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Sony versus Microsoft versus Nintendo
19 Mar 2007
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Microsoft, not content with nitpicking Apple's "pricey" notebooks, now has taken to making fun of the iPod, but is it too little too late? We talk to Ross Rubin of the NPD Group and Alfredo Padilla of Reviewed**** about the newest foray. Ross points out the ads have a few oddities, namely Microsoft claims it'll cost $30,000 to fill up the iPod, but how many people do you know that strive to fill up their player? Also, Alfredo mentions the problems inherent in any subscription system: DRM. So while, yes, it might cost $30,000 to fill up an iPod, it's impossible to use your existing iPod with Microsoft's ecosystem, even if it is only $15 per month. In other Microsoft news, some people are whispering that the Redmond-based giant might be looking to get some fire sale specials on tech companies whose stock prices have sagged, so what are our panel's picks for companies worth checking twice? Ross points to an interesting company called Vuezone whose goal is to create affordably priced security systems using an ultra low-power technology to wirelessly transmit data. Ross says the company's hope is to have a camera be placed in a location for an entire year without needing to be recharged. Interesting stuff that Microsoft could pick up and apply the technology elsewhere. In the Internet space, Alfredo points toward geek favorite FriendFeed. He says the company has done a good job to create unique and interesting features, which have then been adopted by Facebook and Twitter, so Microsoft might be able to get the innovation and supply the userbase from other established services like Hotmail or Windows Live. What's your take? Is there a service that you'd buy if you had the cash? Leave a comment with your favorite underground service. Also, let us know if you're into the idea of subscription music, or whether you prefer to own your tracks outright.
14 May 2009
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Much has been made of Google's supposed "entry" into the desktop operating system market next year as a direct warning shot to Microsoft. Some people are speculating today that the timing of the Chrome OS vaporware announcement coincides with a Microsoft announcement on Monday, which will bring an online version of Microsoft Office. The dramatic angle is that the companies are gearing up for what could be a slugfest, both in the operating system world as well as the search space, where Microsoft's Bing search engine has surpassed some web2.0 companies in terms of traffic. Are the two companies really about to do battle? We ask Seth Porges from Popular Mechanics, and Tom Merritt from CNET. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Jul 2009
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*******videos.webpronews**** Yahoo and Microsoft have finally partnered in a search agreement. Microsoft will power Yahoo search and Yahoo will become an exclusive search advertising provider for Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Could Yahoo have bargained a better deal? How will Google respond? Is the deal a good move for Yahoo? How will the partnership influence the future of online advertising? What are the impacts on the SEO industry? For more on this topic watch WebProNews video on Yahoo and Microsoft.
7 Aug 2009
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Microsoft's Surface Tablet is a new iPad competitor, so how does it stand up? Plus the Google I/O 2012 app has hit the Google Play Store in time for next week's conference. And find out how to join the AppJudgment (friendly) gang!
23 Jun 2012
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It's Obama vs. Clinton, Round 112, as today is the so-called Potomac Primary. Today they battle for endorsements. Also in the news, Microsoft vs. Yahoo, McCartney vs. Mills and Uno vs. the rest of the dogs.
12 Feb 2008
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It looks like Microsoft has officially agreed to purchase all of Yahoo's search engines therefore making it official: Yahoo is no more. Why did it happen? Well, according to the Moxie Mo's sources, a lot of it had to do with Yahoo's continuing decline as well as Microsoft's ever-so-popular new search engine, Bing****. So what does this mean? Microsoft vs Google, yet again. Also, in more serious news, a hacking expert declared in all the major news outlets and blogs today that he will announce this Thursday a hack that will affect any and all iPhones just by sending a one character SMS text to a user's phone. This hack will take complete control over your iPhone and then spread the hack to all of your phone contacts. The Moxie Mo tells you the latest and greatest news and what you can do to stop it if it happens to you on Thursday or after. Finally, Kodak just launched their updated their pocket camcorder with the new Kodak Zi8 - it not only shoots in full 1080p (the highest and best HD resolution for any camera on the market), it also has a ton of features that we think are quite moxie. The question must be asked though - do you spend the same amount of money on this beautiful gadget or just get an iPhone 3GS that shoots 700p HD video? Hmmm. This episode is sponsored by Zazzle****. Do you know what Zazzle does? They make ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and YOU customize it. They're a perfect retailer for those of us who don't want to wear the same t-shirts that everyone else wears. Or if you have a wedding, they make the best customized wedding gifts. Birthday gifts too. In fact, you create and customize your Zazzle project and use either MOXIMOSHOW10 or MOXIMOSHOW12 to save a big discount of your entire price. Here are all the details you need to help support our show and buy some really moxie gifts! Please remember to follow me on Twitter (we're giving away $100 to one moxie winner plus other prizes!) by clicking here!
30 Jul 2009
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