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16 Oct 2009
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A day in the life of a nihilist wizard who uses his powers for all the wrong reasons. But will true passionate love cause him to change his ways? This is my first animation project in MCAD's MFA program. Film by: Amit Tishler Music by: Alon Kaplan Voices: Luke Ellison, July Vang, Nicholas Danczyk, Amit Tishler. Mentor: David Sandberg MCAD 2010
7 Nov 2010
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25 Sep 2007
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evelyndonnelly**** a zoom through a sculpture mixed media art show art Evelyn Donnelly, film Fritz Donnelly, music Joyengin materials: paper, tape, wood, screws, pencil, cotton, metal, melt, couch display: 4 photos, 1 drawing, 3 sculptures zooom zoom
31 Jan 2008
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Arquivo RTP sobre a Revolução dos cravos.
18 Mar 2009
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Albertus Magnus College is a Catholic, liberal arts, co-educational institution in New Haven, Connecticut,offering undergraduate and graduate degrees to traditional-age and adult students.
26 May 2010
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You know how you read those certain magazines, that have all those advice columns...sometimes from a woman's perspective, sometimes a man's? I'm not really sure who is coming up with this stuff, or if writers are actually sober when doing so, because these dating tips are some of the most ridiculous things I have read. Come on, you know someone was high as a kite, on the best medical stuff they could get. Honestly, I printed out this article, because when I read it, I could not believe it was to be taken seriously. Have you EVER considering ANY of this behavior on a date? I mean, unless you are a total, obvious, oblivious, desperate, desperate woman, with a warped sense of reality. I can't say anyone I know uses these "surefire" moves. Watch, and you'll see why you should never, never take any of this seriously
18 Aug 2010
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2 Jun 2008
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Interview with Yale MFA acting teacher Andrew Utter, founder of the Mother of Invention Acting School in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hear Andrew talk about his approach and his experiences teaching acting in class.
24 Nov 2008
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Interview with Yale MFA acting teacher Andrew Utter, founder of the Mother of Invention Acting School in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hear Andrew talk about his approach and his experiences teaching acting in class. *******www.utteracting****/
6 Jan 2009
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*******www.JoinCarbonCopyPRO**** Carbon Copy PRO turned out to be the perfect balance between creativity and business for me. I’m an artist, a serious one. MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Graduated with no marketable skills. (Surprise!) Have made a living for the past 25 years as an entrepreneur. Have had a multiple six-figure income. Not impressed by having to spend three-to-five years to develop six-figures in either a franchise or in network marketing. I’ve owned stores. Upscale ones. Art galleries and decorative accessory stores. Made good money at them Average sales were $1000. Ended up with a small chain of businesses, and worked seven days a week at them. The money was great while the economy was great. I went looking for something else. Most franchises I considered buying would put me in the “80-hour work week” trap, and plunge me into debt to finance them. (Been there, done that.) And, I’d be waiting years to see a profit on them. I went into MLM network marketing. Don’t like to sell small-profit items. Ran out of contacts trying to recruit and build a downline team. Finally got a $300 check. It didn’t seem worth all the effort. Again, didn’t want to wait years to see a good income from my efforts. STUMBLED upon Carbon Copy PRO while trying to figure out how to market my MLM online. Wasn’t convinced that it was what I was looking for, until I saw the products. CCPro markets educational products in two areas I am very interested in: Online marketing and personal financial freedom. The latter is provided by WMI, a membership organization whose products range from $750 to $20,000, and commissions are up to $10,000 per sale (with NO “downline”) Carbon Copy PRO may be a viable option for anyone considering opening a franchise or joining a network marketing or MLM business to replace their six-figure income. *******www.JoinCarbonCopyPRO**** #(CarbonCopyPRO) franchisee (CarbonCopyPRO) franchisor (CarbonCopyPRO) most profitable franchise (CarbonCopyPRO) most profitable business (CarbonCopyPRO) entrepreneur (CarbonCopyPRO) wealth (CarbonCopyPRO) (Jay Kubassek) (CarbonCopyPRO) start a franchise (CarbonCopyPRO) franchise system (CarbonCopyPRO) franchisee's dream (CarbonCopyPRO) make money online (CarbonCopyPRO) internet business
4 Mar 2009
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Dave Cullen is a journalist and author who has contributed to Slate, Salon, and the New York Times. He is considered the nation's foremost authority on the Columbine killers, and has also written extensively on Evangelical Christians, gays in the military, politics, and pop culture. A graduate of the MFA program at the University of Boulder, Cullen has won several writing awards, including a GLAAD Media Award, Society of Professional Journalism awards, and several Best of Salon citations.
26 Mar 2009
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Reif Larsen is the author of the much anticipated book 'The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet, released May 7 through Random House. Watch to see what he has to say about his novel and check out the website at *******www.tsspivet******. Twenty-eight-year-old Reif Larsen is a filmmaker, teacher, and writer. He has shot a number of documentaries in the US, UK, and Sub-Saharan Africa about inner-city students working in the arts. He has taught creative writing workshops all over the country, including a Mormon ranch in Idahos Snake River Valley. Larsen went to Brown University and majored in Educational Studies. While at Brown, he spent most of a year teaching at Maru-a-Pula school in Gaborone, Botswana, and he remains on their American board of trustees. In 2008, he organised a U.S. tour of the Maru-a-Pula school marimba band in order to raise funds for AIDS orphan scholarships. After college, Larsen worked for a year in several schools across England as part of an international linguistic research team, measuring the effect that artists, working in long term partnership with a school, had on a student's language. Larsen currently teaches at Columbia University, where he is finishing his MFA in fiction. He lives in Brooklyn.
30 Mar 2009
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Spring**** and ALS interview at SXSW with Liz Danizio, an independent consultant for Happy Cog Studios in New York. She is chairperson and co-founder (with Steven Heller) of the MFA in Interaction Design program. Portfolio at *******bobulate****/about/
4 Aug 2009
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10 Oct 2009
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Advanced article marketing is not for everyone. If your article-marketing is set up to drive traffic to generic MFA websites, then you very well not have the credentials to get picked up by larger publications.
11 Dec 2009
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