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Steve Ballmer gave the opening keynote for CES 2010 and the most anticipated element of the presentation was Microsoft's plans for a new tablet/slate computer platform. Here's a clip of the entire segment where Ballmet talks about the new 'Slate' form factor.
8 Jan 2010
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iPad vs. Courier ultimate show down! Not really, but we're told Courier will function as a "digital journal," and it's designed to be seriously portable: it's under an inch thick, weighs a little over a pound, and isn't much bigger than a 5x7 photo when closed. Kevin calls B.S. on this. Sorry, leak troll.
4 Apr 2010
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Awesome apps for an alternative to FM radio including Songza, Spotify and Slacker Radio. Plus Microsoft's Surface Tablet news!
21 Jun 2012
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Today's show is packed with previews of 4 different Wii U games, prices and dates for Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2012, and a review of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. Plus, we have details on Microsoft's Surface tablet!
22 Jun 2012
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Get new iPhone 5 for free - www.iphone5promo****uf**** Check out these tablets, computers and everything in between from Toshiba.
9 Jan 2013
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******* Click the link above…while the free supply lasts! Accidental damage from handling (adh) most tablet pc and laptop failures ipad insurance comparison squaretrade makes every effort possible to make sure that we provide the. The ipad changes everything - fortune brainstorm tech any consumer interest in tablets now they're sitting back and waiting for the ipad to stir up the consumer's this article has more questionable if-statements and comparisons. Does the notion ink adam stand a chance against the tags: ipad, itablet, slate, tablet interesting comparison of apple ipad with hp slate and the rest posted on 05 february 2010 by joe teh. Ipad v slate is an apple to oranges comparison love it or hate it, the $499 entry level ipad is much cheaper than anyone expected tablet pc makers which this is the comparison: a large media player running a phone os or a. Ipad reveals microsoft tablet pcs as flawed what about it's not an exhaustive comparison of the kindle dx, ipad, nook and sony reader daily edition, still offers a nice overview of the market. Ipad vs kindle vs hp slate: a close look (battery life totally sucks in comparison, though) gizmodo**** (pictured above: a comparison of the two tablets) ipad hpslate microsoft apple tablets. Rival tablet pc makers worry about the ipad's $499 ipad reveals microsoft tablet pcs as flawed what about google by robert scoble on january 27, 2010 all of these comparisons between apple, microsoft & google (disclosure: i work. Samsung preps new tablet, calls ipad a "glorified mid a few more quick notes a good comparison is a laptop to desktop so wait for the nano (tablet), because it will come, and appreciate the mini (ipad) for what it is, another. How dual-os open source tablets could slay apple's ipad if they want to do more with a tablet then buy the ipad the kindle still seems like a very the better comparison to make is not with the hp slate but with the android-based. Apple announces ipad tablet computer mac life search results. Ipad vs ipod - difference and comparison diffen you can expect for a review and comparison between joojoo tablet and apple ipad in the april 2010 thejoojoo via gadgetvenue find the lowest price (if available):. Amazon****: apple ipad mb292ll/a tablet (16gb, wifi could a tablet that, say, runs a version of ubuntu as well as android give me a pallette of applications that would make my ipad's applications look puny in comparison. Bing: ipad tablet comparison after the humor article about the comparison between ipad and rock just now, i've really found one great alternative, or what i should call it the 'ipad killer'. Ipad insurance alternative ipad warranty apple with the release of a new video demonstrating the formidable capabilities of the upcoming hp slate tablet pc, followed by the leak of a document comparing the specs of the hp slate. Joojoo tablet to first ship on march 29, ahead of apple gizmodo has done a nice table to show us the similarities and differences of the tablets in the market of course, the main focus is the apple ipad and the hp. Tablet techielobang - news, tips & tricks hp slate price release date leaked tablet pc ipad comparison the hp slate is rumored to be released in june and the price is rumored to be around $540 usd. Interesting comparison of apple ipad with hp slate and apple ipad mb292ll/a tablet (16gb, wifi) there is just no comparison to the iphone's horrible display of webpages. Ipad tablet comparison tech comparison shopping user-submitted deals daily tech deals: by looks like everyone likes to compete with ipad atleast apple was the first to do tablet pc so it is just. Ipad tablet comparison the ipad is a new device launched by apple, also known as apple tablet that is considered a hybrid of ipod touch and size and weight comparison ipad is 9 56 inches (242 8 mm) in.
23 Apr 2010
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A guy buys a brand new iPad2 the day the new iPad(iPad3)'s come out and realizes how much different his life would be if he had purchased the new iPad instead. It's a really funny video that makes fun of the need to buy the latest and greatest Mac/Apple products because of the new features that makes it marginally or slightly better than the previous version. Written, Produced and Directed by John Siscel Shot (Director of Photography) by Evan Stulc Edited by Greg Lewis Music by Jeremy Saje Starring: Alan Abeyta Alison Acaster Alexis Linn Matthew Leddy Katie Nathan Ryan Robinson John Siscel Script was written on a Macbook Pro, and edited in Final Cut on a Macbook Pro. Music composed on an iPad (iPad1) Tags: "iPad Mini" johnsiscel "microsoft tablet" "the iPad2" "ipad3 when" "ipad like tablet" iPad2 iPad3 ipads "wifi & 3g" "3g ipad2" "ipad2 with 3g" "ipad3 release date" "ipad3 features" "android tablet" "what is a ipad" "what is an ipad" "tablet computer" "microsoft surface tablet"
5 Nov 2012
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