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Le 24 octobre 2001, dans la petite ville de Conroe au Texas, Jason Burkett et Michael Perry, en quête d'une voiture à voler, abattent de sang-froid Sandra Stotler, son fils Adam et l'ami de ce dernier, Jeremy. Retrouvés puis arrêtés, les deux jeunes hommes, âgés d’à peine 19 ans, sont condamnés : Burkett à la prison à perpétuité, Perry à la peine capitale. Le 1er juillet 2010 le cinéaste Werner Herzog interviewe Michael Perry, huit jours avant son exécution. Suite à cette rencontre, il retourne sur les lieux du crime, interroge les enquêteurs, con-sulte les archives de la police, discute avec les familles des victimes et des criminels, rencontre un ancien bourreau du couloir de la mort. Non pour juger mais pour essayer de comprendre. Au-delà du fait divers, Herzog nous entraine dans une enquête sur l’Amérique et les profondeurs de l’âme humaine.
25 Oct 2012
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For 9 år siden ville to teenagere fra Texas ud på en tur i en rød Camaro. De dræbte 3 mennesker, da de stjal den. Jason Burkett fik livstid og Michael Perry dødsstraf. Herzog taler med Michael 8 dage inden han skal henrettes. Med Jason og den kone han har giftet sig med i fængslet på hver sin side af en tyk skudsikret væg. Med Jasons far, Delbert Burkett, der også sidder i fængsel. Med de pårørende til de dræbte og med en bøddel, der efter 125 henrettelser ikke er i stand til at varetage sit job længere.
4 Apr 2012
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Executive producer Michael Perry goes over Darkspore's squads and abilities. This innovative RPG offers many characters with unique skill sets to collect for your squad. While this game is separate from Spore it has some of the same aspects, so if you like Spore you should definitely check out the dark side.
3 Nov 2010
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Wondering if you're a candidate for spinal stenosis surgery at Laser Spine Institute? In this video, Michael Perry, M.D., Medical Director of LSI, explains what qualifies a patient to be a surgical candidate for our endoscopic spinal stenosis surgery. Bone spurs, foraminal stenosis, scar tissue, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and arthritis are all examples of conditions that can be treated at LSI. For more information, visit LaserSpineInstitute.Com.
11 Jul 2010
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The Great Buck Howard movie trailer John Malkovich ... Buck Howard Colin Hanks ... Troy Gable Emily Blunt ... Valerie Brennan Ricky Jay ... Gil Bellamy Steve Zahn ... Kenny Tom Hanks ... Mr. Gable Griffin Dunne ... Johnathan Finerman Debra Monk ... Doreen Adam Scott ... Alan Berkman Patrick Fischler ... Michael Perry Wallace Langham ... Dan Green Jonathan Ames ... Edward Kelly Jacquie Barnbrook ... Sheila Heller
12 Nov 2009
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Dr. Michael Perry discusses the anatomy of the spine, in particular how it relates to the endoscopic procedures performed at LSI. In this video, Dr. Perry, who is Medical Director of Laser Spine Institute, identifies the most frequently injured parts of the back, and where pain from these injuries may manifest itself. These kinds of conditions are treated by LSI using minimally invasive spine surgery. For more information on the anatomy of the spine, or any of our procedures, visit LaserSpineInstitute.Com.
11 Oct 2008
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Michael Perry, M.D. explains benefits of the minimally invasive spine surgery performed at Laser Spine Institute. He discusses advantages including smaller incisions, faster recovery times, the use of local rather than general anesthesia, elimination of fusions and less loss of blood. For more information on minimally invasive spine surgery at LSI, visit LaserSpineInstitute.Com.
4 Oct 2008
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Various conservative treatments used for chronic back and neck pain are explained by Michael Perry, M.D., Medical Director of Laser Spine Institute. These include pain medications, chiropractic care, injections, physical therapy, acupuncture and traction. Often, these treatments only cover up the symptoms and don%U2019t correct the underlying pathology. In these cases, the patient may want to consider laser spine surgery as their next step. Laser Spine Institute is a leader in the advanced techniques of minimally invasive spine surgery. For more information, visit LaserSpineInstitute.Com.
4 Oct 2008
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From the movie Won't Back Down - Jamie Fitzpatrick (Maggie Gyllenhaal) tries to get Michael Perry (Oscar Isaac), a teacher, to join her project of a new school. 
28 Sep 2012
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Katie principal 66 being inseminated with sexed semen (ABS /Genus Overside dragon). No restraint required with this cow ! Audio is from Michael Perry's CD - I got it from the cows. track is called The bull catalog Michael Perry is a writer from Wisconsin He was raised on a dairy farm near New Auburn WI More details at www.sneezingcow****
24 Oct 2010
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Michael Perry, M.D., Medical Director of Laser Spine Institute, explains which patients are surgical candidates for the centers minimally invasive spine surgery. Conditions that can be treated at Laser Spine Institute include: herniated discs, bone spurs, scar tissue, spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis and arthritis. For more information, visit www.laserspineinstitute****.
15 Oct 2009
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