 Aug 2011
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Lenen met bkr via *******lenen-met-bkr**** Alles over lenen met bkr. Vergelijk gemakkelijk alle aanbieders die Lenen met Bkr.
10 Aug 2011
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The new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Bernard Hogan-Howe is understood to be soon having to confront the biggest ongoing organised crime case in modern economic history. The former Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson is understood to have concealed the explosive compelling case files pursuant to the Carroll Foundation Trust case. Latest American and British media reports have stated that the entire contents of the Carroll Trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences were completely stolen including the theft of priceless US Anglo-Irish national treasures and rare illuminated manuscripts collections dating from the thirteenth century. International News Networks: *******met-chief.blogspot****/
23 Sep 2011
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Tragedia lirica in due atti Dopo l'anteprima che ha avuto luogo a New York il 26 settembre i critici di tutto il mondo hanno elogiato l'Anna Bolena del Metropolitan Opera. Il New York Times ha scritto: "Anna Netrebko trasuda carisma vocale... lo sprezzo con cui ha interpretato la cabaletta in chiusura dell’opera di Donizetti ha travolto la platea". L'Associated Press ha dichiarato: "Netrebko nei panni della Bolena ha conquistato il Met ... un enorme successo ... un virtuosismo abbagliante. Un'opera meravigliosa".
18 Oct 2011
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Joseph's Youtube Channel: ***********/josephbowmantv Download song on iTunes here: ***********/us/album/havent-met-you-yet-cover/id487297342 Follow Joseph Bowman at *******www.facebook****/JosephBowmanMusic
14 Dec 2011
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*******www.must-watch****/ How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 4 How I Met Your Mother Season 7
5 Feb 2012
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Een mooie Megavlieger gebouwd in Noordwijk aan Zee door Control Techniques BV. Met ruim 90 deelnemers werden er verspreid over de ochtend diverse activiteiten gedaan. één van de opdrachten was dat iedere groep een eigen vlieger moest bouwen. Toen dat klaar was hebben we in de middag al deze vliegers aan elkaar vastgemaakt op een dusdanige wijze dat ook het thema van deze dag mooi terug kwam. Hieruit ontstond een Megavlieger met de Nederlandse 3-kleur erin en daarnaast de oranje vaderlandse kleur. Het thema van deze dag was de Nederlandse bevrijding in 1945 en musical "de soldaat van oranje". Later in de avond zouden alle deelnemers de musical ook daadwerkelijk gaan bezoeken maar dat wisten ze hier nog niet ;-). Erg leuke workshop met zeer enthousiaste deelnemers! Control Techniques BV hartelijk bedankt voor de zeer plezierige samenwerking! Zélf ook een bedrijfsuitje organiseren? Bouw een Megavlieger! *******
2 Mar 2012
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