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A reliable Moisture Meter is pre-requisite for the good storage. From several moisture meters available in the market, SKZ Industrial has selected “crush type” Moisture Meter that can handle most ordinary commodities like as paddy, coffee and corn.
23 May 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 When a person has experienced known or probable exposure to a high dose of radiation from an accident or attack, medical personnel take a number of steps to determine the absorbed radiation dose. This information is essential for determining how severe the illness is likely to be, which treatments to use and whether a person is likely to survive. Information important for determining an absorbed dose includes: Known exposure. Details about distance from the source of radiation and duration of exposure can help provide a rough estimate of the severity of radiation sickness. Vomiting and other symptoms. The time between radiation exposure and the onset of vomiting is a fairly accurate screening tool to estimate absorbed radiation dose. The shorter the time before the onset of this sign, the higher the dose. The severity and timing of other signs and symptoms also may help medical personnel determine the absorbed dose. Blood tests. Frequent blood tests over several days enable medical personnel to look for drops in disease-fighting white blood cells and abnormal changes in the DNA of blood cells. These factors indicate the degree of bone marrow damage, which is determined by the level of an absorbed dose. Dosimeter. A device called a dosimeter can measure the absorbed dose of radiation but only if it was exposed to the same radiation event as the affected person. Survey meter. A device such as a Geiger counter can be used to survey people to determine the body location of radioactive particles. Type of radiation. A part of the larger emergency response to a radioactive accident or attack would include identifying the type of radiation exposure. This information would guide some decisions for treating people with radiation sickness.
28 Apr 2017
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The Indonesian military says this mysterious creature to be about 15 meters long. Tests are currently being run to figure out what it actually is.
12 May 2017
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This is a humpback type whales that have died and stranded on the coast of Indonesia, with an estimated length of 28 meters and a width of approximately 4 meters.
13 May 2017
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Forgotten by the employees of the Kuzbass motor depot, a multitone wheel from BelAZ, during the pumping several meters, soared into the air and landed on the roof of a passenger car standing nearby, watching the online video "The wheel flattened the car."
17 May 2017
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Professional level race for the 110 meter high hurdles.
8 Oct 2006
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Rev Meter for PowerBall. It allow show in realtime revolutions, hertz and maximun revolutions (store last parameter). Based in microcontroller PIC16F876 16 Mhz and LCD 2x16 Jumbo size.
26 Jan 2007
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*******www.mobbyrama**** Mobbyrama, Hundreds of Free Cell Phone Animated Screensavers, Wallpapers and Backgrounds. Sea, old tv sets, vu meters and ship hatches are now available for download. *******www.mobbyrama****
11 May 2007
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Here it is!! The only Pizza that you can order in meters!!!!!! And it is simply wonderful!! In Italy obviously!!
22 Jul 2007
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Vu meter on ketboard from winamp, trick, on every tipe of windows or keyboard
15 Aug 2007
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A woman was rescued in the early hours of Thursday after climbing to the top of a 55-meter-high power pole in Tokyo, police said. The woman was apparently not injured in the incident. Investigators are questioning the woman over the motives for her action, suspecting that she may have intended to kill herself. Local police are trying to identify the woman, believed to be in her 20s.
23 Aug 2007
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A boy jumps from one cliff from the height of 30 meters of height (Italy,Il Ciolo)
25 Aug 2007
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Two boys dive themselves in sea from 35-40 meters of height!! With the risk to fall on cliffs. The place from where they are dived is in Italy: the Ciolo is called
25 Aug 2007
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We present you the TDS Meter 4002 which is available under www.greenpalmcompany**** Product ID: 4002 USE: * Check the performance of your water filter * Check for hardness * Make sure you always drink pure water
6 Sep 2007
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Stop Motion at its best! Welcome aboard... Feel like home at 10,000 meters... Thanks to Jelle van Dun for producing this video. More of his outstanding work can be viewed at www.jellevandun**** or here at youtube****/JelleVanDun
7 Sep 2007
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Meter Man For Mitt
13 Sep 2007
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