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Source: *******www.hibraid**** ExtendMagic is a new addition to one of a kind product. ExtendMagic is an automated hair extension machine. Using a specially designed Grip and Tip for micro-extension, ExtendMagic can extend even a single hair. The slogan of ExtendMagic is "" Dry, Cool, No Fuss, No Mess"" hair extension. ExtendMagic uses a special adhesive-coated thin film that melts at low temperature. ReplaceableTape cartridge, which looks similar to audio cassette tape, supplies adhesive material. The tape is about seven feet long and it is good for more than 230 extensions. After use, new cartridge tape is loaded in a simple reloading method. Temperature of heat pad is set at constant 300 degree Fahreneit, significantly lower than a temperature with hot melt glue extension. Actual temperature working on the surface of the hair is about 200 degrees in Fahreneit. Lower temperature at the surface of human hair improves hair care. It is simple and easy to use. ExtendMagic can be used both in manual and in auto mode. It can be used both for extension of hair and for removal of hair. The same procedure for hair extension is used in removing extended hair by simply pushing ""Tape"" button off. ExtendMagic provides a new paradigm in hair industry. It can be used in improving hair thickness, ball spot treatment and a new solution for hair loss problem.
3 Jul 2012
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