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Excelopedia**** presents a tutorial explaining how to add a dropdown menu to an individual cell in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Applies to Excel 2003 or earlier versions.
22 Apr 2008
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*******www.peachpit****/macautomation - In this episode of Mac Automation Made Simple, Ben Waldie demonstrates how to use Automator to perform tasks in Microsoft Excel 2008. Ben shows you a workflow to batch convert Excel workbooks to .csv format and one that builds address labels in Excel.
11 Jan 2010
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The latest version of Excel has been completely revised for the 2007 year. You may be overwhelmed with this latest update, especially if you had just become accustomed to the last version. This video will introduce you to the new functions and features that Microsoft Excel 2007 offers you. For more computer software tutorials visit *******www.tvlesson****.
5 Feb 2009
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Learning how to use your new spreadsheet program can be difficult. This video will teach you the basics of Microsoft Excel. For more Microsoft tutorials visit *******www.tvlesson****
5 Feb 2009
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*******www.learningcomputer****/ In this video, we will be looking at the Page Layout Tab in Microsoft Excel 2007. Themes provide a unique and professional look to your Workbooks They can do this by using an assortment of font styles, color schemes and graphical effects. First, you need to apply a little formatting to some of your data elements using Cell Styles – Home Tab. We would like to use Heading 1 for Title and emphasize our column headings using Good Style Next we will select one of the Built-In Themes. In a similar fashion, you can tweak the Theme Colors and Fonts
3 Sep 2009
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Use Microsoft Excel to locate nuclear facilities within a radius of a target zip code. Download the free template at *******www.cdxtech****/cdxzipstream/Links.aspx
20 May 2011
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This video tutorial shows how to convert a Microsoft Excel workbook to a PDF document by using doPDF as the converter.
15 Mar 2012
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Microsoft Excel is an essential tool for Microsoft office package. It is used in various organizations for managing the data. It is popular in the various organization because of its updated and multipurpose features, Macros is one of them. A candidate can learn Macros online by joining Multisoft Virtual Academy.
17 Jan 2018
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This is an old one. There is a hidden 3-D flight game in Excel 97; when done correctly, you end up flying over a weird purple landscape and can find a monolith with the Excel programming credits scrolling over it. My video capture software wouldn't record the game itself, but I show how to get to it.
18 Dec 2006
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This video will demonstrate how to create a very simple expense report to manage your household budget or to get that job that requires basic Excel knowledge
14 Oct 2007
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I go over a few really useful tips to make your Excel spreadsheets soar. I also discuss using Excel to create forms and charts.
2 Mar 2008
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For more info please visit *******www.h-desk****
2 Jun 2008
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The new and improved Excel user interface is quite confusing when first experienced. This tutorial will teach you where to find everything in this new interface. For more tips and tutorials about computers visit *******www.tvlesson****.
23 Mar 2009
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NetCom Information Technology is an award winning IT training company and a pioneer of online education; we call it Live Online Training™. Go to www****cominfo**** to learn more.
13 Jun 2009
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Describir el entorno grafical de Microsoft Office Excel 2007 partiendo de todos los objetos presentes en la aplicaciòn dentro del libro. y sus usos.
26 Feb 2011
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*******www.ChrisQueen****/CB/EPOWER You are about to discover 101 of Excels little-known secrets that have been hiding right under your nose. These secrets are guaranteed to boost your Excel skills and productivity far ahead of everyone around you. Imagine! You the Excel Expert!... Find Out More Now: *******www.ChrisQueen****/CB/EPOWER
30 Mar 2011
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